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Sunday, October 31, 2010


Roy Thinnes stars as a man looking into the supernatural and finds more than he bargained for. Angie Dickinson also stars in the fantastic Dan Curtis made for tv movie from 1972. This was a pilot for a proposed series but it never came to pass and that is a shame since this is one of the scariest movies ever aired on television.
Very highly recommended!!


James Brolin stars as the sheriff of a small Utah town that is terrorized by a demonic black car that is killing everyone in sight. A silly story is made totally believable by the great cast and capable direction of Elliot Silverstein.
R.G. Armstrong, Kathleen Lloyd and John Marley fill out a most interesting cast. Good fun.


Hammer great Andrew Keir stars in this excellent adaptation of Bram Stokers Jewels Of the Seven Stars. The luscious Valarie Leon stars as a young woman who is actually the reincarnation of a long dead Egyptian princess.
Leon alone makes this film well worth watching. Highly recommended and often over looked by horror fans.


This is a wonderful 1959 film about a huge blob-like monster threatening to destroy the earth after some explorers disturb an ancient burial ground. Mario Bava handled the special effects for this shocker, and there are really some gruesome scenes of flesh being melted and people being eaten by the blob-like monsters.
Good Halloween fun.


This obscure film is probably one of the worst films ever made, and therefore very entertaining. Anthony Eisley stars as a man who serves a 4800 year old Princess, who looks pretty damned hot for her age. John Carradine also stars and the Egyptian goddess is played by Marliza Pons who was not heard from again in films which is a shame.
An overweight mummy shows up and battle Eisley who is a Jackal Man. They fight on the streets of Las Vegas and in a casino and the people stare in disbelief or they laugh. This must have been a total embarassment for ALL involved.
Highly recommended!!


Bizarre film about an astronauts severed arm being possessed by an alien intelligence and strangling people. Peter Breck and Kent Taylor are the two men from NASA investigating the case along with sheriff Alan Hale, Jr.
Sirry Steffen was a former Miss Iceland and looks fantastic in her bikini. This movie is also famous for having the Rivingtons smash hit The Bird's the Word on the soundtrack. This is also one of the last features for Allison Hayes.
Check it out for fun.


Good Euro-Horror film about a scarred madman killing beautiful women at a remote castle. This film really offers nothing new to the genre, but is an entertaining film with a very lovely star in Erna Schurer who gets the unwanted affections of the maniac.
Highly recommended and in letterbox!! A must for lovers of Euro Horror.


While not a knee slapping comedy this is a cute and fun film with Slip and Satch and the boys getting mixed up with a weird family in a mansion. The family includes a couple of mad scientists, man eating plants, robots, a killer ape and a vampire. I consider this one of the best Bowery Boys movies ever, and that is probably because it includes monsters.
Hopefully you got a chance to catch this on TCM on Oct. 30th. Highly Recommended comedy/horror.


the latest installment of Roger Corman Cult Classic brings us a pair of haunted house thrillers. The first is one of my favorite films of the 70's, The Evil starring Richard Crenna and sexy Joanna Pettet as a couple who buy an old mansion to make it into a drug rehab center, but Crenna accidentally opens up the portal to hell which is hidden in the house.
The entire cast is excellent and includes Andrew Prine, and Victor Buono as the devil. Highly Recommended thrills.
The next movie is from 1988 and stars Tom Bresnahan and sexy Jill Whitlow as two teens who move into a haunted house with their parents, but find they have even more trouble with the street punks who run the neighborhood. This is an interesting film and it is always a treat to see Whitlow in anything.
All in all a Highly Recommended double feature from Shout Factory.

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Japanese sci-fi gem about a green blob of liquid that is claiming victims quickly in and around Tokyo. these sci-fi thrills are blended in with gangster action involving the hunt for stolen money.
The Japanese have a knack for making this kind of film, and again the results are all top notch. This movie is included in the Icons Of Sci-Fi Toho Collection from Sony. Highly Recommended!!


The great Vincent Price stars in this William Castle thriller about seven people spending the night in a haunted house to earn $10,000 dollars. Carole Ohmart plays Price's wife and my god, does she look good.
A great gimmick film and one that is far superior to the awful piece of garbage remake done a few years ago. If you want good Halloween scares, check it out.


