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Sunday, November 3, 2013


Pretty good TV western.

Clint Walker stars as Marshal Dave Harmon who has been sent to clean up the town of Yuma in Arizona. He finds several mysterious murders have occurred, the latest being one of his prisoners that was let out of jail and then shot in the back.

As he investigates he discovers a huge cover up involving cattle shipments and soon his own life is in danger. Walker does his usual excellent job as a Marshal who is determined to clean up the town. Edgar Buchanan is a rather nondescript man in town who has something to hide, Barry Sullivan is the Nels Decker the cattleman and Kathryn Hayes is Julie Williams, the hotel keeper who falls for the Marshal.

The story moves along quickly and keeps your attention. made back in the day when TV had something to offer and Aaron Spelling was the king of TV. The rest of the cast includes Peter Mark Richman, John Kerr, Bing Russell and Morgan Woodward. This is included in the set Movies 4 you: Western Classics which also includes "Man Of The East", "Pioneer Woman" and "The Gunslinger".

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