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Thursday, October 31, 2013


It took over 50 years for a sequel to "The Killer Shrews" to be made!

Steve Latshaw directed this long awaited sequel to the original film, and it ain't too bad at all. James Best returns to his original role as Thorne Sherman and this time he is taking a TV crew to the small island as they are making a reality show.

There is some mild comedy throughout the film, but that is fine. John Schnieder is Johnny Reno, a TV star with an ego and he and Best play off of each other well, as they did in the "Dukes Of Hazzard" many years ago. Jennifer Lyons and Jeneta St. Clair are crew members and my God does St. Clair look good!! Rick Hurst who was "Deputy Hogg" from "Dukes" is Best's business partner in this film as well.

Bruce Davison is Jerry Farrell who was played by Ken Curtis in the original film. It seems that he actually survived the Shrew attack and has bred new mutants and trained them to do his bidding. The Shrews are all CGI and sometimes the effects don't look very good, but I can overlook that as I simply loved this homage to B movies. It does not insult your intelligence and it makes for a fun time.

There are in jokes to "Dukes Of Hazzard", "Willard" and much more here, and the tie in to the original film is well done. Latshaw has done a wonderful job bringing this film to us and it seems like the cast was having a very good time. I highly recommend this to any "Killer Shrew" fan out there.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Another revisiting of an old friend.

Everyone who comes to this blog knows the story of this film. A South Sea Island prince is killed and he comes back to life as a killer tree monster named Tobonga.

The monster is one of Paul Blaisdell's most memorable creations and will never be forgotten by those of us who saw this for the first time as young children. The movie isn't the best, but it is much better than 95% of the crap made today. Tod Andrews, Tina Carver, Linda Watkins and John McNamara round out the cast.

As the monster stumbles around the island looking for victims you get several scenes that really boggle the mind such as one of the natives who is no more than three feet away from the Tobonga throws a spear at him and actually misses by throwing it way over his head. This is the kind of thing that gives this movie it's charm. I highly recommend it for the Halloween season, or anytime really.


One of my favorite 50's films.

James best stars as Thorne Sherman, a young man who fins himself stranded on an island with a small group of people. The island is slowly being overrun with giant killer shrews who are growing very hungry. Baruch Lamet is Marlowe Craigis, a scientist who helped create the monsters and Ken Curtis is the drunken bastard who let them loose, now they are taking over the island.

Ingrid Goude is the very sexy Ann Craigis who falls for Sherman. The monsters are actually dogs in masks, but who cares...this is an enjoyable film that really moves at a brisk pace. It was shot in Texas for the sum of $123,000 and made over a million back on it's investment.

A fun movie that garnered a sequel 53 year later!! More on that tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


One of the giants of British cinema has passed away.

Nigel Davenport who acted in hundreds of Tv shows and movies has passed away at the age of 85. I remember him most for the TV movie " Bram Stoker's Dracula" as well as the 1977 version of "Island of Dr. Moreau" and "Phase 4".

He also starred in such films as "Chariots Of Fire" and "A Man For All Seasons." The cause of death was not released.


This is the quintessential 50's sci-fi film.

Revisiting this classic for the Halloween season is always a treat. A small group of scientists arrive on a small island to search for another party that seems to have vanished without a trace.

This movie has a very short running time of 62 minutes, but there is more action in this time than in most modern overblown epics. Richard Garland and Pamela Duncan are two of the scientists who are investigating the disappearances as well as why the island is shrinking. Both handle their parts well and Duncan is always a pleasure to see.

The monstrous crabs on the island begin stalking and eating these newcomers. The crabs eat a human and then assimilate their brains so they can then communicate with the survivors. In the end it comes down to three people vs. one very hungry crab monster.

Russell Johnson is the unlikely hero of the film and the rest of the cast includes Leslie Bradley, Mel Wells, Beech Dickerson, Ed Nelson, Richard Cutting and screenwriter Charles B. Griffith.

The print from Shout is in excellent shape and you owe it to yourself to watch this fun monster flick on Halloween. It's perfect for the season.