Actor William Campbell (Dementia 13) turned 74 on Oct. 30th.


This Roger Corman production follows the same formula that all the others such as Dinocroc, Sharktopus follow but that doesn't make it any less entertaining. A gigantic cross between an alligator and a dinosaur escapes and runs amok in Hawaii.
The girls are gorgeous and the action never lets up in this Corman film produced in Hawaii. All hail Roger Corman.


I had first heard of this film back in the pages of Famous Monsters in the early 70's and have never had a chance to see it until now. I thought it was a very good film about a vampire that kills people in and around a mansion in Germany.
All of the women in this film are incredible to look at and the vampire is capable of making himself invisible at will.
A good addition to your collection of vampire films. Mill Creek put this on the set entitled Undead: The Vampire Collection. Highly Recommended!!


Excellent letterboxed print of this Spanish horror film about a group of tourists trapped in a small town full of vampires. This is a great film to watch on Halloween because it is very haunting and some of the images will always stay with you. Jack Taylor and Helga Line star. One of my 10 favorite vampire films ever made.


I love this classic 1960 vampire film from Italy which stars Alberto Lupo as a scientist who tries to restore the face of a badly scarred singer. Suzanne loret is gorgeous as the singer and Lupo is a great mad scientist. The monster he becomes is caused by radition.
A well made film and I wish I could again see the uncut version which was run only one time on TNT many years ago. All in all still a wonderful experience.

Friday, October 29, 2010


Kate Jackson turned 62 on Oct. 29th, movie director Dante Tomaselli turned 41, Mary Wilcox turned 63 , and Gabrielle Union who turned 38 on this day.


Episode 22 is entitled the Fingers Of Fear and is a very disturbing tale about a murderer of children. It aired in Feb. 21st 1962 and Nehemiah Persoff stars as a detective frantically hunting the killer.
Episode 23 takes a much more supernatural turn with Well Of Doom which aired 2/28/1961 and stars screen villian Henry Daniell as Moloch and Richard Keil as his huge helper named Styx who kidnaps two men and plays a game of cat and mouse with them thru the night. it has a great twist ending, as usual. One of the best!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Episode 20 aired on 2/7/1961, it is entitled Hay Fork & Bill Hook, and stars Kenneth Haigh and Audrey Dalton as a couple who come to a small village haunted by witchcraft. This is an excellent and very atmospheric episode.
Episode 21 is called The Merriweather File and stars James Gregory as an attorney who is trying to help a man accused of murder. Ross Elliot also stars. This one has a very neat twist ending to it that you'll never believe.


Sexy Christy Hemme (TNA Wrestling) who turned 30 on oct. 28th.


Actor James MacArthur who gained fame for starring in the original Hawaii Five-O as "Danno" passed away on Oct. 28th at the age of 72 from natural causes. Hawaii Five-O was one of the longest running crime shows on television with an astounding 278 episodes.

He was the son of actress Helen Hayes. Once again, someone else I grew up watching has passed away.


Episode 18 which aired on 1/17/1961 stars Phillip Carey in a standard crime story about a man looking for his missing brother in Morocco and Episode 19 which aired on 1/24/61 stars Larry Blyden as a thief who is drawn into a bizarre murder plan by a lovely young woman played by Susan Oliver.
More good stuff here and plenty of great horror episodes are just around the corner.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Actress Jayne kennedy who turned 59 on Oct. 27th, Lara Parker who played Angelique on Dark Shadows turned 73.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Jaclyn Smith who turned 65 on Oct. 26th, and professional wrestler Kevin Sullivan who turned 61.

Also a belated birthday to Fred Graham who sadly passed away in 1979. Genre fans will always remember him as the sheriff in Giant Gila Monster, but Fred was in many, many more movies and was also a very busy stuntman in films.


Alex Anderson Jr. who created Rocky The Flying Squirrel, Bullwinkle J. Moose and Dudley Doright passed away on Oct. 26th at the age of 90. He had been suffering from Alzheimer's Disease.

This man made my childhood cartoon watching fun. I am a HUGE fan of Rocky & Bullwinkle and I will always be thankful for Mr. Anderson. What a terrible way for a talented person to die.

