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Monday, March 21, 2016


Mario Bava classic looks terrific on Blu-ray.

Barry Sullivan stars as the commander of a spaceship that has landed on a strange planet in order to rescue the men and women of another ship that has crashed there.

Upon landing they suddenly start fighting amongst themselves, then as suddenly as it started it stops. They fin their companions dead and bury them. Soon the dead astronauts arise from their tombs and stalk the living.

It seems their bodies have been taken over by alien beings who are also stranded on the planet and will do anything they have to in order to escape.

This is a very colorful Bava film with a good use of bizarre colors and lighting. The film looks fantastic on the Kino Blu-ray and Bava fans will not be disappointed. Yes, I have reviewed this before, but the Blu-ray brings a whole new look to the film. Recommended!

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