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Saturday, September 30, 2023


I really enjoyed this sleek western.

I have read a lot of bad reviews for this movie, but I thought it was great. Guy Madison stars as Steve Daley, a man convicted of muder and is soon going to be hanged.

He is given a very unusual offer. If he marries a beautiful woman named Cheyenne O' Malley (Rhonda Fleming) and then immediately leave town he will be given a full pardon.

He agrees. Cheyenne runs a wagon train and continues on her way, but soon Steve finds her and the sparks begin to fly. I do admit that the plot is somewhat confusing when we find that Cheyenne is also an Indian princess, but we are not told how or why.

I found that it really didn't matter because the movie really sucked me in and I just enjoyed the hell out of it. Rhonda Fleming was one of the most beautiful women ever to grace the silver screen and I will watch her in anything.

The color photography is a knockout and the direction is good. If you like mindless westerns that you can just flow with, I suggest you check this out.

The rest of the cast includes the wonderful James Griffith, Don Beddoe, Peter Adams, Dan Sheridan and Burt Nelson.

I didn't give too much away here as I don't want to spoil it for people who might want to watch.


Angie Dickinson is 92, Ian Ogilvy is 80, Antoinette Bower is 91, Rula Lenska is 76, Candice Michelle is 45, and Marilyn McCoo is 80.

Friday, September 29, 2023


Interesting documentary.

This is a look at many of the film locations from many of Jess Franco's films.

Your host is Stephen Thrower and it was very nice to see a lot of these old castles and such still standing in Portugal. I did think this ran a little long at 97 minutes, but it does cover a lot of ground.

This is a very short review, but I think every Franco fan will want to see this. Cool stuff.

Thursday, September 28, 2023


Excellent and beautifully filmed western from Republic.

Rod Cameron stars as John Drum who is a government agent who is set up as a killer so he can infiltrate a gang of horse thieves led by Whit Lacey (Forrest Tucker).

Drum meets two gorgeous saloon women, Julie Ann McCabe (Lorna Gray) and Lin Conner (Illona Massey). Drum meets Lacey thru Julie and he and Whit become uneasy partners.

In the meantime Julie tries to get back with Whit whom she loves and Drum is very interested in Lin. The tension builds between the two men until Whit discocovers the truth.

However, Whit and Drum join forces as the fort they are at is attacked by Indians and everyone must fight together in order to try and survive. Forrest Tucker does an excellent job as Whit, a thief who has some standards and is loyale to his beliefs.

The film is gorgeous in TruColor which really stands out. I did find it odd for Illona Massey to be in a republic western as it seems that she really doesn't fit, but somehow it all works.

I had a great time watching this fun film and Joe Kanes' direction is spot on. I found this on TUBI and was thrilled I found another film with the gorgeous Lorna Gray. I'd watch her in anything.

The rest of the cast includes George Cleveland, Grant Withers, Russell Hicks and Hank Bell. Western fans won't be disappointed.


Brigitte Bardot is 89, and Dita Von Teese is 51.

Wednesday, September 27, 2023


A well made 13 chapter serial from Universal.

This story revolves around a new element that is a defense against the atomic bomb. Warmomngers, headed by Sir Eric Hazarias (Lionel Atwill) are determined to get it at any cost.

It is hidden in a lost city near Pendrang in the Himalayian mountains. Government agent Rod Stanton (Russell Hayden) is put on the case to stop Sir Eric and keep world peace. Tal Shan (Keye Luke) is his assistant as well as Marjorie Elmore (Jane Adams).

The entire presentation is very entertaining, and much different from the Republic serials of the time. There are lots of gunfights and fist fights, but nothing to the extreme of Republic.

This was Atwill's last role as he died during production. The rest of the cast includes Helen Bennett, John Eldridge, John Mylong, Arthur Space, Gene Roth and George Lynn.

If you like serials I know you'll like this, but as I saiud, Universal made them a little different than Republic, however both styles are very good and you'll be entertaind for over 4 hours with this one.

Tuesday, September 26, 2023


Illya Kuryakin has passed away.

David McCallum began his long career in 1953 and never looked back.

