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Monday, July 4, 2022


This fun little B picture is also known as "The Wild Weed".

This is another of the famous "Roadshow Attractions" from the infamous Kroger Babb.

Lila Leeds plays a beautiful woman named Anne Lester who works in a small nightclub. Almost all of her money goes to her brother to keep him in college so he can get the education she never had a chance for.

During a party she gets involved with a man named Markey (Alan Baxter) and he introduces her to marijuana. Soon she is hooked and her life begins to spiral downward. Her brother discovers what she is doing and kills himself in shame.

This is one of many films that depicted the damgers of marijuana usage during the 40's and 50's. Actually these kinds of films date back to the 30's with "Reefer Madness" and the like.

Leeds starred in the because she was busted along with actor Robert Mitchum doing drugs. Her career never recovered and she only appeared in one more film in an uncredited role.

The rest of the cast includes Lyle Talbot, Jack Elam and Michael Whalen.


Gina Lollobrigida is 95.

Sunday, July 3, 2022


The very prolific actor has passed away.

Joe Turkel appeared in literally hundreds of TV programs and movies in his 40 plus year career.

The Brooklyn born Turkel started his movie career in 1949 in the film noir entitled "City Across The River" and made 4 more movies that year alone.

He also appeared in such movies as "Cell 2455 Death Row", "The Killing", "St. Valentines Day Massacre", "Village Of The Giants", "The Bonnie Parker Story" and many more.

His most well known movie role was in the Stanley Kubrick film "The Shining". His TV appearances included such shows as "Tales From The Darkside", "The Texan", "One Step Beyond" just to name a few.

Joe Turkel passed away on June 27th, 2022 at the age of 94.


Susan Penhaligon is 73, Pia Reyes is 58, and George Stover is 76.

Saturday, July 2, 2022


Odd, but interesting film noir from Sweden.

Mark Miller stars as an American reporter named Larry Brand who is assigned to do a story on Swedish nightlife. His editor pays for him to go to that country and get a good story.

When he arrives he finds a lot of beautiful women and hangs out with them to get his story. However one night he almost has a car accident and meets a man named Max (Lars Ekborg) and a woman with him named Mona Mace (Anita Thallaug).

Brand notices that Mona is a very beautiful woman, but there seems to be something wrong between her and Max. Brand accompanies them to where Mona works, which is a small strip club in the middle of Stockholm.

He also discovers that Max is keeping Mona under his thumb by turning her into a drug addict. Brand makes a plan to get Mona away from Max, but this is not very easy to do.

This is an interesting film on many levels, but the two you'll notice most are the actors and the locations. There are not too many Swedish film noir and that alone makes this a must for noir fans.

The born in Norway Thallaug is quite a looker in my opinion, and that doesn't hurt the film at all. Check it out.


Robert Ito is 91, and Bret Hart is 65.

Friday, July 1, 2022


This was a nice evenings entertainment.

The plot is pretty straight forward. James Spader stars as Julian Rome, a cryptologist who is invited to solve a mystery about signals from outer space that first started in 1947.

At the South Pole, Julian finds a secret base run by the military and inside of this base they have a weird shell-like contraption that is beaming the signal. But nobody has been able to sole what that signal means.

While the soldiers try to open the object, Rome finally manages to discover that the message is a dire warning from space not to open the capsule. Too late, it gets opened minutes before Rome can warn anyone.

An alien life form escapes and then proceeds to infect the entire crew with a strange malady that slowly kills them and everything else they get close to.

They report their findings to government officials, and these men decide that everyone left alive at the base has to be killed because they will infect and destroy all life on Earth.

The film has a rather interesting ending even though it is a bit of a downer. This movie is by no means original, but it is fun to watch and moves along at a good pace. If you watch close you can see stock footage from John Carpenter's "The Thing" from 1982.

The cast also includes Carl Lewis, Janine Eser, John Lynch and Leslie Stefanson. This filmed in Bulgaria effort does not fail to entertain those looking for simple entertainment.


Pamela Anderson is 55, Jean Marsh is 88, and Debbie Harry is 77.

Tuesday, June 28, 2022


I'd heard about this film many years ago, but never got to see it until now.

Linda Gillen stars as Regina, a college student with very few friends and no life. One day after school she collects her mail and gets a suprise.

She has been invited for a getaway vacation to a place called Red Wolf Inn. She is very excited and leaves for the place via chartered air flight. When she arrives she discovers two other young women there as well.

Their hosts are an elderly couple, Evelyn and Henry Smith (Mary Jackson and Arthur Space). The Smiths have a grandosn who also lives with them named Baby John Smith (John Neilsen).

The three women, Regina, Pamela (Janet Wood) and Edwina (Margaret Avery) enjoy the quiet and they find that Evelyn is an excellent cook. The food she makes is almost too good.

This movie proves that you should never trust anyone. One by one the women disappear until only Regina is left and then she discovers the shocking truth. The climax is well done and is a lot of crazy fun. The end credits are presented like a menu and the final seen proves that the filmmakers had their tongue firmly planted in their cheek.

Bud Townsend handles the directing chores just fine and the cast is very good as well. I have seen Arthur Space in movies from 1941 up to his last role in 1981. A great character actor.

I liked this movie a lot and I really have to mention John Neilsen is perfect as the lightly demented Baby John.


Bruce Davison is 76, Lalla Ward is 71, and Pamela Rodgers is 79.

Saturday, June 25, 2022


Oh my God what did I just watch!!!????

This film was made in 1980 under the title Cataclysm but by any name it's a jaw dropper.

A police detective named Sterne (Cameron Mitchell) looks into the death of a Nazi concentration camp survivor named Abraham Weiss (Marc lawrence) who is murdered in a very brutal way after claiming to have spotted a man who is a Nazi in Las Vegas.

Nobody believes Weiss because the man he spots is no more than 30 years old!! After the murder, Sterne looks into the case more and starts to believe the dead mans claim.

As a sub-plot we have a writer, James Hanson (Richard Moll) who has written a book entitled "God Is Dead" and his wife Claire (Faith Clift) who does not see things her husbands way.

Things get really confusing and soon both James Hanson and Sterne are killed, leaving only Claire to uncoveer the evil, and what an evil it is. Claire discovers the truth as well and sets up an elaborate trap for the eternally young Nazi devil.

The ending is a blood drenched operating room final that does not end well for Claire. This film is very disjointed and very poorly shot. I have to admit, as does everyone who talks about this movie, that Faith Clift is one of the worst acctresses to EVER appear in a film of ANY kind.

However, I also have to admit that this film somehow keeps your attention and I believe that is due to it's incredible storyline. If you get a chance, check this one out and see if you agree with me.


June Lockhart is 97.