Gabrielle Union is 41, and Kate Jackson is 65.

Monday, October 28, 2013


14 shows comprise this interesting season.

This is another bizarre season of the hit show and all of these episodes are the usual twisted tales I remember from the comics. Here is the list....

None But The Lonely Heart 6/27/92...A young man kills the wealthy women he marries..but some vows must be kept. Treat Williams stars.

This'll Kill Ya 6/27/92.....Coworkers at a drug company give the boss a dose of his own medicine. Sonia Braga stars with Dylan McDermott and Cleavon Little.

On A Dead Man's Chest 6/27/92....A man gets a tattoo that has a life of it's own. Tia Carrere stars with Gregg Allman.

Seance 7/4/92....Two people attempt to swindle millions from a widow with a seance. John Vernon stars.

Beauty Rest 7/11/92....A young actress kills for a new role but it isn't what she thought. The ending to this is a shocker. Mimi Rogers, Jennifer Rubin and Kathy Ireland star.

What's Cookin' 7/22/92....Christopher Reeves, Beth Armstrong and Judd nelson star in this tale about a losing restaurant that changes it's menu and the profits soar. But where does the food come from?

The New Arrival 7/25/92....A talk show shrink visits the home of a woman and her unusual child. David Warner, Twiggy, Zelda Rubenstein and Joan Severence star.

Showdown 8/1/92....A gunslinger arrives at a dusty town populated by his victims. David Morse stars.

King Of The Road 8/8/92....Brad Pitt stars as a man who goads a cop into a drag race by kidnapping his daughter.

Maniac At Large 8/19/92......Blythe Danner, Clarence Williams III, Adam Ant and Salome Jens stars in this slick tale about a mysterious killer that stalks a small town.

Split Personality 8/26/92....Joe Pesci stars as a man who marries beautiful identical twins by pretending to be twins himself. A great ending!!

Strung Along 9/2/92....An aging puppeteer suspects that his much younger wife has a secret lover. Donald O' Conner and the sexy as hell Patricia Charbonneau star.

Werewolf Concerto 9/9/92....A werewolf stalks the ground of a resort hotel, but he isn't the only creature there. Easily my favorite episode of the fourth season. Timothy Dalton and Beverly D'Angelo star.

Curiosity Killed 9/16/92....Kevin McCarthy and Margot Kidder stars in this tale about a youth potion.

If you're a fan of the show I couldn't recommend this more.


Another great 50's sci-fi film.

A giant Spanish Conquistador is brought back to life via lightning and he then begins to terrorize a small mountain town. Ed Kemmer is Wayne Brooks, a man suspected by the sheriff of being the mysterious killer.

Prof. Cleveland, played by Morris Ankrum and his gorgeous daughter, played by Sally Fraser come to town looking for remains of the Conquistadors and soon all of them find themselves fighting for their lives as the giant named Vargas stalks the countryside.

Richard Cunha directed this gem and watching this is like having a pair of very comfortable shoes on your just feels very good and right. Kemmer makes a good hero and I always enjoy seeing Fraser as I find her to be very, very attractive. She lives here in Idaho now.

Wonderful film and highly recommended!!


Christy Hemme is 33.

Sunday, October 27, 2013


H.P. Lovecraft horror.

What a ride this movie is! Stuart Gordon directed this horror classic about a machine called a Resonator that can control the sixth sense and also allows you to see monsters that live in another dimension.

It's creator, Dr. Edward Pretorius willingly goes into that other dimension while his assistant, Crawford Tillinghast is put in a psycho ward for the alleged murder of the good doctor. Sound confusing? it isn't really. A young and very sexy Dr. Katherine McMichaels takes Tinninghast and a detective named Bubba Brownlee back to the house where Pretorius was "killed" and try to solve the mystery of the Resonator.

This movie has it all....extreme gore (one scene with a human brain almost always makes me cringe and gag, believe it or not, great dialogue, bondage, weird monsters and very garish lighting and sets. Ted Sorel is Pretorius who loves what he is becoming in the new dimension, Jeffrey Combs as Tillinghast, Ken Foree as Bubba and the incredibly sexy Barbara Crampton as McMichaels and does she look hot as hell in her bondage gear....yummy.

