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Sunday, July 31, 2022


Lt. Uhura has died.

The beautiful actress who made her role on Star Trek a historical one has died.

Nichols starred in many TV shows and movies, but her portrayal of Lt. Uhura on Star Trek for 3 years on NBC and all of the Star Trek films made her a household name.

She will always be known for that role and she was a huge part of my growing up and watching TV sci-fi. Nichols died on July 30th, 2022 at the age of 89 from natural causes.


A great 50's sci-fi film and a beautiful Blu-ray.

I have always loved this movie and have owned the Image DVD for years, and this is a great, great upgrade.

Robert Lansing stars as Scott Nelson, a somewhat troubled man who is working to develop an indestructible metal called Cargonite. His brother Tony Nelson (James Congdon) is also a scientist and he's working on melding atoms of two separate items together.

Tony burns down the building where he is working and is fired from his position. He travels to Scott's home and stays with him for a while after Scott's fiancee Linda Davis (Lee Meriwether) insists.

Scott perfects Cargonite and finds all of the credit for it has been stolen by his employer Dr. Theodore Carter (Edgar Stehli). Tony shows Scott a pencil that he has managed to mingle the atoms with a piece of steel. But the catch is Tony believes that his mind was so expanded that his mind made the experiment a success, but he has been unable to duplicate it.

Linda is fallinmg in love with Tony and this drives Scott to try his brother experiment. It works, and the scene where Scott's hand is caught in the metal piece and he cannot get it out is painful just watching it.

The experiment is out of control and Scott can walk thru any solid object. He also must kill people to obtain their life force to stay young. Soon Scott is terrorizing the entire city and Tony helps the police bring this to an end.

However, the ending is left open as we really never know if Scott has been killed or not. This is a well acted and well directed film. Irving Yeaworth also helmed "The Blob" for producer Jack Harris.

The Blu-ray features an interview with Harris and Lee Merriwether and quite a few trailers for other great movies from Kino. There is also a radio spot for 4D Man which is pretty cool.

It was great to see this film again, and as I stated earlier, what a great presentation. The rest of the cast includes Patty Duke, Robert Strauss and Guy Raymond.


France Nuyen is 83.

Saturday, July 30, 2022


One of the many films in the Bomba series starring Johnny Sheffield as the title character.

In this outing Bomba is witness to the killing of the leader of a hidden city in the jungle by an evil man named Hassen (Paul Guilfoyle).

Hassen then seeks to kill Bomba and the rightful ruler of the city, a beautiful young woman named Zidan (Sue England) who falls for Bomba and follows him where ever he goes.

Bomba decides to help her regain the throne, but this comes at a high price as Hassen is nobody to be messed with. There is plenty of action in this film, but it is one of the lesser efforts and that is suprising since Ford Beebe directed.

The rest of the cast for this low budget jungle flick includes Damian O' Flynn, Leon Belasco and Smoki Whitfield.


Monique Gabrielle is 59.

Friday, July 29, 2022


The very beautiful actress has passed away.

I just got the word that the charming Erika Peters has died.

Her areeer in front of the camera was short, but she made some very memorable films for genre fans. Her genre credits include "House Of The Damned" and "Monstrosity".

Her other films included hits such as "G.I. Blues" with Elvis and a few others. She retired from acting and went into interior decorating and made a small fortune.

She passed away on May 24th, 2022 at the age of 86. A very beautiful woman inside and out.


This Italian shocker is also known as "Cannibals In The Street".

John Saxon stars in this film which I never had a chance to see until now, and it wasn't half bad.

Several POW's are rescued from the Vietcong and while they were held captive they contracted a bizarre disease that makes them need to consume human flesh. This is never really explained. but we do see Saxon's character of Norman Hopper get bitten by one of the prisoners he's trying to save at the very beginning of the film.

Hopper has bad dreams about the incident and is not all together sane himself. His beautiful wife Jane (Elizabeth Turner) tries to help him and he has been successful in fighting the urges to consume flesh.

One of the soldiers gets a weekend pass from the mental hospital and goes to see a movie, but instead he ends up taking a bite out of a woman throat and then goes on a killing rampage.

The police corner him in a store and Hopper offers to talk the man out, which he does. The soldier has killed two cops and bitten another, but nobody gives the bite and real attention.