I know he spent many years on the show "NCIS", but I have never watched any of that. I remember him from such great TV shows as "The Man From U.N.C.L.E. as secret agent Illya Kuryakin and from numerous other shows as well.

He starred as Dr. Henri Clerval in the 1973 TV movie entitled "Frankenstein: The True Story" as well as episodes of "The Outer Limits" and "Night Gallery".

He was also a standout in the movie "Sol Madrid". McCallum passed away on September 25th, 2023...just six days after he turned 90.


I still don't know what to make of this film.

This was originally entitled "Honey Britches" and then Fred Olen Ray bought the film and shot some scenes with John Carradine, retitled the film and sold it to Troma for a great deal of money.

The new titles makes it sound like just another 80's slasher film, but it really isn't like that at all. Four jewel theives run into car problems deep in a Florida swamp and attempt to seek shelter.

The find an old run down shack inhabited by Horlan Craven (George Ellis) and his very sexy wife Reba (Ashley Brooks). As you would expect, murder, violence and sordid sexual shenanigans take place.

The women in this film I found attractive and that is it's only saving grace...well maybe not it's only one. I like Ellis and find that he fits those kinds of roles perfectly.

There are a couple of bloody deaths, but they are mild compared to the later films of the 80's. I can't knock this too much as it does show some effort from director Donn Davison and I know he was working on a very low budget.

It held my attention for it's runtime and I have seen much worse films in my day. You might want to check it out.


Lysette Anthony is 60, Christina Milian is 42, Martine Beswick is 82, and Victoria Vetri is 79.

Monday, September 25, 2023


A great film noir with plenty of twists.

Mark Stevens stars as Charlie Norman one hale of a detective team investigating a payroll robbery from a speeding train.

His partner Joe Armstrong (King Calder) suspects several people and both men find that the crime is an almost perfect one as they re always one step behind the crooks.

The viewer is lead down many different paths until the great twist where we find out that Charlie is the mastermind behind the theft and almost pulled off a perfect heist.

Things begin to unravel very quickly and soon Charlie finds himself on the run from the law and Joe. It all comes down to a great climax and gunfight.

Mark Stevens also directed this gem and it was the one and only film released by his peoduction company. The cast is top notch and also includes Felicia Farr, Wesley Addy, Marianne Stewart, Jack Klugman and John Marley.

I had never heard of this film until it appeared on TUBI and I can easily recommend this for any film noir fan.


Michael Madsen is 66, and Heather Locklear is 62.

Sunday, September 24, 2023


Bruno Mattei directed this blatent Jaws rip off that actually did have a few entertaining moments.

This film actually lifts footage from Jaws as well as Jaws 2, Jaws 3 and Deep Blood. It's a simple story about a huge shark terrorizing a beach in Florida, but just the way this is presented makes it ok in my book. I can't explain that comment so I'm not gonna try.

The best line in the movie comes when a character says "We're gonna need a bigger Helicopter!!"

I'm a huge euro-trash fan and so I can't really say anything bad about the film except some of the acting is a bit off, but hey, what do you expect. The shark seems to be even larger than the one in Jaws and there are some cool scenes of it as it eats it's victims.

I loved the scene when it raised it's head out of the water and was in the process of eating a diver. Classic stuff her I'm telling you. This is a gem for schlock fans and I have to say I would recommend it for anyone.

The cast is made up of unknowns from Florida and I guess that adds a more real feel to the film. Can you believe I just said that? Oh well, if you want check it out...I bet you'll enjoy it too.


April Hunter is 50.

Saturday, September 23, 2023


A very interesting British crime film.

Sam Carter (Nigel Patrick) is a bookkeeper who steals a priceless jewel and kills a man while doing so. He then leaves the country and starts living a very lavish life.

Enter US detective Milo March (Jack Palance) who starts trailing him and discovers that there may be way more to the case than just the theft of a jewel.

March runs into a beautiful woman named Trudie Hall (Anita Ekberg) and finds that she is also involved somehow in this very complicated mess. There are a lot of twists and turns in this film and director John Gilling handles it all very well.

