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Sunday, January 31, 2016


Finally got a chance to view this film the other day.

Robert Aldrich directed this western starring Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. Sinatra is Zack Thomas and Martin is Joe Jarrett. The two manage to steal $100,000 dollars and crooks are always on their trail.

Charles Bronson is the main baddie in this film as he is a hired killer who tries to kill Thomas and Jarrett. The two men are aided by the gorgeous Anita Ekberg and the hotter than hell Ursula Andress.

The comedy is light an works in the story just fine and the Three Stooges even have small roles as a trio of idiots who deliver a naked portrait of Andress to the newly purchased riverboat casino that both men have bought. I enjoyed the laid back style and the fun that everyone working on the film seemed to have.

If you like westerns, you might like this little film that seems to have faded into slight obscurity. The supporting cast includes Jack Elam, Richard Jaeckel, Victor Buono, Mike mazurki, Wesley Addy, Virginia Christine, and Ellen Corby. Recommended!!


Daniela Bianchi is 74.

Saturday, January 30, 2016


The fine British actor has passed away.

Frank Finlay has a very illustrious career that spanned over 50 years.

He starred in such films as "THE DEADLY BEES", "MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING", "SHAFT IN AFRICA", "LIFE FORCE" and many, many more.

What is really strange is that he passed away today (Jan. 30th) and I watched my favorite movie of his tonight which is "LIFE FORCE". Very eerie. He was 89.


Three tales of terror from the pen of Nathanial Hawthorne.

Vincent Price stars in all three tales and that alone makes this movie very watchable. In the first story entitled "Dr. Heidigger's Experiment" Price stars along with Sabastian Cabot as two old friends who accidentally discover water that makes one young again and also gives life to the dead. Heidigger (Cabot) uses it on the body of the woman he loves who died 38 years ago. She comes back to life, and then the terror sets in.

The woman is played by lovely Mari Blanchard and she plays well off of Cabot and Price. Good story with a great ending.

The second tale is called "Rappaccini's Daughter" and stars Price as Dr. Giacomo Rapaccini, a man who has no love for the world and also has a very lovely daughter, Beatrice, played by Joan Taylor. Rappaccini it seems is bitter about his wife leaving him many years ago so he has developed a formula and injected his daughter with it. Everything she touches burns and dies and that is only half the problem.

One day a young man played by Brett Halsey sees Beatrice in the garden and instantly falls for her. After much chasing he finally learns what is what and there the story takes a very dark tone. This is a fine story with all the leads doing well with their parts. It holds your attention well.

The final story is "House Of the Seven Gables" and this time Price is Gerald Pyncheon, a man who returns to his family estate with a new bride and a hunger to find the hidden family fortune. Beverly Garland is his bride Alice and Richard Denning is his friend Jonathan.

This is a solid tale of murder, madness, greed and much more and the ending makes for a fitting end to a pretty good omnibus film. For some reason this is largely ignored by fans of horror as well as Vincent Price fans. It is irected by Sidney Salkow and the widescreen photography is beautiful on this Blu-ray disc.

If you haven't already, I would check this out. As I said, a pretty good horror film.


Dorothy Malone is 91, and Rebecca Quin is 29.

Friday, January 29, 2016


I talked about this film a couple of years ago and have finally re-watched it on Bluray and it looks even better than it did before.

Uma Thurman is a former assassin who has her entire wedding party slaughtered by a man named Bill and his army of killers that she once belonged to.

This movie you probably all know anyway, but it always amuses me just how many references to 60's horror films and TV shows are in this film.

Anyway, if you get the chance, check it out.


Heather Graham is 46, Tom Selleck is 71, Katherine Ross is 76, and Marc Singer is 68.

Thursday, January 28, 2016


Pretty good peplum film.

Gordon Scott stars as Marcus Lucilius, a man who vows to protect a young woman and winds up a Gladiator fighting in Rome. The young woman turns out to be a Princess who also happens to be a Christian.

She convinces Marcus of her religious beliefs and he helps fight for the Christians who are being killed and persecuted by the Romans.

There are some interesting scenes in this film and more than a few times one seems to see nothing but hopelessness in any situation. Scott plays the role well and so does his leading lady Wandisa Guida, who made quite a few of these kinds of films.

The print from Mill Creek isn't good as far as color goes, but it is very watchable. recommended for fans of Peplum films.


Barbi Benton is 66.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Very odd entry in the series.

Dan Vadis stars as Argolese, one of the many sons Hercules apparently had. This time he saves the daughter of a king from a savage lion. After this is done he fights a huge dragon and kills it. With this feat he has been promised the hand of the daughter in marriage.

Argolese returns only to find the village burned and the people captured and taken as slaves by a violent people known as the "Demulus" who live in a mountain.

The rest of the film finds Argolese facing all kinds of peril until he finally defeats the evil kingdom. This is a weird film as it is split into part 1 and part 2 for some reason.

I was also surprised to see Ken Clark of "ATTACK OF THE GIANT LEECHES" fame in this movie. Not too bad, but very odd. The print from Mill Creek is ok but at the end it really gets shitty.


Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Bridget Fonda is 52.

RIP ABE VIGODA 1921-2016

One of the most recognized character actors has passed away.

Vigoda acted in obscurity until he was cast in the 1972 movie "THE GODFATHER" as Sal Tessio. From that point on, Vigoda was famous.

His role on the sitcom "Barney Miller" as Phil Fish propelled Vigoda to super-stardom and he never looked back. Vigoda was also the kind of person who didn't mind being famous.

Vigoda arrpeared in many, many TV shows from "DARK SHADOWS" and "MANNIX" to "B.J. AND THE BEAR". he died in his sleep at the age of 94. May he rest in peace.


