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Sunday, March 27, 2016


A Don Dohler gem from Baltimore.

This interesting little film stars Don Leifert as a mysterious man named Mr. Longfellow who happens to have to kill people in order to maintain looking human.

Why does this happen? Well it seems that an entity called a "Fiend" has entered a grave in another town and reanimated the corpse of "Mr. Longfellow". The fiend lives in the body and is able to move around and observe the human race.

This film is always interesting and has some rather shocking tings such as the un-shown murder of a young child an the somewhat grim ending.

Dohler made some really wonderful little low budget films in the Baltimore area, and this is paired with another classic entitled "The Alien Factor" on a double feature disc from Retromedia.

To me anyway this is top notch regional film making and shouldn't be missed by any low budget film fan.

The performances range from good to bad, but that is totally expected in films like this, but who really cares? Watch it and enjoy it.

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