Ekberg is simply stunning as usual and the rest of the cast includes Anthony Newley, Bonar Colleano, Sidney James, Donald Pleasence, and Angela White.

This has been a hard to see film over the years and I was glad to see it finally maed available for people to watch. If you like film noir and crime movies I would suggest you watch this.

The cast is offbeat and so is the film, which is what gives it it's charm. The ending is something to see.


Maren Jensen is 67, and Paul Petersen is 78.

Friday, September 22, 2023


A documentary on the life of director Luigi Cozzi and his love of science fiction.

Some great stuff here as we learn how Cozzi grew up obsessed with science fiction and fantasy and how he always wanted to make those kinds of films in Italy.

Cozzi has directed films such as "Starcrash", "Contamination", "Devil Fish" and many more. The viewer gets a lot of film clips from his movies and you can see just how entertaining they are.

I think of the most interesting things was his importing Godzilla into Italy and then shooting new scenes for it!! Yep, that's one I'd like to take a look at.

You can tell Cozzi relly likes making movies and at 75 he hasn't stopped yet. Italian cinema fans will really want to check this one out. The man is very unique and animated when talking about movies.


Catherine Oxenberg is 62, Asa Maynor is 87, and Debby Boone is 67.

Thursday, September 21, 2023


A wonderful documentary about one of the most prolific directors of Italian cinema.

If you love Italian cimena as much as I do, the name Antonio Margherti needs no introduction. He directed such gems as "Assignment Outer Space", "Castle Of Blood", "Seven Deaths In The Cats Eye", "Yor: Hunter From The Future" and hundreds more.

During this one hour show we get to hear from some of the people who worked with him including Barbara Bouchet, Luigi Cozzi, Corinne Cleary and Richard Harrison.

Lots of great film clips are shown of his work and we eve hear from the director himself in interviews conducted befor he died in 2002. His work is top notch considering the low budgets he always had to work with and it can never be said that his films aren't entertaining.

I would recommend this for any sci-fi and horror film fan especially if you like the Italian way of making them.


Cynthia Hull is 76.

Tuesday, September 19, 2023


A General Electric Theater presentation.

Seldom seen TV drama starring Vincent Price as Death who visits a lazy Ozark mountain dweller named Mender McClure (Thomas Gomez).

He gives McClure the power to heal certain people of their ills in exchange for McClure's soul. This is a very stange show and it's always great to see Price in anything, and here he chews up every scene he is in.

Ronald Reagan is your host and Don Medord directed. Again, this is very seldom seen and has very little in the way of information online. It's included on the 12 disc Sci-Fi TV set from Millcreek.

Worth seeking out for early TV fans and Vincent Price fans as well.


David McCallum is 90, Victoria Silvstedt is 49 and Bobbie Bresee is 81.

Sunday, September 17, 2023


I have wanted to see this since I was 9 or 10 and finally got the chance.

Back in the 70's I read Famous Monsters Of Filmland and in the back of each issue they had digest versions of movies on Reular 8 and Super 8 film. It was retitled "Captain Mephisto And The Transformation Machine. I always but this on the back burner for other things and therefore never got to see it.

Now fast forward to 2023 and I finally got to see the entire 15 chapter serial, and it was well worth the wait. The daughter of a famous scientist discovers he's being held on Mystery Island and seeks to get him out.

Claire Forrest (Linda Stirling) enlists the aid of government agent Lance Reardon (Richard Bailey) to help rescue her father William Forrest (Forrest Taylor).

They discover that he is being held by a gang of criminals led by a 200 year old pirate named Mephisto (Roy Barcroft) who uses a strange machine to become anyone he wants. Needless to say this is going to be a major problem for Claire and Lance.

This is simply great stuff. 15 chapters of non stop action and dozens of fistfights and a high body count as the enemies of Claire and Lance fall quickly.

Barcroft is perfect as the crazed pirate Mephisto and he was quoted as saying it was a role he enjoyed almost more than anything else he had ever done. Of course lovely Linda Stirling is ALWAYS a huge plus and she does a great job as Claire.

