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Saturday, November 2, 2013


Interesting western comedy.

Terence Hill stars as Sir Thomas Fitzpatrick Phillip Moore, a dreamy man who despises guns, and fights, but reads poetry an rides his bicycle. His three brothers try and change that with some very funny results.

Gregory Walcott is one of his brothers and he does an excellent job. The only other film I have ever seen Walcott is is "Plan Nine From Outer Space". He is Bull Schmidt and he has some of the best lines in the film.

Soon Moore finds he has to learn to defend himself when a gunslinger want to kill him out of jealousy. Moore has fallen for Candida Olsen, played by Yanti Somer, an that had Morton Clayton very upset.

This is a fun film and one that once you start watching you cannot get away from it. The location work was done in Yugoslavia and that also puts a new twist on things. Recommended. This is on the disc Movies 4 You: Western Film Collection along with "Yuma", "Pioneer Woman" and "The Gunslinger".

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