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Friday, May 31, 2013


A top notch creepy thriller.

Bryant Haliday is a ventriloquist named "Vorelli" who has a very bizarre act involving a wooden dummy that can apparently move on it's own.

The tension between Vorelli and the dummy named Hugo is amazing and very creepy and well done. William Sylvester is Mark English, an American reporter who suspects something is very wrong about the act. His girlfriend is Marianne Horn played by the beautiful Yvonne Romain.

This is a very well made film and it has a great twist ending that really knocked me out when I first saw it. Haliday does a good job as the evil ventriloquist. A must see film for horror fans. Beware Hugo!!


A great cave women in peril epic from Hammer.

A hunter is mysteriously transported back into time and finds himself a prisoner of a sexy tribe of brunette women lead by gorgeous Martine Beswick as Kari, a cruel woman who enslaves a tribe of blondes.

Yes you read that right and that is the basic plot. Edina Ronay is a sexy blonde who catches the eye of David, the hunter played by Michael Latimer. He is thrown into a dungeon until he changes his mind.

The brunette tribe worships a white rhino whom they sacrifice a blonde to every now and then. This is a sex fantasy for every male I know including myself. Not too be taken very seriously but it sure is entertaining. Gorgeous print from Image at the proper aspect ratio of 2.35:1. Recommended!


Clint Eastwood is 83, and Brooke Shields is 48.

Thursday, May 30, 2013


Another good Don Dohler effort.

A spirit enters a graveyard and reanimates a corpse that must kill others to maintain it's human looks. The corpse takes the name of Mister Longfellow, a music teacher and moves into the suburbs of Baltimore where the nosey neighbors suspect all is not right with their neighbor.

Don Leifert does an excellent job as Longfellow as does Richard Nelson as his neighbor who begins to suspect Longfellow of several murders in the area.

Filmed for about $6000, this is a great example of what can be done with talent instead of billions of dollars. Dohler gets his friends and family to help make a film and it is very creative an there are several scenes you won't soon forget, including the ending. Retromedia brings us this fun little film on a ddouble bill with the other Dohler gem "The Alien Factor". Highly Recommended.


Clint Walker is 86, Jennifer Ellison is 30, Ruta Lee is 77, Deanna Lund is 76, and Jake Roberts is 58.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


The man who brought us such epics from the Philippines as "Mad Doctor Of Blood Island", "Brides Of Blood", "Woman Hunt" and many, many more has died at the age of 88.

Romero broke new ground here in the US when he made these films in his own style and they were something American audiences had never seen before. He will be missed, but his films will live on.


A timeless classic that is sadly forgotten today.

One of the all time greats of the sci-fi genre. Paul Mantee stars as an astronaut who is stranded on Mars with only a Monkey and he has to find food, water and shelter.

The title is a strange one, but this is a great film that deals with a man fighting for survival on a strange world. The monkey helps him find food and water an he finds a strange rock that emits oxygen. He then must fight loneliness and he soon finds himself with company, and alien slave that escapes from a mining ship.

He names the slave Friday and he is played by Vic Lundin. Adam West is the astronaut who doesn't survive. I love this film and was glad to see Criterion add it to their esteemed collection. It deserves to be seen more an with this release hopefully it will be. Highly Recommended!!

R.O.T.O.R. 1988 (MILL CREEK)

Too much dubbing.

A robot cop designed to fight crime goes on a killing spree and it's inventor must try and stop it. This plot sounds very good if none too original, but in the final execution something goes wrong.

The plot takes a long time to get going and the re-dubbing of the lead actors voice is really bothersome. Why they decided to do it I have no idea. This rogue robot is supposed to be the ultimate killing machine and in some of the scenes the actor playing him really makes it believable, in other scenes not so hot.

About midway thru the film the plot really starts to ramble and the ending is something of a head scratcher. Oh well, if you decide to watch this film it will entertain in certain spots.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Good God, the worst team in movie history Tim Burton and Johnny Depp are planning on destroying another timeless classic.

These two talentless hacks are planning on remaking Abominable Dr. Phibes. This is the Vincent Price classic about Dr. Anton Phibes who kills the doctors he believes are responsible for the death of his wife. Burton claims to be a huge Vincent Price fan, but that simply is a lie. How can he be a fan and want to remake a Price film? Remaking suggests that there is something wrong with the original.

Hollywood is the land of fruits and nuts and not a single good idea for a film comes out of that cesspool. I wish just once these two second rate hacks would make something original. Coming up with something original, good or bad, requires brain power and that is something nobody in Hollyweird has anymore.