Easily one of the best serials I have ever seen. The chapters are 1. Secret Weapon 2. Satan's Web 3. The Murder Machine 4. The Lethal Chamber 5. Maphisto's Mantrap 6. Ocean Tomb 7. The Death Drop 8. Bombs Away 9. Fatal Flood 10. The Sable Shroud 11. Satan's Shadow 12. Cauldron Of Cremation 13. Bridge To Eternity 14. Power Dive To Doom 15. Fatal Transformation.

The rest of the cast includes Kenne Duncan, Jack Ingram, Forbes Murray and Harold Strang. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!


Pat Crowley is 90, and Tracy Dali is 57.

Saturday, September 16, 2023


This is how far filmmaking has fallen.

I had to take a look at this thing simply because of the title, and I got exactly what I expected, which was NOTHING. But wait...let me tell you about this crap.

A demonic nun casts some kind of spell and brings forth a devil possessed shark. At least I think that's what happened. Then before you know it you have a reality tv host who seems possessed and to prove it we have the usual green vomit.

Oh we ain't even started yet folks. We then have Ali (Angela Kerecz) who is bitten by the shark but recovers. She is now possessed and attacks people with the razor shark teeth. A priest played by Bobby Kerecz performs and exorcism on Ali.

During this nonsense she bites another young woman helping the priest and it all starts all over again. However the movie ends before we have to suffer anymore. The best line in this absurd film is stated by the young woman who is helping the priest. During the exorcism she says "I think we're going to need a bigger cross."

This isn't just bottom of the barrel, this is the slime under it. NOTHING works in this film and you have a lot of scenes that make no sense whatsoever. The acting is bad, the music sucks and everything just sinks.

The only thing I can say is that there are a few very attractive women in bikinis in this film, but that's about it.As I said this is what horror film making has come to in the 21st century.

We have fallen a long way and like most everything else, I fear it will only get worse. Avoid this garbage at all costs and save yourself 72 minutes of agony.


Jennifer Tilly is 65, and Linda Henning is 79.

Friday, September 15, 2023


I usually like wild Turkish cinema, but this one was pretty lame.

Actually I needed a bottle of Wild Turkey to get thru this mess. It's known as the Turkish Star Trek and they steal the Star Trek opening and just about everything else from the show.

The Enterprise crew land on a planet where a professor and his daughter live. Before you know it one of the crew is killed and his body has been drained of salt.

Yep, you guessed it, this is a rip off of the episode entitled "Man Trap" but the monster is stupid looking and would really scare nobody. Add to this a silly subplot about the USS Enterprise picking up a man from Earth that is supposed to add comic relief.

He isn't funny and I kept hoping he'd get killed...but no such luck. Like most Turkish films it has plenty of babes but that is about it. Star Trek was huge in Turkey so I guess they felt they needed to rip it off, but damn they could have done a better job.

Capt. Kirk also fights an alien monster that was supposed to be a rip off of the lizard monster from another episode, but the costume looks like it was made by preschoolers.

This was 72 minutes of hell, but whatever. The babes are allright. Check it out if you wish.


Peggy Webber is 98, and Judith Ridley is 77.

Thursday, September 14, 2023


I found the concept very interesting.

A group of people on a secluded beach find that somehow they are aging rapidly and their lives will only last a single day.

There are many great little scenes in here but the one that really caught me by suprise was when two children were talking to a couple of adults and saying they were 6 and 11 but they look more like teenagers.

Why is that? because they are getting older very quickly. Also the pregnancy scenes is not easily forgotten. Very odd film indeed.

The movie does hit a good point with it's statement about how people are so consumed with age and looks thet they miss the good things in life. The ending is also bizarre as we find that all of this is caused by Big Pharma and their medical experiments.

Gee what a shocker that big pharma would kill people just to develope new medicines. There are a lot of bad things said about this movie, but once you get into it you might like it like I did.

The film stars nobody I ever heard of, but that is because it was released in 2021 and I don't follow new cinema very much. The movie will stick with you for several days and that means they did something right.


Joey Heatherton is 79, Joyce Taylor is 86 and Judy Lang is 83.