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Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Classic Italian horror thriller with Barbara Steele.

I was first introduced to this film in the 80's when I bought a VHS tape from Sinister Cinema. It immediately captured my attention due to Barbara Steele who looks as beautiful as ever and due to the sadistic nature of the film over all.

Over the years I have seen many different versions of this film and had always heard of a longer cut than the 84 min. print I was accustomed to. in 2003 Retromedia released a very good quality 100 min. print and I picked that up immediately, and have been very pleased with it.

Now Severin has released a BEAUTIFUL 104min. print on Blu-ray!! Steele is a young wife who is caught cheating by her sadistic husband. He chains both in a dungeon and slowly tortures them for their indiscretions. They both die and he cuts out their hearts and burns the bodies.

The good doctor then marries his wife's sister so he can keep his hand in the family will. His plan is to drive her insane with the help of his gorgeous housekeeper played by Helga Line. Needless to say, the dead wife and her lover come back to life seeking revenge, which they get in a very serious way.

There is some stark imagery in this film that one will not forget too soon. In case you haven't seen this film I won't give too much away here. The film is also known as "Nightmare Castle" and "Faceless Monster" and probably some other titles as well, but the title of this post is the title that appears on the screen.

Steele is excellent as usual and here she has a dual role of cheating wife and blonde sister. Also starring with her are Helga Line and Paul Muller. These three are easily some of the most familiar faces in Euro horror. Severin has also included "Terror Creatures From The Grave" and "Castle Of Blood" on this disc and tons of extras.

No Barbara Steele fan should be without this triple threat disc.

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