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Thursday, May 23, 2024


The second in the Daimajin series.

This is not much on plot, but it's not a bad movie. Majin is a giant stone god that some very small village in medieval Japan worships.

When an evil Warlord decides to conquer the village and torment the people living there, Majin comes to life and destroys the Warlord and his entire army.

That is the entire movie right there, and the first one of this series also has a similar plot. It is always nice to see Majin kill his enemies, and I do wish they had made these films with a different plot, but hey, who am I.

Don't get me wrong, I like these films, but writing something about them is hard when they have a very threadbare plot. I am still waiting for the first in the series to stream.

I will recommend you check this out, especially if you're a Japanese giant monster fan.


Joan Collins is 91.

Wednesday, May 22, 2024


Very interesting film.

This was shot in the Bahamas, and it looks beautiful. The film opens with a man jogging on the beach and he spots a woman floating in the water. Hia name is Mike Pace (Antonio Sabato, Jr.) and he rescues her and takes her to his home.

He is simply enamored with her and after she wakes up with no memory of who she is he names her "Morning". This beautiful woman is played by gorgeous AnnaLynne McCord and who can blame Mike for falling for her.

He finds himself falling so hard they sleep together and when Mike is awakened by his beautiful wife Sherry (Joanna Bacalso) in the morning, he realizes it was just a dream.

He decides to make a movie based on the dream and is shocked to discover the very same woman from his dreams auditions for the role and Terry Bamba (James Brolin) hires her for the lead.

One by one people on the film die in mysterious ways and Mike discovers just how dangerous Morning is. This does have a bizarre twist and the ending is done's pure horror.

AnnaLynne McCord easily steals the show as the mysterious woman who is simply drop dead gorgeous and reeks of sexuality. She is referred to as a Siren, and it's easy to understand that. No man could resist her.

If you get a chance you should see this movie. Ignore the bad reviews and judge for yourself. This is also known as "Bad Girl Island" which makes it sound like a very different movie.

The rest of the cast includes Simone Griffeth, Stacy Ann Rose, Dalas Davis, and Avery Sommers. Oh by the way, did I mention AnnaLynne is gorgeous?


Barbara Parkins is 82, and Marilyn Joi is 79.

Tuesday, May 21, 2024


Not too bad of a film and I am a little surprised at the low rating from everyone, but then maybe I'm not.

Mike Norris, the son of Chuck directed this movie that is really close to reality only 8 years after it was made.

In modern times the US Government sells out the country to the UN and a small group of patriots in the state of Texas decide to defend what is left of America after a terrorist group brings down the power grid.

It's a very timely film as this is what is slowly happening today in the real world. The cast does a good job and every part is totally believable. In my opinion if Mike Norris hadn't been directing this film would have been much different.

The cast includes Aliya Astaphan, Rick Bentz, Giovannie Cruz, and the always gorgeous AnnaLynne McCord.

I hope you check this out and like it. The ending is open, but that is how it should be with a movie like this.

Monday, May 20, 2024


Now this is a fun film.

David Keith stars as Tennessee Buck, a down on his luck type of guy who leads an expidition into the deep jungles of Borneo.

When we are first introduced to Buck we see him fight a huge local man named Argo (Stephen Davis) over a sexy female native Buck has been having an affair with.

This sets up his character perfectly. His clients on the trip are Ken Manchester (Brant Von Hoffman) and his gorgeous wife Barbara (Kathy Shower). There is a lot of comedy between the three which is kind of odd, but it works.

They are soon captured by headhunters and then things take a more serious turn. Ken is hunted down and killed and Barbara is oiled down and raped by the chief of the tribe. This particular scene caused a lot of problems for the film as it was much longer and more graphic and the film got an X rating from the MPAA.

It was cut down and re-done, but I do know the longer version has been shown on cable TV back in the 90's. The movie is a good watch, at least for me, and I really got into the story.

Of course it helps that Shower is naked a lot and I have always considered her one of the most beautiful women ever to be in movies, and she didn't make a lot of them.

If you like adventure movies with a sometimes comedic twist, you'll enjoy this I think.

The rest of the cast includes Sydney Lassick, Sillaiyoor Selvarajan, and Sumita Mudannayaka.


