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Monday, April 30, 2012


Cesare Donova and Sean McClory are two men who are dueling when they are suddenly swept off of the planet earth by a comet. They find themselves back in prehistoric times facing giant monsters and various forms of cavemen. This is based on the novel by Jules Verne called Career of A Comet, and has a fond place in my heart from seeing this many years ago. The monsters are all stock footage from One Million B.C., but it is still a fun movie, and Joan Staly is a cavewomen and looks very, very sexy. Todays movie fans may find this a little slow, but for those who grew up when I did and watched these movies on TV, this is just fine.


Part of the Roger Corman Action Packed set of three films, this is the story of two very sexy women played by Tanya Tucker and Terri Nunn who, along with a young man played by Dirk Benedict are busted by the feds and forced to help them break up an illegal cigarette trafficking business. This was produced by Corman as a possible TV series, but it never took off. The action is non stop, the plot is thread bare, but who cares, it's a fun film and both Tucker and Nunn (lead singer for the group Berlin) are very easy on the eyes. Tucker even belts out a fews tunes. So if you're looking for some fun, escapist action, this is the movie for you. The print is entitled Follow That Car because Shout used the international theatrical version instead of the television broadcast version. The cast is rounded out by Lane Smith, Sally Kirkland, Dennis Patrick and David Hayward. Recommended!!


Cloris Leachman is 86, Willie Nelson is 80, Gary Collins is 74, and Allan Arkush is 64.

Sunday, April 29, 2012


Audie Murphey stars as a cavalry man trying to keep peace with the indians while at the same time trying to bring in some renegade indians. Michael Dante is Red Hawk, the indian who actually grows to respect Murphey and lovely Linda Lawson is the woman Murphey loves and the most outstanding performance goes to L.Q. Jones as Mike Greer, a man who murders indians and then actually brags about it while shooting little children and women as well. If you like westerns, you will enjoy this typical Murphey classic.


Strange and bizarre film about a family being killed off one by one while seraching for a rumoured $500,000 dollare hidden on the property. Decapitations, shorgun blasts to the face, stabbings and other fun things make this a winner, at least for me. Agnes Moorehead gives her last performance as the family that also consists of Michael Ansara, Will Geer, Dennis Patrick,Anne Meacham and Roger Gentry. The most interesting character is Luddy, a former mental patient who becomes Moorehead's nurse after Luddy accidently meets some family members at a football game. Luddy is not really cured, and the mysterious killer actually makes her believe she is using the axe to kill people. Again, very odd and very intersesting, this little film should be able to hold your interest. Lots of blood and gore for the year it was made. I cannot fathom why this isn't on DVD.


Uma Thurman is 42, Michelle Pfeiffer is 54, Eve Plumb is 54, Cheri Caffaro is 67, Ted V. Mikels is 83, and Akira Takarada is 78.

Saturday, April 28, 2012


This is a tale about a group of scientists who bore under the earth to see if it is possible to find another place for man to live after he wipes himself out on the surface. They find death and disaster and loss, but no utopia as they had hoped. This movie does plod along a bit, but i do like it for very simple escapist entertainment. Bruce Kellogg is the head scientist and Marilyn Nash is the female of the group. If you're looking for 74 minutes to kill, then sit back and watch.


One of my favorite 50's horror films of all time!! Roger and Gene Corman produced this gem and Bernard Kowalski directed. Giant mutated blood sucking leeches invade a swamp and feed off of the animal life and the people who live there. Ken Clark, Yvette Vickers, Bruno VeSota, Tyler McVey, Jan Shepard and Gene Roth make up the fine cast rounded out by Michael Emmet. I recommend this to any fan of horror films, especially 50's films. One of the best, and Vickers never looked so good.


Jessica Alba is 31, Ann-Margret is 71, and Kari Wuhrer is 45.

Friday, April 27, 2012


One of the most notorious and hard to see horror films of the 70's, this gem concerns a young woman who is the probable target of the man who killed her mother and her lover by bashing their heads in with a hammer. That scene alone at the beginning of the film will forever stick in my mind and the minds of others who see this film. The young woman (Melody Patterson) is taken to an orphanage run by a very sadistic woman played by Gloria Grahame who enjoys torturing the young people she is supposed to care for. The cast is rounded out by Vic Tayback as a detective with a very unhealthy want of the young woman, Milton Selzer as the health inspector who turns a blind eye to the tortures in the orphanage, and Len Lessar are the creepy handyman. Hammer muders, amputations, frozen corpses, women talking to dead husbands and incest make this a total shocker that will not disappoint the viewer. The Director is Peter S. Gilbert and sadly this appears to be the only film he ever directed. He does have a flair for the camera and knows how to build to a stunning climax of the film. I Highly Recommend this film, and it must have a DVD release sometime soon.


Casey Kasem is 80, Jack Klugman is 90, and Sheena Easton is 53.

Thursday, April 26, 2012


April 27th marks the 80th birthday for the greatest DJ in the United States, and that is Casey Kasem. The man is responsible for making me a Top 40 chart junkie and I cannot thank him enough. In honor of this birthday I am changing the blog to AT 40 for a few days. I know it makes the writing hard to see at the bottom of the pic of Casey, but just highlight it and you can read it fine. Happy Birthday Casey Kasem.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Gina Torres is 43, Talia Shire is 66, and Denny Miller is 78.


