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Thursday, November 7, 2013


A great Roger Corman western.

Beverly Garland stars as a woman whose husband, the Sheriff, is killed and she assumes the job herself to find her husbands killer.

William Schallert is the short lived Sheriff. Gorgeous Allison Hayes is Erica Page who owns the local saloon in Oracle Texas, where our story takes place. She is up to her beautiful eyes in crime and murder. Garland's character, named Rose even gets to have an interesting "catfight" with Erica in the first 15 minutes of the film!!

Erica hires a killer named Cane Miro to do away with the new Sheriff, but Cane falls in love with her instead. There is a lot of story in the 75 minute wonder from Corman and it is in color and framed in the proper aspect ration as well.

If you like westerns I cannot recommend this enough. Corman buffs will spot many of his regular actors including Dick Miller, Bruno VeSota, Jonathan Haze, and John Ireland as Miro. This is included on the Movies 4 You: Western Film Collection which also has "Yuma", "Pioneer Woman" and "Man Of the East".

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