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Saturday, July 30, 2011


Arnold Schwarzenegger is 64, Jamie Pressly is 34, Vivica A. Fox is 47, Paul Anka is 70, Edd Byrnes is 78, Monique Gabrielle turns 48,and Richard Johnson is 84.

Friday, July 29, 2011


American  Nick Adams stars in this great Japanese monster bash starring the always sexy Kumi Mizuno. This story revolves around a mysterious planet whose inhabitants trick the earth into giving them Godzilla and Rodan in order to help destroy Ghidrah.
The aliens actually intend to use all the monsters in an attempt to take over the earth. This is an excellent example of Japanese monster movie fun.
The battles between the three monsters is classic and Godzilla even does a "jig" and gives us his best George Forman when fighting Ghidrah.
The aliens are bad from the very beginning and you just know they are up to no good. Highly Recommended entertainment from Japan.


This is part of the Mean Guns set, and every once in a while you get a dog in every set, and this one is a real barker. A young man who is brought up by an undertaker finds his life a little different when he begins having relations with a married woman.
The movie is confusing and very boring and it jumps from one ituation to another without letting the viewer in on it. Just skip this one on the set, and don't say you weren't warned.


Alexandra Paul is 38, Robert Horton is 87, Robert Fuller is 78, Roz Kelly is 68, and Sharri Jones is 22.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Every so often there comes a film that is astounding, and absolutely mind boggling, and this is one of them. Shot in El Paso Texas by Hal Warren in 1966, this film tells a rather bizarre tale of a man and his wife and daughter that get lost in the desert of El Paso and stumble onto a house which is "guarded" by a misshapen character named Torgo, and is apparently lived in by a character named "The Master" who worships a god named Manos.
In this movie you see some of the worst acting ever put in a movie and the longest and morst boring "cat fight" between the "Master's" wives. Damn they do babble and argue a lot!!
This is having a new release date in September from Shout Factory and it will be a remastered 2 disc set which will include a documentary on the making of this one of a kind movie.
I simply love bad movies and I highly Recommend this gem.


Epic Godzilla film, the 15th, finds a professor who decides to help aliens take over the world using mechagdzilla and a dinosaur called Titanosaurus.
They wreck havoc until Godzilla comes and destroys all and saves the earth. This was the final Gozilla film for director Ishiro Honda and the Akira Ifukube score is magnificent.
Check out this disc which contains both the Japanese version and the longer US print. Recommended for monster movie fans everywhere.


Guy Madison stars in this Spaghetti western about a man seeking revenge for the death of his family and the rape of his sister.
The young man gets help from an older gunslinger who also has plans for revenge against the same gang. Lots and lots of gunfights and action. This film also stars the lucious Rosabla Neri as the head Saloon gal, so that is enough to give it my highest recommendation. Anyone who reads this blog knows I have a great admiration for Neri.
Part of Mill Creeks "Mean Guns" series, this is one to catch.


Interesting but obscure sci-fi film about four astronauts landing on a strange planet and discovering life on a spacship and under the sea of the new planet.
They find themselves attacked by underwater fishmen and giant crabs before managing to leave the planet and head for home.
Francine Your and Russ Bender are just two of the astronauts on the ship, and this is a better film than one would think.
If you like obscure and fun sci-fi films, this might be for you.


This weekend is the Steel City Con in Monroeville, PA..just up the road a piece, and I cannot attend, but they have George Kosana from Night Of The Living Dead, Lindsay Wagner (the original Bionic Woman), Torrie Wilson and other there. It should be fun.
Also I'd like to thank everyone who has stopped by this blog and those who follow it. I noticed a new follower, and believe me I appreciate it.
Please feel free to leave any comments.


Elizabeth Berkely is 39, and Lisa Gastoni is 76.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


James Best is 85, Susan George is 61, Andrea True is 68, Celeste Yarnall is 67, Suzanna Leigh is 66 ane Pennelope Jimenez is 33.

Monday, July 25, 2011


Leif Garret plays a young boy who tracks down and kills the members of a gang that killed his parents and kidnapped his sister.
Lee Van Cleef and Jim Brown co-star in this wild spaghetti western filmed in Italy and Isreal in 1977. Garret comes up with several inventive ways to kill the baddies and it is very interesting to see a child seeking revenge in a western like this.
More good stuff from Mill Creek and their Mean Guns series.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


One of the most beautiful actresses to ever grace the silver screen has passed away at the age of 87 from colon cancer. She was the first ever Bond Girl and she starred in many, many films, but genre fans will remember her most for Tarzan & The Mermaids, and my personal favorite, The Devil's Hand.
Her death was confirmed by her daughter Romina Powers and Romina's sister Taryn.
Linda was born in Mexico in under the name Blanca Rosa Welter and was the sister of Ariadna Welter whom she acted with in the Devil's Hand. Ariadna proceeded her in death in 1998.
Both women were stunning in their beauty and now both are gone. They are in a better place and a great sister duo of actresses have ended their legacy with the passing of Linda.


Well I am sorry to see a store like Borders go out of business. I know they are big box, which I don't usually like anyway, and yes, their movies where overpriced, but it is the books that matter.
Everyday at my atrocious job I listen to young people talk about e-readers and other such garbage. It seems that the young people of today have no concept what it is like to actually hold something in their hands that isn't electronic.
Why do you need an e-reader to read a book? Oh yeah, I know it's "cool" and shit like that, but why do you need it? More and more bookstores go out of business because of this, and now another 10,000 people nationwide will be unemployed...oh well I guess they can read the employment ads on e-readers.
Oh and lets not forget our "leader" in Washington who will also help you.
Bye bye Borders.


The year 1966 was a year of many bizarre movies and this is one of them. Legendary Texas movie maker Larry Buchanan brings us this tale of a mad doctor working in the swamps...and what is he working on? He turns people into goofy looking monsters of course.
This is a rehash of the 1957 film Voodoo Woman, but this is so bad it's great. John Agar stars as a man attempting to find oil in the swamps of Texas who, along with his dubious party, run afoul of the evil doctor and his luscious wife, played by Francine York.
You gotta see it to believe it folks. Don't get me wrong, this is an entertaining film, and I think you'd enjoy it if you havent seen it already.


Jennifer Lopez turns 42, Summer Glau is 30, Lynda Carter is 60, Robert Hays is 64, Torrie Wilson is 36 and Chris Sarandon is 69.

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Charisma Carpenter turns 40, Lydia Cornell is 58, Stephanie Seymour is 43, Gloria DeHaven is 86, Erica Blanc is 69, and Ronny Cox is 73.