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Monday, March 7, 2016


Obscure little 50s horror film finally makes it to Blu-ray.

I reviewed this when Olive first released this film on standard DVD. Now about a year later I finally get the chance to see it on Blu-ray and it blows me away.

Jack Kelly and Albert Dekker stars as doctors who save a dying woman by injecting her with a serum one of them has developed.

The young woman, Kyra Zelas (Mari Blanchard) proceeds to spend a lot of Dekker's money and indulge in the good life while Kelly fawns over her. She assults a man in a dress shop and steals his money. When the police try and find her she changes her hair color by sheer will and walks away.

Over time she becomes almost indestructible and immortal until both doctors try a last ditch attempt to stop her. I really like this film and the Blu-ray presentation is something to behold. back just a few years ago I would never have believed such a small little film would ever garnish a release like this.

For fans of 50's horror films, this release shouldn't be missed.

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