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Tuesday, March 1, 2016


One of the greatest 70's horror films gets a top notch Blu-ray release.

VCI has painstakingly restored this classic zombie film and it looks better than I have ever seen it, and I have seen many different quality versions of this film.

Alan Ormsby stars as Alan, a demented and perverse movie director who takes a troupe of young actors to an island off the coast of Florida. The island is a cemetery an the actors find themselves performing an incantation to bring back the dead. It fails, or so they think. In case you have never seen this film, I will stop here as not to spoil all the wonderful things this film has to offer.

The opening credit sequence is not easily forgotten and the scenes of the dead rising out of their rotted tombs will always stay in my mind. They are so well done by director Bob Clark as well as the entire film.

I was first introduced to this film many years ago on KCPX TV from Salt Lake City, Utah and was hooked on it ever since. The movie has had many incarnations on DVD, but this Blu-ray release is the BEST you will ever find.

There are tons of extras included. A "Remembering Bob Clark" segment, trailers, interviews, radio spots and an alternate British version of the film!! Easily one of the top releases of the year so far!!

I cannot recommend this enough!!!

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