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Monday, November 25, 2013


Very odd movie finally available on Blu-Ray.

Marianna Hill stars as a woman who is part of a therapy group. Soon the group members start getting murdered in grisly ways by a mad killer with a pair of scissors. Klaus Kinski is the therapist who has an unnatural lust (or so it appears) for his young daughter, played by the lovely Donna Wilkes.

There really isn't a likable character in the movie which is ok for a lurid shocker like this. The murders are done well and it's always a pleasure to see Kinski acting crazy. He and Hill are too busy having sex to notice that his daughter is contemplating suicide by stealing the good doctors gun, and this makes her the usual "red herring" for a while.

While the revelation of the killer is not a shocking it is a mild surprise. Craig Wasson and Christopher Lloyd round out the very interesting cast. The Blu-Ray is very good looking and the movie will never look better than this. It was released on a double feature with the classic "X Ray" (aka Hospital Massacre) which I reviewed a little while back. It makes a hell of a night of viewing. recommended!

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