Gordon puts all the elements together well and comes up with another classic that took it's sweet time gathering a cult following. The Blu-Ray is the best I have ever seen this movie look and the interview with Barbara Crampton is well worth the price of the disc alone.

Highly recommended for horror fans. You can't miss with this movie. Did I mention Barbara Crampton wears bondage gear?


One of my favorite films!

People compare every space movie to Star Wars, which is stupid, but sadly it happens all the time. I have seen this movie compared to it in a hell of a lot of reviews...well that won't happen here.

Gorgeous Caroline Munro is Stella Star, a sultry space jockey who, along with her robot companion Akton, a robot lawman named Elle, and Thor a policeman are commissioned to save the Universe by the Emperor.

Stella and Elle search several planets for a lost escape ship and run into constant danger in the form of giant metallic monsters to Amazons working for the evil Count Zarth Arn. This is a very fun and wild film, not to be taken very seriously and it is well aware of that as it moves along briskly.

The cast includes Joe Spinell as Zarth Arn and he really chews up every scene he is in, Marjoe Gortner is Akton, Judd Hamilton is Elle, Robert Tessier is Thor and Christopher Plummer is the Emporer.

Munro spends a lot of time in her black leather bikini and that alone makes the movie worth watching, provided you are still a red blooded male that is. The DVD from Shout is a two disc affair with a very long and fascinating interview with Munro about her entire acting career. I was very glad to see this film finally get the treatment it deserves, and it is now out on Blu-Ray as well.

Recommended for viewing during Halloween and anytime thereafter.


Jayne Kennedy is 62.

Saturday, October 26, 2013


Blood seeking Druids are on the loose.

Ed Adlum directed this early 70's classic about a cult of ancient Druids. It seems that an ancient cult is trying to bring back their dead queen and will do anything to make this happen including kidnapping anyone and draining them of their blood.

This was filmed in upstate New York over three weekend for a reported budget of $24,000. This is not a spectacular film, but it is a good one for what it is, and the acting is pretty decent. The same team of movie makers made "Shriek of The Mutilated" next.

Tanna Hunter, as Jenny Anderson is very easy on the eyes and does her part well. She is the main target of the cult after they kill her dog and he boyfriend finds a key that will open the long locked tomb of the dead queen.

Very bizarre and unforgettable. I first saw the TV commercials for this film when I was 9, and although I never saw the film until much later, I never forget the ads.


Top stuntman turned director is dead at the age of 82.

Needham was once the worlds highest paid stuntman and then gained even greater fame by directing some of the best known action movies ever made.

Some of the films he directed include Smokey And The Bandit, Cannonball Run, and Megaforce. A very talented man who knew what he wanted and got it.


Jaclyn Smith is 68.

Friday, October 25, 2013


Remake of "Pick-up On South Street".

James Brolin stars as a pickpocket who steals some microfilm that is wanted by the communists. Gorgeous Jacqueline Bisset is the woman who was delivering the film thinking it was something else and Claire Trevor is the eccentric woman the police use to identify Brolin's character.

The print from Mill Creek isn't in the best of shape, but I still enjoyed this film. It keeps you interested and I always love seeing Bisset as I always considerd her one of the screens most beautiful women.

San Fuller co-wrote the script here which is obvious as this is a remake of one of his films. The original is much better, but this is ok for what it is.


Very interesting low budget feature.

Vic Tayback and Johnny Cash are two small time crooks who plan to steal $70,000 from a small bank. Cash holds the wife of the bank manager hostage while Tayback goes to the bank for the money.

Cash enjoys abusing and slapping around the woman. He does very well with role of the remorseless psycho killer. Donald Woods is the bank manager, Cay Forester is his wife and Ron Howard is their young son whom Cash has a phobia about killing, which brings about his demise.

This movie holds up very well today and is really worth a look. Cash also sings the title song.


Katy Perry is 29, Ciara is 28.


