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Monday, November 4, 2013


This was actually my first time watching this particular print.

There are several different editions of this seminal George Romero film available and this one runs just under two hours.

You all know the story...this is a continuation of Night as the zombie invasion has become an out of control epidemic and four people escape in a helicopter and land at the Monroeville Mall outside of Pittsburgh.

The effects by Tom Savini are top notch for the day and the zombie biting effects still haven't been topped in my opinion. This version does away with several scenes and extends others. It also features a different music score by Goblin. I still prefer the directors cut of the film, but this is a very effective version as well.

The four leads are probably the strongest characters to ever appear in a Romero film. David Emge is Steven, the ill fated helicopter pilot, Scott Reiniger is Roger the rowdy cop who gambles with his life and looses, Ken Foree is Peter a man who will do anything to survive and has a good head on his shoulders and Gaylen Ross is Fran the woman who is forced to learn to fight for survival.

Top notch all the way and of course, Highly Recommended.

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