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Monday, March 14, 2016


Amazing made in Texas horror.

Sadly this little film is always overlooked. S.F. Brownrigg directed this tale about a young nurse that arrives at a small sanitarium and is introduced to it's many bizarre inhabitants.

Gorgeous Rosie Holotik stars as Charlotte Beale, the young nurse who tries to work with inmates such as Sam (Bill McGhee) a man who just wants to eat Popsicles and is a big child, Judge Cameron, who is a former judge who believes he still holds that position over people and many, many more.

The doctor running the place is Geraldine Masters played by the wonderful Annabelle Weenick. Turns out that Masters isn't really what she claims to be either, and the ensuing madness is enough to drive Nurse Beale almost over the edge.

There are some gruesome scenes in this film, and they work very well. The ending is very graphic and unforgettable. I remember seeing this, in an edited form on TV when I was younger on a Halloween night with my mother. She really liked the film and I do to as it connected with me at just the right time.

Forget all of the bullcrap you read about this film and watch it yourself. Recommended.