Famed Mexican actress passes away at the age of 80.

Ana passed away on Oct. 24th. She had been in failing health over the past few years. She is best remembered by me for her starring role in one of my favorite south of the border films, "Ship Of Monsters". She played one of the two sexy female aliens along with Lorena Valesquez.

Thursday, October 24, 2013


One of the most unusual films I have ever seen.

Sammy Snyders steals the show as a very disturbed little boy named Jamie. He is obsessed with naked women and especially wants to see his school librarian naked, which he eventually gets his chance when he blackmails her over the phone in a scene that has to BE seen to be believed. He has a teddy bear that put more evil ideas into his head and he knows of a pit deep in the woods where a bunch of fanged, flesh eating monsters live.

His parents go away on a trip to Seattle and Jamie stays at home with a very attractive young woman with whom he becomes obsessed. He sneaks food to the monsters which he calls "tralalogs" but eventually starts feeding them his enemies. His babysitter accidentally falls into the pit so Jamie decides to let the monsters out.

This is one bizarre film that has several different plot elements all working towards the very twisted and surprising ending. The cast does very well and Jeannie Elias as Sandy, the babysitter is a standout.

If you get a chance, see this film. It was shot in Wisconsin and is one of a kind. Highly Recommended!!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


22 more episodes of one of my favorite TV shows of all time.

Wonder Woman moved from ABC to CBS in 1977 and they updated her from WW2 to modern times. The first episode was a movie that introduced her to the world of 1977 as she fought an evil scientist played by Fritz Weaver. This set the tone for the second year run. All of the episodes are good and you can tell they had a very low budget. The production staff used imagination and creativity to overcome the lack of money and the second season is a very enjoyable one.

The episodes are as follows....

Return of Wonder Woman 9/16/77...Wonder Woman fights a terrorist who wants to take over the world.

Anschluss 77 9/23/77...Wonder Woman once again fights the Third Reich.

Man Who Could Move The World 9/30/77.....A scientist experiments with telekinesis and aims it at Wonder Woman.

Bermuda Triangle Crisis 10/7/77....The US proposes a missile base near Wonder Woman's home on Paradise Island.

Knockout 10/14/77....Wonder Woman matches wits with a sexy gun toting terrorist who has kidnapped Steve Trevor. This is my favorite episode of the second season as it stars Jayne Kennedy.

The Pied Piper 10/21/77.....A rock star, played by Martin Mull hypnotizes his female fans to rob his concerts for him.

The Queen And The Thief 10/28/77....Diana prince goes undercover to protect a queen's jewels.

I Do, I Do 11/11/77....Diana prince visits a spa that is leaking secret government information. Celeste Holm co-stars.

The Man Who Made Volcanoes 11/18/77....Roddy McDowell stars as a madman who can create volcanoes with his diabolical new device. Lovely Irene Tsu also stars.

Mind Stealers from Outer Space 12/2/77 12/9/77.....Aliens land on earth to steal human minds and then later sell them in outer space. This was a two part episode that reunited Diana prince with an alien named Andros whom she had met in a season one episode. Dack Rambo stars.

The Deadly Toys 12/30/77...Frank Gorshin stars as a toy maker who uses androids for evil purposes.

Light Fingered Lady 1/6/78...Diana prince goes undercover as a thief to infiltrate a gang led by master criminal Anton Caribe, played by Greg Morris.

Screaming Javeline 1/20/78....A megalomaniac named Marion Maraposa kidnaps athletes to form a world champion team. Henry Gibson is unforgettable as Maraposa.

Diana's Disappearing Act 2/3/78....Diana/Wonder Woman fights an evil magician who is trying to topple the world economy. Dick Gautier stars as Count Cagliostro.

Death In Disguise 2/10/78.......Wonder Woman steps between an industrialist and assassins.

IRAC Is Missing 2/17/78...Digital thieves try and steal the memory of a top Government computer named IRAC. Ross martin stars as Bernard Havitol.

Flight To Oblivion 3/3/78....Wonder Woman must protect a secret test flight from sabotage.

