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Saturday, March 19, 2016


Now this is a fun film.

Ulysses has offended the Gods by blinding the Cyclops so they send Hercules to capture him.

Georges Marchal is very good as Ulysses and so is Mike Lane as Ercole which is really Hercules and not a son of his, but this is getting confusing so I will stop that discussion here.

Anyway, Ulysses burns up the ship Ercole had him on and the two become shipwrecked on a strange island inhabited by a weird cult of Birdmen and their sexy leader played by Dominique Boschero. They escape a certain death and soon find that they are alike in many ways.

Soon however they face a tyrannical ruler who leads a race of very ugly Neanderthal Men an they have to defeat them as well. This entire film is fun and there are some remarkable scenes in it. One very well done scene involves Ulysses and a huge stone slab that might kill him. Excellent scene indeed.

Again, I recommend this film for any Sword and Sandal fan. Not to be missed.

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