Johnny Depp should just stick to defending rapists and murderers since he is a left wing wackjob who thinks he can act. I am still waiting for the news that some cocaine using left wing freak is going to remake Citizen Cane.


Very weird film noir.

This appears to be shot on one set which is a carnival and a man and woman are hiding there and get caught in a web of vice and murder.

Look fast for an uncredited Steve McQueen in his very first role. I can't really say too many good things about this movie as it turned out to be a huge disappointment. The story is slow and plodding and the entire prouction becomes rather boring as it is kept in the confines of the carnival.

When I see a film noir, I expect much more than I got with this one. Avoid.


Carroll Baker is 82, Sondra Locke is 69, Kevin Van Hentenryck is 60, and Sally Forrest 85.

Monday, May 27, 2013


very weird mixture of sword and sandal and sci-fi.

Gordon Mitchell stars as Obro, a man who seeks to destroy an evil and cruel city of scientific wonders that keep people enslaved. It is the capital of Atlantis and he finds a woman to love after going thru many tortures at the hands of the rulers.

The costumes are unique and strange but always eye catching. Bella Cortez is stunning as Mecede, and Mitchell does his usual good job of helming the lead role.

This film should appeal to fans of both genres and it is a very quick paced 98 minutes. I liked the print from Mill Creek, but I always wish someone would release this in it's correct aspect ratio of 2.35:1


The very first film with Paul Naschy as Waldamar Daninski.

A man is bitten by a werewolf and cursed with lycanthropy. He seeks the aid of a couple of doctors who turn out to be vampires intent on taking over the world.

It is a sometimes confusing movie, but never a dull moment as Naschy runs all over the countryside killing his victims. Rosanna Yanni has a small role as a sexy gypsy girl who is killed by the wolfman, and yes, the attacks are very vicious, as is usual in Spanish horror.

A good bet for horror fans, this is one film that should not be missed if you're interested in Spanish horror. Naschy wrote the script and was convinced to star in it by the German backers of the film. Recommended!!


Christopher Lee is 91, Lee Meriwether is 78, Linnea Quigley is 55, Stacy Burke is 38, Eric Bishoff is 56, and Don Williams is 74.

Sunday, May 26, 2013


More Linda Blair WIP fun.

Linda is a young woman who is arrested along with a spy in a foreign country and after a brutal interrogation she is thrown into a prison hell.

Sylvia Kristel is the ruler of this prison hell and she makes life difficult for Linda and the others until they decide to fight back. Linda's boyfriend is a soldier who decides to rescue her himself since the Government won't help at all.

this film is not as good as "Chained Heat" also with Blair, but it is loaded with naked women, violence, torture and all the usual things that make a WIP prison worth seeing. Recommended!!


Not to shabby for a new film.

Guillermo Del Toro directed this chilling tale of two young girls who are missing in the woods for 5 years and when they are discovered living in what appears to be an abandoned cottage, that is when the true horror begins.

The children were kidnapped by their father and when he is mysteriously murdered they have to live on their own...or do they? Taken in by their uncle and his wife they begin to adapt to a new life...but it seems the young couple have welcomed more than just the two girls into their home.

A vengeful spirit has also come with them an the girls refer to it as Mama. There are some very good chills in this film and the director knows how to make the most of every scene. Finally, a modern day horror film that scares you and doesn't gross you out. Recommended!


Pam Grier is 64, Stevie Nicks is 65, Jacques Bergerac is 86, and Ingrid Goude is 76.

Saturday, May 25, 2013


very odd.

Onslow Stevens is a doctor who spends his career trying to revive the dead and falls on hard times because the scientific world thinks he's a crackpot.

This movie is sometimes very slow, but it is sometimes compelling and then other times it just seems like an extended "Our Gang" featurette. Stevens' son is played by George Breakston who co-directed "The Manster". He was a child star turned director and I have to admit he wasn't a very good actor.

This oddity isn't for everyone, but I would recommend you see it if you're curious about it.


Another Don Dohler gem.

An alien crash lands on Earth and goes on a rampage of killing and eating humans. This is classic low budget filmmaking from Don Dohler, a man who knew how to entertain.

The monster costume is very good and all of the actors who appeared in "The Alien Factor" for Dohler are back again and are the same characters as well. Once the action starts it hardly slows down at all as the small town sheriff and his men fight the alien at almost every turn.

