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Monday, March 28, 2016


Terribly underrated Barbara Steele horror film.

An attorney arrives at an old castle in 1911 after receiving a letter for a man who is already dead. There he meets two sisters who warn him that the castle is cursed.

Walter Brandi is the attorney and Barbara Steele and Mirella Maravidi play the sisters. How is the castle cursed you ask? Well it seems like the sisters' father, Jeronimus Hauff cursed the five people who conspired to kill him and he has summoned plague carrying corpses to rise from their tombs and claim the lives of these five people.

The terror is mostly off camera but is effectively handled. The gruesome make-up for the plague is well done.

This is an eerie and very gothic thriller that has somehow been overlooked by a lot of people. The image quality is as good as I have ever seen it on this Blu-ray. It played on a double feature back in 1965 with the great "Bloody Pit of Horror".

This film is part of a three package DVD from Severin which also includes "Night Of The Damned" (aka Nightmare Castle) and "Castle Of Blood" both of which will be reviewed here soon.

The entire DVD is excellent and ANY Barbara Steele fan will want this in their collection. The disc also contains an interview with the Queen Of Horror as well as interviews with several other actors, trailers, and featurettes about the films. You simply cannot ask for more than this.

Highly Recommended and well worth the price.

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