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Friday, March 11, 2016


Very well made crime drama.

Glenn Ford stars as a man who accidentally kills a man in a bar fight and is sent up by the DA to a 1 to 10 year stretch in prison.

The DA, played by Broderick Crawford soon becomes warden of the same prison and tries to help that very same inmate when he feels the sentence was excessive. The convict, Joe Hufford gets involved with a botched escape plan an then to make matters even worse he is thought to be involved in the murder of another inmate.

This is an excellent and gripping drama from Columbia Studios and directed by Henry Levin. Crawford and Ford are at the top of their game and so is the rest of the cast which includes Dorothy Malone, Millard Mitchell, Frank Faylen, Will Geer, Martha Stewart and Douglas Kennedy.

It has been released on DVD in a set entitled "Tales from The Prison Yard" which includes more titles that will be reviewed here in the next few days. I'm glad someone is putting these old crime dramas and film noir out, as they need to be seen for the classics that they are.

I recommend the entire set of six movies. Another review from this set tomorrow.

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