George Stover is again in this film and he actually dies in this one. The rest of the cast includes Tom Griffith as the Sheriff, Jamie Zemarel as his deputy, Don leifert as "Drago" a huge piece of slime if there ever was one.

I liked this film a lot and I hope you would as well. Check it out if you get the chance.


Ann Robinson is 75, and Reiko Ike is 60.

Friday, May 24, 2013


Fun 70's sequel to the original movie.

Larry Hagman directed and has a small role in this wonderful little film. I first saw this in the late 70's on the CBS Late Movie, and believe it or not it scared the hell out of me.

The Blob is accidentally thawed out and begins eating people in a small town. It first eats a fly, the a kitten and then moves on to humans, and hundreds of them to boot. I have read an awful lot of bad things about this film. but I disagree with all of them.

The movie has a great B movie cast including Robert Walker, lovely Carol Lynley, Cindy Williams, Godfrey Cambridge, Marlene Clarke, Richard Webb, Shelley Berman, Rockne Tarkington, Dick Van patten, Tiger Joe Marsh and many more.

Scenes of the blob eating people are very effective and the best scene comes when it invades a bowling alley. I will never forget first seeing that. I love this movie and recommend it to anyone. Hard to find now on DVD and very expensive when you do find it. I am hoping for a re-release soon. Written by Jack Woods, "Asmodeus" the ranger in Equinox.


Sybil Danning is 61.

Thursday, May 23, 2013


One of the greatest cult films ever made!!

Two young women find that most of the population of the world has been wiped out and turned to red dust after the earth passes thru the tail of a comet and so they decide to do what every young woman wants to do...go shopping!

Catherine Mary Stewart and Kelli Maroney are the two young women. They fight and kill the still wandering flesh hungry mutants that haven't died as well as search for normal survivors. They are "rescued" but a strange group of scientists who are headed by Mary Woronov and Geoffrey Lewis.

the scientists are slowly mutating and they need fresh blood to stay human. Thom Eberhardt directed this excellent piece of 80's cinema. he also directed "Sole Survivor" which is a classic unto itself.

There is NOTHING not to like about this film. it's got great music, great action, excellent actors and a perfect 80's feel to it. Highly recommended!!


More fun sci-fi from Japan.

Starman must fight an evil brain from space that has plans to conquer the earth using a deadly disease. This disease is spread by several monsters, most notably the mutant with the super long fingers and the eyes in the middle of his stomach.

Starman uses his karate and other moves to defeat the aliens and the monsters. This is nothing but fun if you're so inclined. I always read where people put this down and all it is is innocent fun, nothing serious. The so called "fans" who tear these films apart have forgotten how to enjoy themselves. I guess fun to them is watching someone get tortured to death.

Anyway, if you want 78 minutes of bizarre fun, check this out.


Joan Collins is 80,and Nigel Davenport is 85.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


The actor best known for his role as Lt. Dan Harrelson on the TV show S.W.A.T. has passed away at the age of 87.

During his 40 plus year career Forrest starred in many TV shows such as "Rawhide", "Name Of The Game", "Twilight Zone", and many more. The movies he appeared in included such classics as "Rogue Cop", "Flaming Star", "Amazon Women On The Moon" and many others.


The castaways are back again.

There are 32 episodes in this six disc set and some of them are true classics, such as The Friendly Physician with Dr. Boris Balinkoff switching the castaways brains into other bodies. The Little Dictator and much, much more.

Some of guest stars included Zsa Zsa Gabor, Richard Kiel, and Nehemiah Persoff and many more. If you like a good laugh and classic comedy, I recommend this.


One of my all time faves.

John Carradine stars as a mad doctor who has developed a new gland that he hopes will make people live eternally. He uses living people for his experiments and ends up with a basement full of mutants for his trouble. This does not deter him from trying again and again.

Tor Johnson is Lobo (who else?) and sexy Allison Hayes is one of the good doc's patients, plus you have Myron Healey as an undercover cop trying to dig into the mystery of what Carradine is doing. The freaks in the basement are a sight to behold. This movie is really more like a 40's Monogram movie and that is what makes it so full of charm.

The great cast is rounded out by Arthur Batanides and the incredibly sexy Sally Todd along with Roy Gordon and Marilyn Buferd. Highly Recommended 50's horror that has to be seen to believed. Classic line from Tor Johnson "Time for go to bed."


Barbara Parkins is 71, Richard Benjamin is 75, Ashley Renee is 49, John Lazar is 67, Marilyn Joi is 68, and Shirley Bonne is 79.