Seance Of Terror 3/10/78...A boy psychic is manipulated by his evil guardian to thwart a peace conference.

Man Who Wouldn't Tell 3/31/78....Gary Burgoff is a janitor who accidentally concocts a powerful explosive.

Girl From Ilandia 4/7/78.....A little girl from another dimension depends on Wonder Woman for protection.

Murderous Missile 4/21/78...Diana discovers a small town that isn't what it appears to be. Warren Stevens stars.

This is a Highly Recommended set for any fan of Wonder Woman.


Coleen Gray is 91, and "Weird Al" Yankovic is 54.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Neat little shocker.

After months of waiting Severin finally releases this uncut version of this film also known as Trauma.

Udo Kier is a writer who moves to a cottage at Straw Hill to work on his latest novel. He himself is very disturbed, if you know what I mean, and he arrives at the home with his lovely girlfriend played by UK softcore goddess Fiona Richmond.

Fiona looks so damn good and Kier and her have sex a lot but he finds he cannot write well with her around. he decides to get himself a secretary. When she arrives we are treated to the incredibly sexy Linda Hayden and her arrival triggers a series of twisted nightmares and deviant desires that lead to brutal murders.

This is indeed a sick and twisted film with only a little nudity, mostly from Richmond, and a demented story line that takes the viewer on one hell of a ride. It is totally uncut and the print has some damage, but I hope that won't stop you from watching this bizarre and totally entertaining film.

In an interview included on the disc, Hayden says she really dislikes this film and says it was a career mistake, but damn, she looks so hot and does such a good job in her role that I am very glad she made the film.

This comes very highly recommended for the Halloween season.


Catherine Deneuve is 70, and Suzanne Synder is 51.

Monday, October 21, 2013


The greatest film to ever come out of Mexico!

I review this every October during the 31 Days of Halloween because this is essential viewing.

Santo & The Blue Demon fight to stop the evil Dr. Halder and his army of monsters. Blue Demon is captured early on and his evil twin tries to kill Santo many times with the help of the monsters.

This film is one non stop wrestling match between the Masked Santo and Dracula, The Wolfman, Frankenstein (here called Franquestain), The Mummy, a Cyclops and two incredibly sexy vampire women, plus Halders army of green skinned zombies. Some classic images and dialogue (if you understand Spanish) that will stick with you forever can be yours if you watch this.

The most classic scene in my opinion is where Santo wrestles a masked wrestler named El Vampiro, who of course is Dracula, who knows some pretty good wrestling moves. The Mad doctor's niece shows a cross to the wrestler and he changes into a bat and suddenly all the monsters charge the ring!! I simply love that scene, and Franquestain drives the get away car!!

Gorgeous Hedi Blue is the niece, Gloria who happens to be Santo's current girlfriend as well. If you've never seen this, YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT AT SOME POINT!! If you have seen this watch it again and savor every delicious moment.


Jack Taylor is 77.

Sunday, October 20, 2013


Very interesting. Watch out for those "Video Nasties".

This documentary was included as an extra disc in the first 3000 pressings of "House On Straw Hill" an what an interesting show it is. I hadn't had the chance to see this until now.

If you don't know much about this subject I am sure you'll find this interesting and even if you do this is worth a watch. In the 1980's in Britain a silly group of Moralists headed by Mary Whitehouse began a crusade to ban any video or movie that appeared to be harmful to the children of Britain. These films included "Evil Dead", "Driller Killer" and even films like "Best Little Whorehouse In Texas".

It's interesting to note that many of the people they speak with here that actually ran this campaign didn't even have clear rules about what was what, much like the modern day Obama regime here in the USA. It always makes my blood boil when liberal and conservatives alike spout the party line about "protecting the children" and yet continue to let child rapists and pedophiles out of jail.

The documentary will show just how people can be whipped into a frenzy by the left wing media and word of mouth. The interviews are interesting and the news clips of the people involved is very well handled. Recommended!!


Not too bad of a war film.

The plot is very simple in this AIP potboiler...a small tank crew gets stuck behind enemy lines during the Korean War and they must send someone out to seek help.