RIP from all of us fans from Frostbite Falls, MN.


Episode 17 is The Poisoner and is about a man who kills all the members of his family with poison, and then sets his sights on his wife. It aired on Jan. 10th 1961 and stars Murray Matheson as the Poisoner, and Sraha marshall as his wife.
This is a good entry and one well worht catching. More to come.


The third and final Slumber party movie isn't really different from any of the others except it stars Hope Marie Carlton and Maria Ford as two of the intended victims of the crazy psycho with a drill.
It moves along at a brisk pace and any movie with Hope Marie Carlton I will watch no matter what. Shout Factory has released this on a two disc set with the other two Slumber Party movies, and the set is crammed with great interviews and featurettes.
Shout Continues to bring the best of the best to DVD.

Monday, October 25, 2010


this ran a while back on Turner Classic Movies in a beautiful letterbox format. It stars Tom Selleck as a young man in the Phillipines who finds a strange painting in which his wife is being burned at the stake in 1592.
He and his wife find themselves the targets of a witches coven. This is not as bad a movie as some people claim and I rather enjoyed it.
The ending is rather abrubt and dark, but hey, this IS a horror film. If you get a chance to see it give it a try.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Barbara Wilson (the sexy young woman who starred in Invasion Of The Animal People, Flesh Eaters and more) turned 74 on Oct. 24th.


Looking for bizarre terror on a Saturday night? Well look no further. Six people are tricked into going to a class reunion by a priest who has made a pact with the devil. The priest hopes to redeem himself and rid himelf of his third possessed thumb!!!!!
You gotta see it to believe it. The print Code Red used is full of scratches and a few missing frames, but that makes viewing this even better. It looks like a grindehouse film, which it is. This is a Highly recommended film and one that is perfect for Halloween.


This is one of the best Hammer films ever made in my opinion. Christopher Lee again stars as Dracula as the story is moved into 1972 London where the count is brought back to life by a group of young people who hold a black rite mass.
Peter Cushing is a decendant of the original Van Helsing and now he must stop the vampire from claiming victims in London. Super sexy Stephanie Beacham is his granddaughter who is chosen by the count to be his bride and Caroline Munro is a goddess in her black leather outfit at the beginning of the movie. She is also the counts first victim.
The women look great, the movie is very well made and I love Stoneground and their song Alligator Man at the beginning of the film. Top notch and highly recommended.

Saturday, October 23, 2010


This is a rather bizarre movie about an alien from one of the 12 moons of Jupiter who comes to earth to kidnap women for breeding purposes. John Saxson and Patricia Haines are two scientists who try to stop him.
In two rather unique twists the leading lady dies and the alien actually gets away with his scheme!! Interesting 1966 sci-fi film from Fox Loeber.


Lost for 30 years, this film stars William Shatner as a man who is targeted by a lovely female demon named Kia. It seems she has grown tired of taking the souls of corrupt men and wants to try a man who is pure in heart, and needless to say ,things don't go as planned.
Directed by Leslie Stevens of Outer Limits fame and the entire dialogue is in Esperanto, which is actually an artificial language. It is subtitled in english.
This excellent film was restored and paid for by the Sci-Fi channel. Truely eerie and scarey in parts, this is a good film for Halloween night viewing.


After an introduction from Roger Corman we are treated to this hilarious film about a sea monster that kills off the crew of a boat which is making off with the Cuban Treasury after the Castro revolution.
Anthony Carbone is the lead gangster and he is acompanied by Betsy Jones Moreland as his moll and more weird characters than you can believe. The monster is very cheap looking and I love it that way.
If you want to see an excellent low, low budget film, watch this.

Friday, October 22, 2010


This is the box art for the upcoming Roger Corman triple feature of Attack Of The Crab Monsters, Not Of This earth and War Of The Satellites. Jan. 18th is the day these finally come to DVD.


I forgot to mention that the episode of Thriller i talked about just below this was episode 16 entitled the Hungry Glass.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Episode 16 stars William Shatner and Russell Johnson in this tale of a haunted house with even more haunted mirrors. This is a grim and bleak episode superbly directed by Douglas Heyes. Another fine episode of this chilling show. More to come later.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Johnny Sheffield who played "Boy" in the Tarzan films and starred in his own series of films from the Bomba The Jungle Boy series died on Oct. 19th from a heart attack. He was 79. He will always be known as "Boy" from the Tarzan films for all of us genre fans.


