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Saturday, March 12, 2016


William Campbell gives an excellent performance.

Campbell is Whit, a man awaiting his end on death row in San Quentin who relates to the warden on how he got there.

Whit, as a child had to steal food to feed his impoverished family and as time went on he started to get involved with bigger and bigger crimes.

He is eventually arrested and charged with several sex crimes related to the Lover's Lane Bandit. Whit has educated himself so well that he wins many stays of execution on his own.

This is a well made and fast paced ;little film based on the book by convicted killer Caryl Chessman, whom Whit is supposed to be in the film. Campbell is perfect for the role and really handles it well. The rest of the cast includes Marian Carr, Kathryn Grant, R. Wright Campbell, Vince Edwards and Paul Dubov. This was directed by the notable Fred F. Sears.

Highly recommended film is available on the "Tales From The Prison Yard" set from Mill Creek.

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