I've read a lot of negative reviews (of course), but ignore them. There isn't a ton of action but the cast is good enough to hold any movie fans attention. Don Kelly, Frank Gorshin, Edward G. Robinson, Jr., and Robert Paget are the four men of the Tank Battalion.

To me the real stars of the film are the female leads and they include Leslie Parrish, Regina Gleason and the gorgeous Barbara Luna. These women are very sexy and easy on the eyes. Again, a good time waster with no real message, just 80 minutes of light fluff which is fun. This is included in the set entitled Movies 4 You: Timeless Military Film which also includes "Hell Raiders", "Go For Broke" and "Lost Battalion".


Scott Hall is 55, an on this day in 1882 Bela Lugosi was born.

Saturday, October 19, 2013


One of my faves from the 50's.

Forrest Tucker stars as a scientist who travels to a small mountain village when he hears of several people having their heads torn off while climbing up a mountain called the Trollenberg.

He has seen this before in the Andes and now he suspects it may be happening again. At the same time two lovely women, Sarah and Anne Pilgrim stop in the small own as well. It seems Anne has a sixth sense and has come in contact with a mysterious alien force that wants her dead.

Jennifer Jayne is Sarah and Janet Munro is Anne. Both are stunningly beautiful and stand out in this film. It is soon discovered that huge aliens are living in a cloud on the mountain while trying to adjust to our atmosphere so they can take over the Earth. They resemble giant eyes with tentacles an are some of the coolest looking monsters i have ever seen in a 50's film..

This is good fun and the disc has the original title which was The Trollenberg terror. Highly Recommended!


Interesting film based on a Scottish folk song.

Ava Gardner stars in this bizarre tale directed by Roddy McDowell. Gardner plays Michaela Cazaret an older woman who keeps her jet set friends thru witchcraft.

Everything seems to be fine until one of her young studs, Tom Lynn, played by Ian McShane falls for a local girl played by the gorgeous Stephanie Beacham and then all hell breaks loose as she plans revenge, and what a horrific revenge it is.

The film is shot very beautifully and the acting is top notch. The final 15 or 20 minutes will really keep your attention. A rare film that Olive decided to release is a welcome addition to any DVD collection. I do Highly Recommend this film to any horror fan.

The cast, as I said earlier is superb and also includes Cyril Cusack, Joanna Lumley, and Rosemary Blake. AKA The Devil's Widow.

Friday, October 18, 2013


A good mixture of several films.

This is a good mixture of "The Road Warrior", and "28 Days Later". Sexy as hell Rhona Mitra is an agent who is sent to find a mysterious doctor named Kane, played by Malcolm McDowell who has created a cure. It seems a disease has swept over Europe and London and many other cities have been isolated from the rest of the world. The year is 2025.

Rhona and her party are told to find the cure no matter what and they set out into a destroyed London and are soon captured by a band of plague survivors who have been living by eating anything they can including people. They all look like punk rockers and the leader tortures Mitra but doesn't get the info he wants. I did findd it very amusing that when the leader goes out to speak to his minions he has Good Thing by the Fine Young Cannibals playing on the speaker system.

Mitra finally escapes along with several others and they run into a band of people who live as King Arthur in the Middle Ages. Here they find Kane and the cure, but will it be enough?

This movie dips it's fingers into many different plots and it quite a juxtaposition from one band to the other, but that is part of it's charm. The movie looks fantastic on Blu-ray and if you like action/sci-fi, I think you'll like this film. Damn, and Rhona looks so hot in this film.


An absolute classic of filmmaking!!

It's about time Criterion released this horrifying film. John Randolph is Arthur Hamilton, a man with a good job, a good wife, a daughter in college but one thing is wrong...he is bored with it all and wants a change. On the way to work one day he is given an address by a mysterious man.

He goes to the address and finds an organization that will, for a fee, fake your death, give you a new identity, change your face, fingerprints and everything else including setting you up in your new life with what you need to get started.