The maniac killer returns in the reincarnated body a of psycho demon rock star whit a huge guitar that is also a drill!! Some excellent music and killing in this bizarre comedy horror film. This one is directed by Deborah Brock and again is an excellent film.
The murders a slightly more gruesome, but actually a lot more fun with the great rock soundtrack from groups like Wednesday Week.
Highly recommended!!


This and the two sequels make for a great Roger Corman Cult Classic release from Shout. Slumber Party Massacre stars Michelle Michaels, Robin Stille and Debra Deliso as three women terrorized by a maniac and his power drill. Roger Corman had this film made and it really is a well made film and it's a hell of a hoot.
Director Amy Jones does a very good job of directing and it shows throughout the film. Brinke Stevens has her first major role in this film and in the extras she says she loves being in these kinds of films. What a woman!!
Print transfer is excellent and it is in anamorphic widescreen. Highly recommended!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Actor Tom Bosley who played Howard Cummingham on the Happy Days TV show died on Oct. 19th from hreat failure. He was 83. He was a fine character actor who knew the profession well and all of us who ever saw him will always conside him Mr. H from Happy Days.

Monday, October 18, 2010


Watched two more classics tonight. Episode 14 aired 12/20/60 and was entitled Man In The Middle which stars Mort Saul as a man who hears about the plot to kidnap and murder a young woman and soon finds himself involved in the murder plot. This is a very good episode and very film noirish.
Episode 15 is on which aired on 12/27/60 and was nothing but sheer horror. It is entitled The Cheaters and stars Henry Danielle as a man who developes a mysterious pair of glasses that allows people to hear the thoughts of those they are looking at. Throughout the show several people try them on and meet gruesome fates. This has one of the most terrifying endings ever in the series. You could never do this on TV today. Highly Recommended episode.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Episode 10 is entitled The Prediction 11/22/1960 and stars Karloff himself as a fake mentalist who suddenly starts seeing people die in his visions.
The rest of the cast includes the always lovely Audrey Dalton and character actor Abraham Sofaer.
Episode 11 is The Fatal Impulse 11/29/60 and has an impressive cast including Robert Lansing, Whitney Blake, Steve Bridie, Ed Nelson, Anthony Carbone, Mary Tyler Moore, Elisha Cook, Jr and many more. This is an excellent story about a man who drops a small bomb in an unknown woman's purse and the police who must track it down in 6 hours. One of the best episodes.
Episode 12 12/6/60 stars Jack carson as a former drunk who is hunted by criminals who are looking for a man that may or may not be him! Charles McGraw is the Sheriff. This episode has a somewhat brutal ending.
Episode 13 aired on 12/13/60 and is entitled Knock Three-One-Two and is stars Joe Moross as a gambler who plots to have a killer murder his wife for her money to pay off gambling debts. Beverly Garland co-stars.


A miracle has happened!!!! Fox is going to be releasing Season 4 vol. 2 of Voyage To the Bottom Of The Sea on Dec. 21st. They only made us wait about two years between volumes. But after this I will have all 110 episodes. Good news for fans of the show.


Julia Adams turns 84 today and everyone remembers her from Creature From the Black Lagoon.


In case anyone sees this Amazon is selling this for today only at $55.99. That is $100.00 off the regular price. Now is as good a time as any to grab it. You won't regret it.


Barbara Billingsley who played June Cleaver on the "Leave It To Beaver" tv show has passed away at the age of 94. While the rest of the state controlled media attempts to downplay her role on the Leave It To Beaver show as outdated I still find it to be very good.

She will always be remembered for that role which she played for 6 years. Some other may remember her for small roles in such films as Invaders from Mars (1953), Airplane (1980), Undercurrent (1946) and many more.

A real lady and another part of my childhood gone.