Back at the hospital the soldier named Charles Bukowski (Giovanni Lombardo Radice and his friend, the also flesh hungry Tom Thompson (Tony King) escape together after biting a nurse and Hopper decides to join them and off go the three flesh eating men who quickly spread the disease all over Atlanta, where this was filmed.

Soon many people are infected and the slow minded police refuse to believe in cannibals. Eventually the three are joined by the nurse they bit earlier.

They are finally trapped in a sewer and killed by the police, but Hopper escapes and goes back to his wife. She has been infected as well and he kills both her and then himself. The police think they have ended the killings, but Saxon has already intected his sexy young neighbor girl and then films ends with the problem unsolved.

Antonio Margheriti directed this gem, and he does his usual great job. The film moves along very well, and it is one of the most bizarre zombie films I have ever seen. It reminded me of the film "I Drink Your Blood".

If you like Italian zombie films you might like this. I can easily recommend this.


Robert Fuller is 89, Delia Sheppard is 62, Roz Kelly is 80, Tina Krause is 52, and Scott Steiner is 60.

Thursday, July 28, 2022

Tuesday, July 26, 2022


A fun little mystery film based on the "I Love A Mystery" series from Columbia pictures.

A good combination of horror and mystery, this tale involves a plane crash and the authorities finding five shrunken heads. One has red hair and is believed to be an explorer long thought dead.

The explorers daughter, Janet Mitchell (Anita Louise) believes her father was killed outside of the jungle by for more sinister forces. When her butler is killed by a dart from a Jivaro blow-gun she hires some detectives to find out the truth.

There were several of these movies based on the NBC radio show which was very popular at the time. They are fast paced little thrillers and this one clocks in at 65 minutes, but you are never bored.

The cast is made up of Columbie B movie stars including Jim Bannon, Michael Duane, Mona Barrie, Frank Wilcox and John Elliot. If you get a chance you might want to check this out. Film noir fans and horror fans should enjoy it.


Susan George is 72, and Robert Colbert is 91.

Monday, July 25, 2022


Another great character actor has died.

Paul Sovino appeared in over 170 TV shows and movies thru his 50 plus year career.

He is best known to most people for his roles in such fare as "Where's Poppa", "Day Of The Dolphin", "Oh God", "Goodfellas" and many more. He was also in TV roles on such shows as "Law And Order".

I and many other genre fans will remember him most from "The Stuff" as Col. Spears and as Lips Manliss in the 1990 version of "Dick Tracy".

He was a well versed actor and he made the most of any role he was in be it good or bad. Sorvino passed away on July 25th, 2022 at the age of 83.


A top line Mexican actress has passed away.

Mercedes wasn't too well known to American audiences, but she was a top actress in her home country.

Her most widely seen films here in the USA was "Santo Vs. Baron Bracola" in 1967, just before she really hit her stride.

She passed away on July 21st, 2022 at the age of 74.


The excellent character actor has passed away.

David Warner started acting in films back in 1962. He worked his way up to films like "Tom Jones", "War Of The Roses", "Ballad Of Cable Hogue" and "Straw Dogs" just to name a few.

His genre credits include "The Omen", "From Beyond The Grave", "The Island", "Tron" and one of my personal favrites "Time After Time" where he played a perfect Jack The Ripper.

Warner seemed to turn up in almost everything I wastched during the 70's and his face was a;ways a welcome sight because I knew the character would be odd and off the wall.

David Warner passed away on July 24th, 2022...just five days shy of his 81st birthday.

Sunday, July 24, 2022


NEVER and I mean NEVER have I seen a film like this.

This movie, made in France is just about the most original film IO have ever seen as far as plot goes. In the opening minutes of the film we are told by a character named Lt. Chad (Stephen Spinella) that things happen in movies for no reason, and this film is an homage to "no reason".

No more true words were ever spoken. One day a tire rotting away in the desert comes to life and learns to roll on it's own. Now this may seem like nothing, but soon the tire begins to use it's powers and make people's heads explode!

The tire becomes infatuated with a beautiful young woman named Sheila (Roxane Mesquida) and it follows her to an off road motel. While we the viewer are watching this so are a group of people in the desert with binoculars. They are fed a poisoned chicken and they all die, except one man who is in a wheelchair played by Wings Hauser.

After the crowd dies the actors come on and tell everyone that there is no need to continue the movie as nobody is watching! The man in the wheelchair comes up and demads they finish the story, which, of course, picks up again.

