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Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Not too bad of a film, in my opinion.

John Saxson, Angel Tompkins and John Carradine star as scientists who are fighting an invasion of deadly killer bees that are slowly taking over the United States.

It seems the bees were smuggled in by a corporation and have now gotten loose. The corporation will stop at nothing to keep the bees going because they think they will make millions. What happens is that huge swarms of bees start killing many people.

Carradine is killed by assassins and this leaves Saxson and Tompkins to carry on the fight. it seems to be a losing battle until Saxson and Tompkin make actual contact with the bees. They discover that the super intelligent bees want to rule the world and will allow man to live with them!

Directed by Alfredo Zacharis, the same man responsible for "Demonoid", this is a fun thriller if you just don't take thing too serious, and it does have a rather interesting ending.

I ordered the Blu-ray edition of this film and they sent the wrong one, but what the hell. I really don't mind. I hade never seen this film before and wasn't disappointed. I would recommend it, simply because it is fun in a very goofy way.

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