This movie has been OOP since 2006, so finding a copy might be difficult. Dana Andrews stars as a Nazi scientist who is keeping frozen nazi soldiers alive in hopes of bringing them back to take over the world.
His lovely neice and her friend stop by unexpectedly and soon the friend is murdered and her head is kept alive in a box by the mad scientist and his helpers.
I love this film because it brings back many memories of late night Creature Features on tv and I have alwys been a fan of Dana Andrews.
If you get a chance, check it out. Recommended!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010


I had a total computer crash tonight and lost all of my files and addresses and such.Shit, now I have to start all over again. Please be patient as I try and get this all up and running again. It might take a while but it will happen.
Thanks for your patience.


This weekend Elvira featured The Brain That Wouldn't Die and what a great show. Elvira and the head were working together to get on a game show. You actually gotta love a movie where a doctor goes ass hunting in New York.


I don't know how I missed this, but a very belated and happy birthday to the always sexy Stacy Keibler who turned 31 on Oct. 14th. May God forgive me for missing this beauty.

I am still trying to get her to play a lead role in a WIP film I am working on.


Actor Simon McCorkindale passed away at the age of 58 from stomach cancer on Oct. 14th. Fans will remember him from such shows as Falcon Crest and the starring role in the short lived tv show Manimal.

Gener fans will alwys remember him from Jaws 3 and the episode of Hammer House Of Horror entitled "Visitor From The Grave" as well as the british TV shows Quatermass and The Quatermass Conclusion. I am sure everyone knows of my love for the Character Bernard Quatermass from british cinema.

A really talented actor and gentleman. He will be missed.


The one and only Misty Mundae who turns 31 on Oct. 16th. She acts under her real name now which is Erin Brown.


The 1959 classic starring Robert Clarke as a scientist who is exposed to radiation and turns into a lizard monster when exposed to the sunlight. This is a perfect example of how to make an entertaining film on very little money.
The monster costume is top notch and somewhat creepy looking in the dark, and the actors are very good in their given roles. Clarke does an excellent job as Gilbert McKenna whose life is forever changed after the accident.
If you like 50's sci-fi this is a sure bet for you. It is one of the best of the shockers made at that time. Highly Recommended!


I don't know what to say about this except "oh my God!!!."
This film stars Ray "Crash" Corrigan as a man who tells the story of how he survived an attack by the White Gorilla. His story is told in flashback and is actually silent film footage from the silent Tarzan movie of the 1920's!! Needless to say, this doesn't hold together well and looks kind of silly.
This movie has to go down in history as one of the worst ever made, but don't get me wrong, this is very enjoyable on that level. If you have to see a bad film don't waste 20 dollars on the garbage at the theater, spend 5 dollars and check this one out.


I have always loved this cool little film about a monster stalking the swamps of Fouke Arkansas. Charles B. Pierce directed and appears in this film. It is very documentary style and very well made and does provide some genuine scares along the way.
They simply don't make regional films like this anymore as all the actors have REAL southern accents, not phoney crap such as Brad Pitt or skanky Angelina talking like they have crap in their mouths.
Good flavor, good film and a great reminder of how things used to be.

Friday, October 15, 2010


Richard Carpenter who turned 64 on Oct. 15th, also to Chris DeBurgh who tunred 62 and to lovely Tanya Roberts who turned 55.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Roger Moore, my favorite James Bond who turned 83 on Oct. 14th.


The Thriller reviews continue with episode 8 entitled The Watcher which is about a man who is compelled to murder women. Richard Chamberlin stars.
Episode 9 is entitled Girl With A Secret and stars sexy Myrna Fahey as a young woman whose husband is on a top secret assignment and suddenly she finds spies who want his scerets. Rhodes Reason also stars.
Two well made episodes as I continue to review every episode on this wonderful set.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Episode 5 aired on 10/11/1960 and is entitled Rose's Last Summer and it stars Mary Astor as an actress who is found murdered in the garden of a family she didn't even know, or did she? Good solid murder mystery.
Episode 6 is entitled The Guilty Men and it was broadcast on 10/18/1960 and stars Jay C. Flippen as a man who attempts to run a gangland style operation of drugs, but he does get his just desert in the end. A fine cast also includes Everett Sloane and Frank Silvera.
Episode 7 aired on 10/25/1960 and was the Halloween episode entitled The Purple Room which stars Rip Torn as a man who spends the night in a "haunted" mansion in order to claim an estate. This episode is truely terrifying and must have made the execs at NBC decide to make the show into strictly a horror show in the coming episodes.
This just keeps getting better and better...more coming soon.