It's all very surrealistic and bizarre but it does hold your attention because it's so damned weird. The tire is killed in a hotel room while watching TV, but is soon reincarnated as a tricycle!!

Yes, as you might be getting the idea this is a must see trip into bizarre land, I have to warn you this is not for everyone. However I did enjoy it for sheer creative construction of a totally nutzoid story.


Lynda Carter is 71, Mark Goddard is 86, and Torrie Wilson is 47.

Saturday, July 23, 2022


I finally decided to get a copy of this film and check it out. I wasn't disappointed.

William Devane stars as Major Charles Rane who has just returnwed from many years captivity in Viet Nam.

He and fellow POW Johnny Vohden (Tommy lee Jones) are given a heroes welcome back home. Rane tries to get his life back together with his wife and the son he hasn't seen since he was an infant.

All seems to be going ok until one day the Rane house is broken into by thungs led by a maniac named Texan (James Best). The four thugs want a collection of 2500 silver dollars Rane was given by a local bank upon his return to his country.

The men torture Rane, but he refuses to give in. When his wife and son return home the son tells then where the coins are so they will leave his father alone. They kill his wife and son, then put his hand in a garbage disposal in the sink and cut his hand off.

Rane survives and now he only seeks vengeance against those that killed his family. It's a slow build, but when he and Vohden get going the film becomes a very good revenge/action film. Both bloody and violent, this film delivers the goods on all levels.

A great example of 70's cult films and one that even though it's great, it still seems like a somewhat forgotten film. The direction is very good and so is the entire cast.

Said cast also consists of Linda Haynes, Dabney Coleman, Lisa Richards, Luke Askew and Cassie Yates. If you have never seen this film, you should. This is exactly how you make and entertaining and action packed film.


Charisma Carpenter is 52, Ronny Cox is 84, Lydia Cornell is 69, and Erika Blanc is 80.

Friday, July 22, 2022


This one had a LOT of promise, but really failed to deliver on many levels.

Paul Naschy stars as a criminal who is trying to crack a bank vault along with three other gangsters, when an alarm goes off and they are forced to flee the scene.

With the police in pursuit a gunfight breaks out and and Nascy is wounded in the head by a gunshot. He is rushed to a surgeon whom the gangsters force to perform a bizarre operation.

They do a head transplant with another known killer called "The Sadist", and this results is an even more vicious killer, again played by Naschy. This movie had plenty of chances to really get it right and it fails.

There is no nudity in this movie which is strange for a Naschy film, and there are a couple of aborted torture scenes that would have been good as well. The film is very talky with people saying things and then nothing is shown.

The rest of the cast includes Silvia Solar, Evelyn Scott and Olivier Mathot. Save your money and buy other Paul Naschy films that deliver the goods. This reminds me of how USA filmmakers make movies now. Dull, plodding and boring.


Rob Estes is 59, Shawn Michaels is 57, Karen Cliche is 46, Tisa Farrow is 71, and Erica Gavin is 75.

Thursday, July 21, 2022


The beautiful and talented actress has died. I have just now received the news.

Penelope started her TV acting career in 1975 on the TV show "Mannix". She would go on to appear in many, many shows such as "Emergency", "Ellery Queen", "Wonder Woman" and "V".

Windust also made a few movies and a few are familiar to genre fans including "Tarantulas: The Deadly Cargo" and "Ghost Town".

Penelope Windust passed away on Feb 2, 2022 at the age of 76.


Wow!! The shark genre just keeps on rolling.

I stumbled on this one and figured I'd give it a look because of the cast and the director, Jim Wynorski.

Fracking causes a rip in the undercrust of the Earth and releases a bunch of prehistoric sharks that can also swim under the land. If that isn't outrageous enough, a van withe some gorgeous women from the local prison is in the area to clean up the littler.

Just like any women in prison film from the movies, the women all have perfect make-up and where tank tops and shorts.

These women quickly fall victim to the monsters and the remaining ones take the van along with the deputy and run for their lives. They are hijacked however and forced to stay at an abandoned cabin deep in the swamps of Arkansas.

The sharks continue to pick off victims one by one, as the movie follows the standard plotlines set up in this genre. The women are being tracked by a detective named Kendra Patterson (Traci Lords), and if I recall correctly she has no scenes with the other women.

