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Sunday, March 13, 2016


Interesting and fun gangster gem

Johnny Desmond stars as a young man in prison who escapes with two other convicts in a plane close to the minimum security facility in which he is kept.

After a few run ins with the law two of the men including Desmond's character of Mike Gilbert and Roy Gruber, in an excellent portrayal by Richard Devon, hold up in a motel while they await Gruber's father to bring them 119,000 dollars that Gruber stole earlier.

After a few failed attempts to get the money Gilbert wants nothing more to do with Gruber and decides to turn himself in. This of course makes things even more difficult.

Fred F. Sears directed this little slice of crime drama for Columbia back in 1957, and it still holds up well today. Devon is in top form here.

This is another in the 6 film collection called "Tales From The Prison Yard" from Mill Creek. Highly Recommended!!

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