John Ford Coley who turns 59 on oct 13th. Also born on this day are Marie Osmond who is 51 and Ashanti who is 30.


Episode 3 in entitled Worse Than Murder and stars Constance Ford as a young woman who uses a dead man's diary to commit murder and blackmail. Another good episode and Ford is very convincing as a psycho, greedy female.
Episode 4 is called The Mark of The Hand and is about a little girl who appears to have shot a man to death. Upon further investigation the police find out a lot more is going on with this very unstable family. Good crime episode here with Sheppard Strudwick.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


This wonderful set finally came in and I will be reviewing all the episodes as I watch them. This show debuted on 9/13/1960 with the episode The Twisted Image in which a demented woman stalks a young man only to be killed by an even more demented man who assumes the identity of the original victim!! This is a really twisted story starring Leslie Neilsen, Natalie Trundy and George Grizzard.
The second episode aired is entitled Child's Play and involves a lonely boy who takes his fathers rifle and proceeds to make his imaginary world very real.
There is not much supernatural about the first several epsiodes of the show, but once it got started they had some classics.
More reviews of episodes as I watch them.


Susan Anton who turned 60 on October 12th.


This small little company has releaseda diddy here. This was originally on VHS many years ago and I remember watching it then. A man and his zombie dummy watch trailers in a theater full of ghouls and make wise cracks and very sick jokes in between the trailers.
Some of these gags are a lot of fun. Trailes include such wonders as Blood & Lace, Bloody Pit Of Horror, Cannibal Girls, Three On A Meathook, Devil's Nightmare and many, many more.
Also included is a gallery of cool movie posters, behind the scenes of the parts with Ron and his dummy and much more.
For the low price this is well worth seeking out.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Interesting low budget film made to look like a great black and white Universal film. Ron Chaney stars as a mad scientist who invites several people to his mansion under false pretenses and soon the terror begins.
I would have preferred to see more monsters, but the filmmakers have done a great thing in making this film in black and white and targeting it for people my age. Actress Cheryl Rodes is a standout as Elmira Cray. The monster makeup of the Wolfman and the Frankenstein monster are very good and Dracula looks a lot like Lugosi. Great stuff here!!
All in all a highly recommended piece of fun from a group of people who obviously love old movies.


to Ed Wood Jr. who would've been 86 on this day.


One of the best 30's horror films shot in a rare 2 color technicolor process stars the lovely Fay Wray, Lionel Atwill, Preston Foster as three people who are entangled in a series of gruesome killings attributed to the "Full Moon Killer."
With hits of cannibalism and savage murders this movie has always been a favorite of mine. This moves along briskly and I cannot recommend this movie enough.
I will always remember the scene with the killer applying his "synthetic flesh" to his face and hands.

Saturday, October 9, 2010


I checked out this weekends episode featuring The Giant Gila Monster and it was very funny. I am so glad this show is back even if the station I get it on carries it at 3am. That is what a DVR is for.


One of the oddest films I have ever seen!! A college professor and four of his students travel to a remote New York island (Staten??) to search for the Yeti. What the students find is death and a very dark secret kept by the professor.
Directed by Michael Findlay and produced by Ed Adlum, this treat starts out as one kind of movie about the yeti and then abrubtly changes into a movie about cannibals!! Wow, really cool stuff, and the Yeti costumes are a hoot.
This film also features the hit song Popcorn by Hot Butter. Some versions of this film on DVD have edited this music out and replaced it with some god awful tune. Get the one from Sinister Cinema, that is the best version by far. Highly Recommended!!


An evil vampire spreads his evil amongst those in a small Mexican village. Wow what a film!! This has the biggest bat I have ever seen in a monster movie and it resembles a flying bunny which is why a good friend of mine always calls it a "bunny bat."
If you like south of the border horror like I do, watch this and enjoy. The first 13 words of this review sums up the entire movie, but what a fun ride.


