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Thursday, March 10, 2016


The Icon of pro wrestling is featured in a very good 3 disc set from WWE.

Steve Bordan aka Sting is shown in the first disc as he tells his story from a young up and coming wrestler to his signing with WWE in 2015.

The other two discs have some of his classic confrontations with such opponents as Cactus Jack, Steve Austin and Vader. This set also allows us a very up close and personal look at his private life.

Steve is a very religious man and I respect him for that. The viewer gets a first hand look at how Borden and his brother as well as his parents live their lives.

The set is for Sting fans and fans of wrestling in general because most everyone knows of or has heard of the man called Sting.

Included is his Wrestlemania 31 match against Triple H, and that was his first time ever wrestling in a WWE ring, an a dream come true for Steve. Highly Recommended!!

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