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Tuesday, March 15, 2016


An often overlooked Charles Bronson film.

Bronson stars as Joe Valachi, a small time hood who rises to a top mob position.

He has agreed to testify against the Mafia and must fight to stay alive in prison. He tells his story to Ryan, a prosecutor who is trying to nail a top mob figure named Vito Genovese.

There is plenty of violence within the mob itself and Valchi is right in the middle as he is hired to be the driver for Genovese. He is finally arrested and the story comes full circle as Valachi testifies on national TV about his life ion the top crime organization in the world.

Jill Ireland, Gerald s. O' Loughlin and Joseph Wiseman round out a great cast for this effective crime drama. Again, this is another film in the six film set called "Tales From The Prison Yard" from Mill Creek.

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