Jon Hall takes the lead role as a man who seeks to destroy those he thinks are his enemies in this good little spin off from the original film. Hall returns to a small town and thinks everyone is his enemy and must pay for him almost dying in the jungle on an expedition.
John Carradine and Evelyn Ankers are also on hand. When ever I watch one of these classic Universal films I get a warm feeling inside as if I am a child again. Nothing is better than a Universal horror film for making ones day better.
This movie is part of the Invisible Man Legacy Collection.

Friday, October 8, 2010


For Halloween Warner Archives is unleashing The Cyclops (1957), The Disembodied with Allison Hayes, Hypnotic Eye, a special edition of Don't Be Afraid of The Dark, William Castle's Macabre, Eye of The Devil and more. Check out the link and hit the pre-order button.,default,sc.html


I just got word that the Shout factory release of the Roger Corman Triple feature of Not Of This Earth/Attack of The Crab Monsters and War of The Satellites has been slated for January 8th release. I and many others look forward to these long awaited films fianlly receiving the treatment they deserve.


for both Green Slime & Thriller to come in. Green Slime should be in by the end of the month and Thriller will be here in about 10 days. I will review both as soon as I can. I have had a lot of people ask me about Thriller and I am sorry it has taken so long, but it has been on back order.


As far as I iknow this is the only sci-fi monster movie to be filmed in Lapland, and it is a very good film on it's own merits. A spaceship crashes in lapland and a huge monster escapes and goes on a small rampage thru the villiages.
The monster is very cool looking and has large fangs a plenty of fur while the aliens are bald creatures with weird eyes.
Lovely Barbara Wilson stars with Robert Burton and Stan Gester. The effects are good and the acting is even better. This is the original version of the film not the insane re-edited version by Jerry Warren entitled Invasion of The Animal People. Something Weird did a great service to collectors turning this DVD out in 2001.
I really recommend this film for something a little bit different and a lot of fun.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


The longest titles in motion picture history belongs to this film that only runs 66 min!! Roger Corman directed this classic film about Viking Women going off to look for their missing men and after traveling thru a vortex and being thretened by a silly looking monster, they find that their men have been captured by a band of warriors led by Richard Devon.
The women played by Sally Todd, Susan Cabot, Betsy Jones Moreland, Abby Dalton and others all look hot as hell and that makes the film even better.
Lots of action, cheap monsters, fights and lovely women make this a winner from Roger Corman. Highly recommended!!


very bizarre movie which is part comedy and part horror about 4 gorgeous cheerleaders and their sexy teacher who are kidnapped by devil worshippers for sacrifice. The devil worshippers get a huge suprise when one of the cheerleaders has some powers of her own.
Director Greydon Clark does a very good job at this film and it does not take itself too seriously. If you like movies with sexy young women and cheerleaders and devil worship, then this is the ticket for you.


Michael Cole and Deborah Walley star in this bizarre film about a young couple and a pilot who find themselves stuck in a small town covered by a strange glass bubble.
I watched this in 3D and got an even bigger kick out of it. Arch Oboler wrote, produced and directed this obscure film, and it isn't too bad. It plays like a Twilight Zone episode and runs about 91 minutes. It should have been about 70 min. long, but it still makes for some very interesting viewing.
I believe this has been OOP for a while, but if you happen to find it check it out. It comes with two pair of 3D glasses.


This Ray Harryhausen classic is about a creature from Venus which has been loosed upon the earth after a rocket crash lands near Sicily. The beast soon grows from small to gigantic in a short period of time.
William Hopper is the lead and plays his role with excellence. I love the Harryhausen effects for the monster, called a Ymir.
If you have yet to see this gem, check it out and see what made monster movies from the 1950's so good.


lovely Judy Landers who turned 52 on Oct. 7th.


I must be the only human to like this movie. Five men land on the 13th moon of Jupiter only to find it inhabited by the last survivors of Atlantis!! One old man and several beautiful women are all that is left except for the goofy monster running around on the outside.
The monster is never explained, but is a rather pathetic looking skinny thing in tights and a weird makeup or mask.
The girls dance to Borodin to welcome the men. The planet looks just like earth and has the same vegetation and air, but if you are capable of suspending your disbelief as I am you actually might like this movie.
I think it's pretty cool and not any worse than anything else from the period and certainly better than most of the stuff that passes for movies today.


