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Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Interesting and very low buget.

A group of sorority sisters find themselves under attack from giant insects when experimental bugs are subjected to bug spray and begin to grow.

That pretty well sums up this low budget, but interesting film. Meghan Heffern is Cami, a bug loving nerd who takes control and fights the bugs once they begin to grow. The creatures are all CGI and the effects don't always look so good, but with limited money it cannot be helped. Cami is an entomologist whose insects were sprayed with bug killer by another member of the sorority house, but instead of dying the bugs get bigger and hungrier. The best CGI monster in the film is the giant praying Mantis.

The actual bug attacks are all kept off camera except for the giant slugs which actually look pretty good. One of the women becomes a living host for some very hungry creatures. There is some cheap gore involving the eating of humans and lets not forget to mention that there are plenty of lovely women to oogle in this film.

This is a good time waster if you're in the right mood. If you're not looking for anything too serious I would give this a try.

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