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Sunday, March 6, 2016


Very off beat horror film.

This movie opens with a mysterious man going into a morgue and cutting off the arm of a corpse. He then mails it another man who then calls his best friend, and we soon learn why.

It seems that five years before these two men and several others went exploring in a cave and there was a cave in. Thirsty and very, very hungry they voted to cut the arm off of one of the men so they could eat. As soon as they cut one of the mens' arms off, they are rescued.

Five years later it seems that the man is out of the asylum and is now seeking revenge. His daughter is talked to after one of the men is attacked and has his hand hacked off. The killings continue, until the twisted ending, that when I first saw this film, I really wasn't expecting.

Paul Carr and Deborah Walley star in this bizarre and under appreciated film. Check it out.

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