Constance Towers is 91.

Sunday, May 19, 2024


Nancy Kwan is 85.


Light action adventure film from George Breakston.

Two American soldiers heading from Korea to the US stop over in Tokyo. Rocky Wilson (Steve Forrest) and Archie McGregor (Archer MacDonald) are just looking for kicks.

They get tangled up with a sabatoge plan and some explosive pills. Rocky and Archie get help from Peggy Burns (Martha Hyer) who is a government agent posing as a stewardess.

This was filmed during the occupation of Japan after WW2 and it's always good to see how things looked in 1950's Japan. This is a short film running only 67 minutes, and sometimes I think that is too long.

Don't get me wrong, this was an enjoyable movie, just padded out too much. The rest of the cast includes Tetsu Nakamura, Dekao Yokoo and Michiyo Naoki.

If you're looking for harmless viewing, this is for you.

Saturday, May 18, 2024


Yvonne Furneaux turned 98 on Sept. 11


When Roger Corman passed away on May 9 it really sent shockwaves thru the industry. He was considered a staple in the film business, and he has directed, produced and helped with so many movies as to be uncountable.

I loved Roger and his movies and since the age of 6 or 7 he has been a part of my film life. He taught me how to make movies on a VERY limited budget, and yet keep them entertaining.

I was first introduced to Roger when I saw "Day The World Ended" on Q-6 Creature Features from Spokane Washington when I was six or seven.

Soon I saw other films of his pop up on TV such as "Fast And The Furious", "Beast With A Million Eyes", "Not Of This Earth", and "It Conquered The World".

With the advent of VHS I was able to see hundreds more of Roger's movies from every genre including "Apache Woman", Masque Of The Red Death", "Fall Of The House Of Usher", "Tomb Of Liegia", and the rest of the Poe cycle.

I also got to see "Wild Angels", "St. Valentines Day Massacre" and hundreds more. He was such a huge part of the film business and in that respect he was a large part of the lives of film fanatics such as myself.

In his 7 decade career he directed 46 movies and produced almost 500 and that folks is an achievement that will NEVER be matched by anyone else.

Roger Corman was a genius whose talent brought us everything from "Attack Of The Crab Monsters" in 1957 to "Jungle Demon" in 2021 and an entire world unto itself of films that no one will ever top.


Strange film, but not boring or slow.

A young woman named Molly Hartley (Haley Bennett) is starting a new life with her father in a small town after a trauma she suffered involving her mother.

She quickly becomes very popular at the private school she is enrolled in, and this causes problems with the other female students, especially Suzie (AnnaLynne McCord).

Molly tries to keep her dark past a secret, but small details start leaking out. I really don't want to say too much and give too much away, as the movie has a pretty good plot and a bizarre twist at the end.

Lert me just say that all does not end well for Molly's father, played by Jake Weber, and wgat happens to Molly is, well, predicted throughout the movie and it does come true.

I found this a very enjoyable thriller, which considering when it was made was kind of a suprise. The rest of the cast includes Chace Crawford, Shannon Woodward, Shanna Collins, Nina Siemaszko, Jessica Lowndes and Josh Stewart.

Again, not too bad of a movie and it does have a few good jump scares and a great twist.

Friday, May 17, 2024


William Grefe is 94.


I used to own an original poster for this movie, but never saw it until the other day.

This was a pretty weird movie, but I have to say I did enjoy it. The plot involves a group of tourists who travel to a small Caribbean island and watch a voodoo ceremony.

The trouble starts when they cannot get back because the bus is broken down and the driver is missing. One by one each person meets a bloody death and the movie leads you to believe that zombies or some such monster is killing them.

It turns out to be a drug cartel that is seeking stolen money. No matter what you may have been led to believe, this film does move at a good pace. It starts off with Rita Jenrette nude in the shower and I have to admit that is a good start. The killings are brutal and the effects are what you'd expect in a very low budget film.

Jenrette was married to a congressman that she exposed as a swinger and then posed nude in Playboy before making this film. Neither really helped her career, but it does make this film an anomoly.

Yes, it's presented by Troma, but don't let that deter you from watching it. It's very watchable.


Deborah Dutch is 73.