The cast also includes the gorgeous Amy Holt and Christine Nguyen. It's a good time waster, but if you're expecting a great story and fine special effects, you'd better look elsewhere.

I will watch anything with Amy and Christine, so that explains why I stuck with this till the end. No suprises or anything, just mindless fun. Check it out.


Adrienne King is 67.

Wednesday, July 20, 2022


The lovely actress has passed away.

Rebecca started her acting career in 1976 on the TV series "The Bionic Woman" and never looked back. She appeared in many other TV shows including "Barnaby Jones", "Makin' It", "The Fall Guy" and many more.

She is best known to genre fans for her two cult horror films. The first was the 1979 shocker "Silent Scream" and the 1981 gem entitled "The Boogens".

No matter what she appeared in she was always a very sexy. upbeat young woman. Rebecca passed away on July 16th, 2022 from cancer. She was 73.


Camille Keaton is 75, and Elizabeth Ercy is 78.

Sunday, July 17, 2022


I hadn't seen this since I owned a VHS copy many years ago.

This is a very bizarre and low budget film about a young boy named Mark (Matthew Boston) who is possessed by the spirit of a long dead Indian, and boy does this cause problems.

The spirit is intent on killing everyone who is in Mark's life. His mother is the one who discovered the mummy of the Indian and she has suffered a nervous breakdown, so Mark lives with his grandparents.

The story, or most of it anyway is told in flashbacks. First up we see that Mark's grandparents have bought a new RV and are going on vacation. This sets up the most remembered part of the movie.

The RV suddenly gets a life of it's own and speeds down the highway while the driver, Mark's grandfather (Jerry Jensen) tries to slow it down. It finally stops in the middle of the desert and both grandfather, Harold and his wife Alice are shaken up.

Stranded in the desert, Harold says he can fix the trouble and so while they eat lunch Alice (Ann Nelson) sees something odd in the distance moving towards them. It turns out to be huge rocks rolling on their own and coming fast. Harold gets the RV repaired and they find themselves trying to get away from rolling and flying boulders!!

This scene alone is worth the price of admission, and when I saw this on KCPX TV I never forgot it. Later we see another flashback that shows us what happened to Mark's mother, Ruth (Caroline Howe). Mark sees her talking to the dead mummy and is shocked to see her actually communicating with it.

One night she goes into Mark's room and sees that his body has been replaced with the shriveled mummy and it cause her to loose her sanity. This is the point that the spirit has taken Mark over.

Mark, his grandmother and his Doctor take a trip to the desert in the hopes of getting the spirit to leave Mark's body.

Director James T. Flocker was involved with some of the most obscure cinema ever. He wrote "Teenagers Battle The Thing", "Alien Encounters" and the really bizarre "Curse Of Bigfoot" which took the movie "Teenagers Battle The Things" and wrapped 30 minutes of new footage around it.

Sadly, this movie has never been released on anything but the VHS from Interglobal, which was very grainey. However, I discovered it on YouTube and the print there is very good considering.

This ultra bizarre movie is really in need of a Blu-ray release. Hopefully that will happen soon. Anyway, if you haven't seen this film I really recommend you check it out.


Donald Sutherland is 87, P.J. Soles is 72, and Catherine Schell is 78.

Saturday, July 16, 2022


A well made Italian Gialli, but somewhat disappointing as well.

Neives Navarro stars as a beautiful model named Valentina. She agrees to do a photo shoot under the influence of a new, esperimental drug.

During the shoot she sees the murder of a woman in another apartment at the hands of a killer wearing a spiked glove and it is a gruesome murder indeed.

Of course nobody believes her and so Valentina sets out to solve the murder herself. This causes more problems as she soon finds herself stalked by the same killer.

The film takes a wild turn when we discover that her boyfriend is actually behind the killings for another reason. He is a drug smuggler and it's a shock to the viewer to see the killer that was stalking Valentine has been killed by two crazy friends of her boyfriend.

There are plenty of twists and turns, but sometimes the film really drags, and that is a shame because you get really involved, and then it falls flat until the great climax which is violent and bloody.

Navarro makes a very beautiful leading lady and she does an excellent job. If you like Gialli films you'll probably like this and that's cool, but as I said, I was a little disappointed. Still, a good entry in the genre.


AnnaLynne McCord is 36, Michelle Morgan is 41. Ann Turkel is 76, and Al Cliver is 71.