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Tuesday, March 15, 2016


A very tense and disturbing film noir.

Vince Edwards stars as a man who escapes from prison and steals a canister he believes carries a valuable amount of heroine.

It turns out this canister contains a very dangerous radioactive substance that can and will slowly kill anyone who comes into contact with it, unless they can be treated in time.

Edwards turns in a riveting performance as a psycho who will stop at nothing to open the canister. Lyle Talbot is the very worried police chief Jensen and Steven Ritch, who also co wrote the story is Dr. John Wallace, the character who gives a chilling description of what the radioactive agent will do to people exposed to it.

Ritch also starred in the magnificent "The Werewolf" also from Columbia. This is an excellent example of film making and film noir in general. A very bleak ending makes this a noir all the way. Highly recommended thriller which is included in the 6 movie set from Mill Creek entitled "Tales From The Prison Yard".

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