Well the day is finally here, I am heading back to Idaho this am. It is 2:45 am as I type this and God willing I will be back in Idaho later tonight. There will still be a few posts here, but they will slow down some until I get settled. Keep reading and commenting. I appreciate it.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Lana Clarkson stars as Althalia a young woman who knows the secret to a magic sword and the evil king who is trying to use it for himself for more power over the people. The plot as you can see is very simple and straigh forward and it should be as this is simple escapism. Director Joe Finley handles the job very well and there is plenty of sword fights and lovely women clothed and unclothed. If you need to kill about 75 minutes, then i would suggest you check this flick out.


This blog is usually about movies and such, but i have to get a little personal here. I have lived in Ohio for the past 13 months, and have worked for one of the worst employers in the country...and no I will not name it here, but I loved the people I worked with and here are a few pics from our last night together at Chile's in Boardman Ohio on 4/23/12. I love you guys and we will stay in touch and if you ever get out to Idaho, I will show you my world.


This is another trailer compilation with movires from the 30's thru the 80's including Night Of The Blood Beast, The Thing, Purple Monster Strikes, Invaders From Mars, Lost City, Phantom from Space, Frankenstein Meets The Space Monster and many, many more. If you like these kinds of DVD's, then I recommend this for your collection.


Low budget shocker from Texas directed by James Sullivan. This is said to be a remake of a film entitled Demon From Devil's Lake by Russ Marker. A scientific experiment called Operation Noah's Ark gets out of hand and all the animals in the space capsule have merged into one monster which escapes after the craft crashes in the Texas woods. The late great Russ Marker appears in this film as does John Agar, Bill Thurman, Carol Gilley and many others you usually see in Larry Buchanan's Texas made classics. The monster actually looks like a gorilla suit with a weird face and it's ok, especially if you understand the budget for this was about $18,000.00. This is a wonderful example of regional filmmaking and I never dislike regional films because they have a flavor and look which is much better than the crap Hollyweird churns out these days. As I mentioned earlier, this is said to be a remake but I believe it IS Demon From Devil's Lake although the Psycotronic Encyclopedia says the original was in Black and white and made in 1964. I may be wrong, but I will always believe this is the film and there was no remake. I recommend this film for lovers of low budget sci-fi films.


Stacy Haiduk is 44.

Monday, April 23, 2012


The fight of the giant monsters to beat all fights of giant monsters are featured in this very fun film from Toho and Universal. This is the American version of the film and although I have seen both, this is the one that I fondly remember seeing as a child. The great Universal stock music is also on hand and brings back memories of other great Universal films of the time. A businessman brings King Kong back to Japan from Farro island and as soon as he does, Godzilla comes a calling and a fight of epic proportions starts. A fun film for giant monster movie lovers and one that if heartily recommended!!

4D MAN 1959 (IMAGE)

Well made sci-fi film about a man who finds he is capable of walking thru any object. Robert Lansing is a scientist, who, after some experimentation is able to walk thru solid objects. However, when he comes in contact with people, he drains them of their life energy and they die of instant old age while he stays strong. Lee Meriwether and James Congdon round out the excellent cast. Filmed in color by the same people who brought you the Blob and Dinosaurus, this is a very well made and entertaining film with a very unique concept. Lansing is very good in the title role and Meriwether is excellent as his girlfriend who soon begins to suspect things aren't right. One of the best of the 50's sci-fi films.


Lee Majors is 73, Valerie Bertinelli is 52, and Joanna Krpua is 32.

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Great Randolph Scott western. Scott is a man looking for the killer of his fiance, and after 18 months he finds the man he is looking for, and slowly begins to chip away at his empire and his life. George Macready is the man responsible for her death and he is perfectly cast as a totally evil man who loves nothing but himself. Marguerite Chapman is the owman who steals Scott's heart and edgar Buchanan is a somewhat comical and cowardly sheriff who is working for Macready. Ray Enright does a good directing job and Harry Joe Brown produced. The rest of the cast is rounded out by Forrest Tucker, Douglas Fowley, Joe Sawyer, Wallace Ford and look quickly for "Curly" Joe DeRita as a bartender. I do want to mention that the fight scene between Forrest Tucker and Scott is extremely brutal and both suffer a great deal after it is over..but that is all I will say about it. I believe any movie fan will enjoy this excellent film.


A woman hires a safari to travel with her and find out what happened to her fiance who was lost in the jungle. They soon find he has been living with a tribe of females and is soon to marry the queen. This is a very simple film that is good for what it is. The woman who plays Zita, the Queen is Amira Moustafa and she only made three films as far as I can tell. Robert Lowery is the leader of the expidition and Patricia Morrison is the young woman who organizes tha safari. If you're looking for an innocent way to kill an hour give it a try.


Jack Nicholson is 75, John Waters is 66, Glen Campbell is 76, and Mark Damon is 79.

Saturday, April 21, 2012


This is a pretty good trailer compilation with 50 great trailers for such films as "It! The Terror From Beyond Space", "Planet Of The Vampires", "Galaxina", "Flash Gordon Conquers The Universe", "Queen Of Outer Space" and many, many more. If you like trailer collections, this one is a must.


Wow, what can you say about this movie? Jackie Coogan stars as Dr. Aranya, a mad scientist who has developed a way of mixing genes of women and spiders and thus creating a race of super women and super sized spiders. I admit, this is a bad movie, but damn, it is an entertaining bad one. The acting is somewhat bizarre and Harmon Stevens as Leland Masterson sounds an awful lot like Elmer Fudd!! By coinsidence, I watched this film on the 20th anniversary of his death!! Weird huh? I first caught this many years ago at 5:30 am on All Night Movies and couldn't believe my eyes!! Tandra Quinn is Tarantella and I believe she is the only cast member alive today, and her performance is mute, but very, very effective. I recommend this for bad movie lovers everywhere and fans of Flaminco Guitar!! See this movie soon.