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Tuesday, November 19, 2013


You really have to suspend disbelief to watch this one.

Barbi Benton is a sexy young woman who goes to a hospital to get the results of some tests she had run. As soon as she enters the hospital she finds nothing but trouble. It seems everyone there is crazy and a madman begins stalking her and killing everyone she meets.

It seems that 19 years earlier she rejected a Valentine from a young boy who killed her friend, and now he is going to get revenge on her for the rejection. Nobody at the hospital believes her story about someone trying to kill her and they even keep her there by force and when I say force that means strapping her to a table!! Now, I wouldn't mind having Barbi in bondage in 1982 either, but that is beside the point.

When I said you have to really suspend disbelief I meant it. Why? Well lets see, you have a male doctor doing an exam on a topless Barbi Benton with no Nurse around, you have a hospital keeping people in against their will, you have a killer who manages to type an entire medical record for someone in just a few moments, etc, etc.

There is even a moment in the film where Barbi is running and she happens upon a room full of patients in traction who suddenly begin flailing themselves around for no reason!! You have to see it to believe it. And the guy that took Barbi to the hospital doesn't even go in to check on her until several hours have passed!!

Now on the plus side you have Barbi Benton topless, Barbi in Bondage, Barbi sweating, oh and did I mention that Barbi is topless?

If you want truly over the top entertainment that will tax your very soul, then this is the film for you. Shout has turned out this film on a beautiful Blu-Ray combo with Schizoid (review forthcoming). I am very sure in my life I will never see another film like this one. I just keep thinking to Barbi topless..Barbi in Bondage....Barbi....................................

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