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Monday, January 31, 2022


Another movie nobody seems to like but me.

I hadn't seen this since the VHS days, but ti always sticks in my mind. This is a follow up to the original film, and it's quite good as far as I am concerned.

Gregory Harrison stars as Dan, a man whose torn between his childhood sweetheart Brenda (Robin Riker) and a perverse radio talk show host named Dr. Claire Archer (Lisa Pescia).

Dan is prone to violence against women due to a lot of childhood trauma and he calls the show of Dr. Archer. Almost immediately Claire is taken by Dan and she arranges to meet him.

Claire herself is unstable and really enjoys giving and receiving pain. Her boss at the radio station played by Morton Downey, Jr. digs into her backgound and finds she killed someone, but was acquitted.

IN the meantime Claire and Dan start a dangerous relationship, but soon Dan wants out so he can spend time with Brenda. Claire then begins to try and destroy Dan's life.

They used to run this a lot on Cinemax back in the day, which is where I first caught it, then I had to get the VHS I enjoyed it so much. The rest of the cast includes Clint Howard, John Landis, Cynthia Ettinger and Frank Novak.

If you like these kinds of Erotic thrillers you will like this one. Recommended!! Pescia is a perfect psycho.


Daniela Bianchi is 80.

Saturday, January 29, 2022


Heather Graham is 52, Katharine Ross is 82, Tom Selleck is 77, Marc Singer is 74, and Janus Blythe is 71.

Friday, January 28, 2022


Barbi Benton is 72, Armando Silvestre is 96, Jack Hill is 89, and Ashlyn Henson is 31.

Thursday, January 27, 2022


Not much of a plot, but an enjoyable film however.

Fred Williamson stars as a policeman named Dakota Smith, who has been having nothing but internal problems with the department, but soon something else gets his attention.

Dakota has a boss named Teak Taylor (Robert Forster) and he assigns him to a case involving a media obsessed serial killer who films his victims as he kills them. Assigned to help Dakota is officer Kristin O' Conner (Cynthia Rothrock).

They become involved with each other during the case and the killer targets Dakota on a personal level and this only enrages him. The Video Stalker" as he is dubbed by the media is very clever and manages to outsmart the police, but only for a while.

The killer kidnaps Kristin and Dakota must do his best to save her. This is a fast moving film and I enjoyed it even though it offered nothing new. I like Williamson is almost anything and this is no exception.

Robert Prentiss does a very good job as the psycho killer and almost manages to steal the show.

Rothrock does a credible job as well, and it's easy to see why she made a slew of similar films. If you like simple action movies, this is a film you might want to see. I saw it on streaming as it appeared on my recommended list. Not too shabby at all.


Melissa Brasselle is 57.

Tuesday, January 25, 2022


Now this film was a great piece of work!

I have read tons of bad reviews about this movie, but damn I enjoyed it on many levels. The movie opens with a man in police custody named Paul (Nick Cornish). He is being questioned by the cops about a body found in the trunk of his car.

Paul claims that his psychotic wife hid the body there and she has since disappeared. The police call in an FBI agent to further questuion Paul, and then we are taken by flashback to the entire morbid tale.

Paul fell in love and quickly married a beautiful young woman named Kathryn (lindy Booth) and they headed for a honeymoon in a small town on the Oregon coast. Paul doesn't know too much about Kathryn's past, but he does notice subtle hints that it probably wasn't the best.

The first odd thing to hasppen is at a little gas station when Kathryn is waiting in line a a total jerk played by Eric Roberts bursts in and startes making demands to the cashier. Soon, he is found in the bathroom with his throat cut.

They arrive at a little motel run by Sam (Roy Scheider) and soon people start dying around the motel. Everyone who becomes friends with the couple meet a violent death.

The local Sheriff believes that Paul is guilty of the murders but FBI agent Dan McCloud (Doug Wert) isn't so sure. That's about all I can tell you without giving the great twist ending.

This caught me way off guard, and if you listen to the dialogue at the end it comes a a huge surprise. The movie is well acted and Lindy Booth is, as always, hotter than hell. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED thriller.

The rest of the cast includes Tia Carrere, Daryl Hannah, Robert Shafer and Caitlyn Folley.


Michelle McCool is 42.

Sunday, January 23, 2022


Not a good film, but not a bad one either.

Christopher Ray directed this tale about several people who think they are stranded on an unchated and deserted island, but find out otherwise.

It turns out that the island is being used by the military to breed a strange kind of flying reptile monsters. Why? Who knows. Gil Gerard stars as General Morganstern, who is the head of the project.