After the surgery he becomes artist Tony Wilson. All seems well until one night at a drunken party he lets too much slip out, and I would tell you more, but that would spoil the movie.

This is a winner hands down. John Frankenheimer directed as only he can and the cast is top notch and includes Salome Jens as the sexy woman who Hudson starts an affair with in his new life, Murray Hamilton, Francis Reed, Jeff Corey, Will Geer, Richard Anderson and Khigh Dhiegh.

The ending is one I will never forget and I can also say that the film will stick with you long after it is over. God, I wish they could make movies like this again. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this film for ANYONE who likes movies, especially suspense/horror films. Hudson steals the film in what may be his best performance ever. See this film!!!


Dawn Wells is 75, Pam Dawber is 62, Erin Moran is 53, and Chuck Berry is 87.

Thursday, October 17, 2013


The third greatest Tv show ever conceived.

The first season of this landmark show had 32 episodes and most of them are simply unforgettable. 50 years ago this past September on the 16th the first episode aired and it quickly became the most talked about show on TV. It featured big name stars, well written scripts and some of the most memorable monsters ever.

The Galaxy Being 9/16/63....Cliff Robertson stars as a radio operator who accidently brings in a being from another dimension.

Hundred Days Of The Dragon 9/23/63....The President of the United States is replaced by an agent from a sinister country. This is accomplished by using a drug that allows the face to be molded like clay.

Architects of Fear 9/30/63....Probably the most remembered episode and the most remembered monster. Robert Culp makes his first of three appearances as a man who is changed into an alien being in hopes of bringing world peace.

Man With The Power 10/7/63....Donaldd Pleasence is a man who has the power to kill people with his mind.

The Sixth Finger 10/14/63...David McCallum is a man who is the subject of an evolutionary enhancement experiment that goes wrong.

The Man Who Was Never Born 10/28/63...A horribly mutated man travels to earth's past to try and avert the catastrophe. Martin Landau stars.

O.B.I.T. 11/4/63...A murder sparks an investigation which uncover an insidious monitoring device.

The Human Factor 11/11/63...An experiment changes the minds of a psychiatrist and a madman.

Corpus Earthling 11/18/63....Robert Culp and Salome Jens star in this frightening tale about a scientist who can hear two aliens rocks having a conversation about taking over the world. Great music score and well one living dead makeup.

Nightmare 12/2/63....A ban of earth soldiers are captured and ruthlessly tortured by their captors.

It Crawled Out Of The Woodwork 12/9/63......A being made of pure energy imperils the staff of a research lab. A favorite of my mother, and the first episode I ever saw.

The Borderland 12/16/63......A gateway to the fourth dimension is opened by a man who wants to talk to his dead son.

Tourist Attraction 12/23/63...Ralph Meeker stars in this episode about a monster that is caught in a small country. Everything is fine until others of it's kind come looking for it.

The Zanti Misfits 12/30/63...Actually this could be the most remembered show ever. Bruce Dern stars in this tale of weird alien creatures who cannot execute their own kind, so they send them to Earth because we are practiced executioners. One of the best climaxes ever to a TV show.

The Mice 1/6/64....Henry Silva is a convicted felon who agrees to an exchange program with another planet.

Controlled Experiment 1/13/64.....Two martians conduct and investigation of murder in this light comedy episode.

Don't Open Till Doomsday 1/20/64....John Hoyt stars in this episode about a young couple's honeymoon being cut short because of the contents of a mysterious box.

ZZZZZZ 1/27/64....A queen bee transforms herself into an incredibly sexy young woman who works with a scientist and hopes to mate with mankind.

The Invisibles 2/3/64.....A government agent infiltrates an organization that uses repulsive alien parasites to controll it's members. Don Gordon stars.

The Bellero Shield 2/10/64....martin Landau and Sally Kellerman star in this episode about an alien inadvertently brought to earth by a new scientific creation.

Children Of Spider County 2/17/64....A powerful alien returns to Earth to claim his son after he has been accused of murder.

Specimen Unknown 2/24/64....The crew of a space station uncovers a deadly new life form. This is one of my favorite episodes and it stars Gail Kobe.

