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Friday, March 4, 2016


Very entertaining JD flick.

Ed Nelson stars as Alex Hendricks, the leader of a murderous gang of thieves who kill a night watchman during a holdup.

The man's son hunts his fathers killer by joining up with the gang and informing the police of their movements. John Brinkley is very good as Frank Simmons who infiltrates the group.

Several more robberies take place and the police always just miss them. Coleman Francis is the police Capt. Prell who wants nothing more than to stop this gang.

This is a very tight little thriller running only 65 minutes, and once it starts, it never slows down. Tony Miller who co-stars as Raymond also co-wrote the screenplay and story. Richard Harbinger does a good job of directing. Nelson gives his usual top notch performance.

I recommend this little gem, and you should be able to find this on hundreds of PD labels in any store.

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