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Friday, November 22, 2013


Good actioner.

Gary Busey plays Frank McBain, a former government agent who is called bulletproof because he has been shot 39 times and lived. He is reluctantly called back into action by Miles Blackburn, a not so up front agent played by R.G. Armstrong. It seems that a top secret weapon has been stolen by a band of renegades in Mexico and along with it a few captives have been taken including McBain's former lover Capt. Devon Shepard, played by lovely Darlanne Fluegel.

McBain makes his way to the renegade camp and soon all hell brakes loose. The camp is run by Ge. Maximiliano Brogado played by Rene Enriquez and Col. Kartiff played by the versatile Henry Silva, whom I think turns in the best performance in the film.

Steve Carver directed and Fred Olen Ray and T.L. Lankford wrote the story. This is a good solid B action film which follows all the rules for these films, but the R rating throws me just a little, but then again I never understood the need for a movie rating system anyway. The rest of the cast includes L.Q. Jones, Thalmas Rasulala, William Smith, Luke Askew and Lydie Denier.

Released by Shout on a set called 4 Action Packed Movie Marathon vol. 2, this two disc set also contains "Bamboo Gods and Iron Men", "Trackdown" and "Scorchy". Well worth getting.

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