Second Chance 3/2/64....People on a carnival space ride find out it is for real. Simon Oakland and Don Gordon star.

Moonstone 3/9/64....Lunar colonists try and save fugitive members of an alien race.

The Mutant 3/16/64....Warren Oates stars as a man turned into a mutant after being caught in a radioactive rain on a distant planet.

The Guests 3/23/64.....Young lovers find eternal life has a huge cost in a house run by a mysterious alien. Gloria Graham stars.

Fun And Games 3/30/64...Two earthlings find themselves on another planet and forced to participate in a life or death game with two members of an alien race.

The Special One 4/6/64...A man is worried about his young son spending so much time with a mysterious man called Mr. Zeno.

A Feasibility Study 4/13/64...Six city block of Earth are taken to another planet in order to find out if those people can survive on an alien world.

Production And Decay Of Strange Particles 4/20/64...A nuclear accident rips a hole in the time/space continuum allowing monsters to enter the earth.

The Chameleon 4/27/64...A government agent infiltrates a band of stranded aliens on Earth. Robert Duvall stars.

The Forms of Things Unknown 5/4/64....Very Miles and Barbara Rush star as two women who kill an abusive man and suddenly find themselves in a house where the dead are brought back to life with a time tilting machine.

All in all a great program to watch during the Halloween season or any time really. Recommended!!


More Lucha libre and horror!!

Unusual to say the least. A mad female scientist named Frieda Frankenstein, played by gorgeous Gina Romand, needs the blood of Santo to create a perfect version of the youth serum she now uses on herself and her henchmen.

To do this she kidnaps his girlfriend Norma in order to get Santo to appear. He does, kicks ass and then rescues Norma and leaves. Later all are recaptured and Santo must fight for his freedom as well as his girlfriend and her sister as well. Freda has created a monster that looks much like the apeman in "Night Of The Bloody Apes" and she also has a Frankenstein monster she calls Urses.

The colors are garish and comic book in nature which only adds to the charm of this film. I like this movie a lot and so will you if you give it a chance. I admit however that I do have a weakness for sexy female scientists in short skirts and boots. Recommended!!


Julie Adams is 87.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Another look at this monster movie classic.

Lewis Teague directed this wonderful John Sayles script about an alligator flushed down a toilet and growing giant sized thanks to a drug company pouring chemicals down the sewers.

Robert Forster is a police detective who is on the case and nobody believes he saw an alligator as big as a car. Soon it breaks free and enters the streets of Chicago. The shots of the Alligator are very well done and the acting by a stellar cast is top notch. There are some funny moments in this film and the mix of horror and comedy are perfect.

Besides Forster you have gorgeous Robin Riker as a scientist who helps on the case, Dean Jagger as the head of the drug company, Jack carter is the Mayor, Sydney Lassick is the pet store owner who supplies the company with animals to experiment on, Henry Silva is a big game hunter who thinks he can catch the large gator and Angel Tompkins and Sue lyon are two beautiful news reporters. The scene where Tompkins interviews Silva is a classic and very typical of how news reports are done today, 33 years later.

This is highly recommended fun that shouldn't be missed.


Misty Mundae is 34.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


A rare and forgotten Monogram film.

John Carradine stars as a scientist who is conducting experiments to bring back the dead. His subjects usually turn a white marble color and then die shortly afterwards.

He is so engrossed in his work that he fails to notice that his wife really likes his young assistant played by Robert Shayne. This film has a few bizarre images in it as well as some voodoo from Carradine's housekeeper, who tries to use black magic to destroy his life.

William Beaudine directed this film, and did it very quickly. It isn't bad for a very, very low budget Monogram film. All the actors do their parts well making this a good bet for some innocent Halloween horror. This is on the collection Movies 4 You: Timeless Horror which also includes "Four Skulls Of Jonathan Drake", "Snake Woman", and "I Bury The Living". The print was struck from an old tape master I believe and doesn't look as good as the other movies on the set, but who would complain? It's just nice to have films like this put on DVD.