The survivors and some special ops personnel try and fight the flying creature, but they are killed one by one in gruesome ways. The CGI effects are not very good, but that can only be expected in films like this anymore.

The movie moved along at a fast enough pace, but the plot is overly simple and the characters are not really flushed out. As a matter of fact the viewer doesn't really care if they live or not.

Ray is the son of Fred Olen Ray and he has made a few very enjoyable films, but this is not one of the better ones. If you watch this film you simply have to turn your brain off and enjoy.

If you happen to catch this on streaming or DVD you might like it, but please don't expect much. The rest of the cast includes Michael Caden, Michelle Draper, Yahaira Love and Gerald Webb.


Mariska Hargitay is 58, and Gil Gerard is 79.

Saturday, January 22, 2022


Not too bad of a film.

After the Vietnam War a has been monster hunter named Bill Randa (John Goodman) covinces the US Government to sponser and fund a trip to an uncharted island in the South Pacific.

He claims it's a research project, and before you know it there is an expedition headed to "Skull Island". Randa is secretly hoping to find proof that a huge monster lives there.

Samuel L. Jackson is Preston Packard, who is leading a bunch of military men on the same trip. After arriving at the island a fleet of helicopters takes off and flies thru the clouds that always surrond the island. Much to their surprise a huge ape batters most of them out of the sky like toys.

This sets up a battle for survival between the men and the monsters that inhabit the island. There are weird flesh eating birds, giant spiders and much more.

Packard has a private war going with Kong who killed so many of his men, and he becomes almost careless doing so.

This was not a bad film at all. I went into it thinking I would be disappointed, but it was quite a surprise that I was really involved with it. All of the performances are very good,

The rest iof the cast includes Brie Larson, Tom Hiddleston, Caorey Hawkins and John C. Reilly. If you haven't seen this yet, take a peek and see what you think.


Linda Blair is 63.

Friday, January 21, 2022


The actor.singer known as Meat Loaf has passed away.

His first appearance in a film was back in 1962 in "State Fair" in a small uncredited role, but 13 years later he came screaming on the scene with his role in the cult classic "Rocky Horror Picture Show".

In the 70's Aday had some monster rock hits including "Paradise By The Dashboard Lights", "Two Out Three Ain't Bad" and "Bat Out Of Hell".

Aday also had an interesting movie career with roles in such films as "Roadie", "Americathon", and the film I worked with him on entitled "Everything That Rises" in 1998.

Aday was a gentleman and not your usual "Hollyweird" type, despite his reputation. A larger than life musical talent has left us an impressive legacy. Aday died on January 20th, 2022 at the age of 74.

RIP R. DEAN TAYLOR 1939-2022

The singer and songwriter has died.

R. Dean Taylor was a Canadian singer and songwriter that was most known in the USA for his huge hit from 1970 entitled "Indiana Wants Me". That song peaked at number 5 on the Billboard chart.

He is also known for two lesser hits entitled "Gotta See Jane" and "There's A Ghost In My House". Taylor also worked for Motown and was one of the most underrated talents in the music world.

He passed away on January 7th, 2022 at the age of 82.


Audrey Dalton is 88.

Thursday, January 20, 2022


No too bad of an 80's quickie horror film.

The gorgeous Elizabeth Kaitan stars as a college student named Julie. She is sexually assulted by two students and seeks a most interesting type of revenge.

On the advice of a friend she makes a deal with a Necromancer, which is a female demon that feeds off of hate and death. Julie is so desparate for revenge she makes a pact with this demon and it does it's job way too well.

Every man Julie hates ends up dead in one gruesome form or another. Finally Julie decides she has had enough and then tries to stop the demon from it's killing spree.

This isn't too bad of a film, but it is not to well known. Kaitan is always a pleasure to see in any film, and she makes this one a winner in my opinion as well.

The rest of the cast includes John Tyler, Rhonda Dorton, Shawn Eisner and Russ Tamblyn. I found this while searching Tubi and I wasn't disappointed.


Tom Baker is 88, and Jack Grinnage is 91.

Wednesday, January 19, 2022


Weena has passed away.

The beautiful Yvette Mimieux who I grew up with watching is so many wonderful roles passed away on January 18th, 2022 just 10 days after she turned 80.

Yvette started her acting career in such 1950's TV fare as "Yancy Darringer" and "One Step Beyond" as well as "Mr. Lucky".

However it was in 1960 at the young age of 18 that Mimieux made a l;asting impression on many of us reading this blog by her starring role as Weena in "The Time Machine" with Rod Taylor.