The fourth in the series of Frankenstein films from Universal finds the monster and his assistant Igor looking for the second brother of the original Dr. Frankenstein to help further the monsters life. Bela Lugosi again plays Igor and Lon Chaney Jr. plays the monster while Sir Cedric Hardwick takes a turn as Ludwig Frankenstein.
Lovely Evelyn Ankers is his daughter and Ralph Bellamy is her lover as well as the District Attorney. This is nothing but a great film and a wonderful addition to your DVD library. It can be found as part of the Frankenstein Legacy Collection and it not a film to be missed.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


It looks like the AMC show The Walking Dead will be good, but unfortunately they are allready downplaying the zombies. The actors and such are saying the show is about survival and the zombies are a secondary plot motivator.
When they start saying that you know they are not happy about it being a horror show. it often makes me wonder why these young punks attempt to make anything anyway, since they are always ashamed of it.
We will see.


Coming up on Oct. 8th is more of the TCM slaute to Hammer Horror with such films as Plague of the Zombies, The Reptile, Devil's Bride & The Gorgon. Then later that night they are presenting a very interesting William Castle film called Let's Kill Uncle with Pat Cardi (Horror High). A good night on TCM.


managed to catch Daughters Of Satan on TCM on Oct. 1st. Tom Selleck stars in this supernatural thriller from 1972, and it was presented in gorgeous color and widescreen. Thanks to TCM for finally running this gem.


After years on the radio and many movie appreances Abbott & Costello took their comedy to television in a show that lasted 2 years. Critics hated it but fans loved it and wanted to see their famous routines on the small screen.
In the show Bud & Lou live in an apartment complex run by Sidney Fields who is their ever suffering landlord. Other neighbors include Hillary Brooke, Stinkey and many more. This is a show for those who love slapstick style humor and bad puns. I love both.
The show has been remastered and looks great and both seasons are out from E1. I will look at the second season shortly.
If you want good comedy that will make you laugh out loud watch this set and enjoy.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


This three disc set concludes season 1 and begins season 2 of this classic TV show about a very off the wall family of ghouls and ghosts. John Astin is Gomez Addams and Carolyn Jones is the lovely Morticia.
MGM should be commended for bringing this show to DVD. It is a shame that it only ran 2 years and was cancelled by the network without any explanation.
Get these DVD sets and go back to a time when TV was fun and clean and was not taking itself seriously. Recommended!!

Monday, October 4, 2010


Kyra Schon, the little girl who violently killed her mother in Night Of The Living Dead, she turned 53 on Oct. 4th.


This weekends show takes us to 10-11-1986 when Chicago said it was "Hard To Say I'm Sorry", Boston sang of "Amanda", Lionel Ritchie was "Dancing On The Ceiling", and Cyndi Lauper showed her "True Colors." Check it out this weekend.


This weekends show takes us back to 10-9-1971 when Cher sang of "Gypsies, Tramps and Theives", Al Green was "Tired Of Being Alone", Tommy Roe warned of "Stagger Lee", and The Stampeders loved a "Sweet City Woman." Great memories this Saturday.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


This little shocker made it's television debut on October 24th, 1984 and horror fans never forgot it. It still delivers the shocks all these years later. In a small town a mentally disabled man is accused of battery of a young girl and a group of 4 men lead by Charles Durning take the law into their own hands and kill the man only to find out he was innocent seconds after they kill him.
Soon the men are being stalked by a mysterious killer, and that is where all the terror lies.
Modern day slop they call movies at the theater could take lessons from this film in how to build terror and suspense.
The ending is a shocker and a little touching at the same time. Kudos to VCI for finally brining this well deserved classic to DVD. I had not seen this for 26 years and was pleased to find it has lost none of it's punch.
Charles Durning as a psycho postal worker...imagine that, and he never takes off his uniform thru the entire film!!!!


Those who had birthdays on Oct. 2nd included Tiffany who turned 39, Don McLean turned 65 and on Oct. 3rd Ashlee Simpson turned 26, Pamela Hensley turned 58, Alan O' Day turned 70 and Chubby Checker turned 69.