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Saturday, November 23, 2013


Interesting action film from AIP.

James Iglehart is Calvin Jefferson, a champion boxer on a honeymoon with his wife played by Shirley Washington. In Hong Kong they buy a Buddah which just happens to have hidden inside, a special "whatsit" that some crime lord wants.

This is a great mixture of Kung Fu and Black action films and the actor named Chiquito adds a lot as a comedic but deadly Kung Fu master that helps Calvin out. This is a rare film that most people haven't even heard of and that is a shame. Thanks to Shout it has been released on a good DVD set entitled 4 Action packed Movie Marathon Vol. 2.

This was shot in Hong Kong, China and the Philippines and produced by the one and only Cirio Santiago. If you like action films you'll love this. The climax is unforgettable and I mean that. The rest of the cast includes Vic Diaz, Eddie Garcia and Ken Metcalf.

One note, Shirley Washington does a very good turn as the wife of Calvin. She is very easy on the eyes and delivers the best acting job in the film. Always nice to see Shirley in movies. I don't know what happened to her after 1986 as she seemed to have just disappeared.

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