She was an innocent beauty in that film and that is always how I saw her from that point on, even in other films such as "Neptune Factor", "Jackson County Jail", "Snowbeast" and "Devil Dog From Hell".

Mimieux made even the not so great films she was in watchable. A great talent, a beautiful woman and one whose lasting memory will always be with me.


A very rare film that I happened to catch on disc.

This German production is Argentinian but does have English subtitles. A beautiful stripper named Laura (Libertad Leblanc) is given an envelope by her lover and told not to open it unless he dies.

Well lo and behold he is killed and Laura opens the envelope to find half of a treasure map and instructions on where to locate the second part. She flies to Guayaquil and meets with a man who has the other half.

It tells of a great treasure hidden in the jungle, but it's located in a very dangerous area inhabited by a head hunting tribe. The man played by Ricardo Bauleo, and Laura decide to take the risks and obtain the treasure.

During the expidition Laura's beauty arouses every single man she meets and this causes nothing but trouble with her hunting partner and the local natives.

It's not too bad of a movie, but there is very little known about it and even less written. The print, is of course washed out, but that is to be expected with this kind of movie.

Libertad is a knockout and it's easy to see why all the men get aroused. She was born in Argentinia and she passed away this year on April 29th. If you get the chance you might want to seek this out.


Shelley Fabares is 78, Tippi Hedren is 92, and Linda Hayden is 69.

Tuesday, January 18, 2022


The talented and under used actress has died.

Carole began her short acting career in TV with such shows as "Sanford and Son", "Julia" and "The Paul Lynde Show" just to name a few.

Her movie roles are all something to remember, especially the 1974 film "Abby" where she played a young woman possessed by the devil. Her other great appearances include "Big Bird Cage", "Dynamite Brothers", Black Samson" and "Disco Godfather".

Before she got into acting she was a backup singer for Bobbie Gentry. Carole Speed died on Jan. 14th, 2022 at the age of 76.


Ted DiBiase is 68.

Sunday, January 16, 2022


Creaky but fun little thriller.

The plot is pretty much straight forward. A city councilman is shot and killed while doing a drug investigation at a seedy sideshow carnival.

The daughter of the man accused of the crime teams with a newspaper reporter to find the real killer. The film moves along well and should please B movie lovers.

This film is brought to us by Willis Kent Productions and was one of hundreds of small independent films made during the depression era that tried to lure people into theaters.

The cast includes Henry B. Walthall, John Harron, Phyllis Barrington and Tom O' Brien. This is available from many different sources and the quality varies, but it's a good film for what it is.


John Carpenter is 74, Caroline Munro is 73, Sade is 63, and Marilu Tolo is 78.

Saturday, January 15, 2022

RIP ALEX REBAR 1940-2021

I have just received word that the "Incredible Melting Man" has died.

Rebar may be most famous for playing the title role in the above mentioned classic from 1977, but he had a very interesting career.

He was a co-writer of the horror classic "Beyond The Door" and wrote the screenplay for the Christmas shocker entitled "To All A Goodnight" as well as full writing credit for the 1976 gem called "Demented".

He also appeared on TV shows such as "Chips", "Simon and Simon" just to name a couple. He passed away on Nov. 21st, 2021 at the age of 81.


The title above is what I saw this movie called on Tubi.

It's also known as "Thy Neighbor's Wife" and "Poison".

A beautiful woman named Ann Stewart (Kari Wuhrer) is shocked when her husband Chris (Larry Poindexter) kills himself after a failure to get a much sought after job at the advertising firm he works at.

She blames his boss and the new woman they hired instead of her husband. First she kills Mr. Slider (Jay Richardson) and his girlfriend in a spectacular explosion at his home.

Ann then sets her sights on Nicole Garrett (Barbara Crampton) and her family by posing as a housekeeper after she kills the original housekeeper and stuffs her body in the family freezer.

She slowly poisons Nicole who is a diabetic, sexually seduces her husband Scott (Jeff Trachta) and her son David (Seth Jones), and makes Nicole's neglected daughter Darla (Melissa Stone) into a sexually provocative boy toy.

The family is slowly ripped apart and the ending is full of twists and turns that I found very well done. Poor Scott gets a sad fate he didn't really deserve, but Ann escapes free as a bird.

This is a very dark film and Jim Wynorski handles it very well as only he can. If you like beautiful women in films, twisted story lines and over the top everything else, you'll enjoy this little slice of erotic cinema.


Phyllis Coates is 95, and Barbie Blank is 35.

Thursday, January 13, 2022