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Sunday, November 17, 2013


Forgotten 80's science fiction.

In the far future there is an intergalactic fighting competition that is always won by much larger and stronger life forms than humans. One human, Steve Armstrong enters the competition because he needs the money. He finds it an uphill battle as he also has a crime lord of the future trying to sabotage his plans.

Paul Satterfield is Armstong and lovely Claudia Christian is the fight manager who has a thing for the Earthman. Shari Shattuck is the very sexy Jade, a seductress sent by a crime lord named Rogor to seduce him and eventually kill him.

Thus is not a bad film and if you stick with it you'll find yourself getting more and more into the story. Shout released this on a four film set which also includes "The Eliminators", "America 3000" and "The Time Guardian". I recommend this film to any 80's sci-fi fan.

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