A top notch Film Noir that once seen is never forgotten.

Dick Powell stars as Phillip Marlowe, a private detective hired by a goon named Moose Malloy to find his missing girl friend, Velma.

The case gets much deeper than Marlowe expects an he soon finds himself involved in a web of blackmail, murder, theft and much more. The sequences in which Marlowe is drugged and having hallucinations are some of the best scenes of their kind ever done.

Mike Mazurki is perfect as Moose and Claire Trevor is perfect as the femme fatale, Velma. Powell, up to this time had been a huge star in musicals and the producers changed the name of the film from the original title, "Farewell My Lovely" based on the Raymond Chandler novel of the same name, to "Murder My Sweet" so the public didn't think it was another musical with Powell.

Edward Dmytryk handles the directing chores just fine. This is classic Film Noir that shouldn't be missed by any film fan. If you get a chance, check it out.


Kathryn Leigh Scott is 73.

Saturday, January 23, 2016


Mariska Hargitay is 52, Tiffani Thiessen is 42, Rutger Hauer is 72, and Gil Gerard is 73.

Friday, January 22, 2016


Mark Forest stars as Maciste.

In this epic our hero travels to Egypt and finds his friends living under an oppressive queen. Chelo Alonso is excellent as the evil Smedes who rules her land using fear, intimidation and death.

There are many plot points that reminded me of old serials from the 40's including the use of a medallion that can make people into zombies.

Maciste finally leads a revolt and the evil queen is killed and then the land is returned to normal. The scenery for this film is also eye catching as this takes place in 11 BC Egypt, and looks very unusual for a peplum film of this kind.

The print from Mill Creek is very splicy, but it will have to do until someone decides to treat these films with the respect they deserve.


Linda Blair is 57.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


It has been a long time since I talked about this gem.

James Brolin and Richard Benjamin star as two men who are vacationing in a resort called Westworld, which represents a perfect replica of the old west circa the late 1800's.

There are also two other amusement parks there as well. One is Roman World and the other is Medieval World. The men have a great time and Benjamin is taunted by a stranger who looks like Yul Brynner in his MAGNIFICENT SEVEN outfit. The outlaw is shot and killed and both men continue to have a blast.

The robots are perfect replicas of humans but as is slowly pointed out in the film, there has been trouble and it is growing. Before you know it all of the robots have gone berserk and have started killing all the tourists. Brolin is shot and killed by the very same outlaw Benjamin has killed twice before, and Benjamin finds himself fleeing for his life with the robot gunslinger in hot pursuit.

This is a fabulous film that has a huge following and is still one of a kind as far as I am concerned. Brynner is right on the spot with his performance as a robot gunslinger who suddenly tuns real killer. If you haven't seen this film I really recommend you by a ticket to Delos and see what happens.


Stacy Dash is 49, Tom Baker is 82, and Jack Grinnage is 85.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016


A long time wrestler has passed away at the age of 64.

Mike Sharpe entertained fans of the WWE for over twenty years with his brawling style and his "chest to win" attitude. He was one of the most underrated talents in the WWE when he started his career in 1977.

Sharpe was never any higher than a mid card talent, but that is not an insult by any means. The man knew his business and was a staple on all WWE programming for years and gained fame as the second most famous "jobber" behind Barry Hororwitz.

He was found dead in his apartment in Hamilton, Ontario Canada this weekend and the cause of death has yet to be determined. Sharpe had been having health problems. He will be missed.


Tippi Hedren is 86, Shelley Fabares is 72, Fritz Weaver is 90, John Richardson is 82, and Linda Hayden is 63.

Monday, January 18, 2016

RIP GLENN FREY 1948-2016

Damn, the founding member of the Eagles has passed away.

Frey died of complications from rheumatoid arthritis, acute ulcerative colitis and pneumonia. His accomplishments in the music world are unchallenged and he helped bring a great shot in the arm to pop music in the 70's and 80's.

The Eagles sold over 120 million records and had a HUGE influence on me during the 70's. I really don't know what else to say, but we have lost one of the biggies. Fans of 70's music have lost a part of their collective lives. Frey was 67.


It's been a long time since I watched this, and had I forgotten a lot.

Starman helps defend the Earth from an invasion of evil Salamander Men from the Kulimon planet in the Moffit Galaxy. Does that make sense? Well not really, but then again this IS a Starman film.

Ken Utsui is the hero Starman in this bizarre outing. It seems the Salamander Men are trying to use a virus to take over the Earth. They also try changing the orbit of the earth as well, but all efforts are stopped by the hero from the Emerald planet.

You have to watch these films with a complete suspension of dis-belief or they won't work. I can do that, so I enjoy these films immensely for what they entertainment.

Check this out if you're so inclined.


Ted DiBiase is 62.

Sunday, January 17, 2016


One of the most powerful films ever made.

Based on actual incidents and a sensational trial, this thrilling film noir directed by Phil Karlson really packs a punch.

Richard Kiley stars as a young man returning from military service in Germany. His name is John Patterson and he joins his father in the small town of Phenix City, Alabama. His father, Albert Patterson (John McIntire) is an attorney who has turned a blind eye to all of the corruption and vice going on in town.

On his first night back, John is involved in a violent fight involving the good people who want to bring law and order to town, and the corrupt lawbreakers. Albert decides to run for Attorney General but is killed by those who knows that will spell the end of their business.

His son takes up the fight and then it is all out war between the two factions. There are some truly disturbing scenes in this film such as the killing of a black child whose body is then tossed onto the yard of Albert and John. When I first saw that scene I was shocked, and it STILL packs a wallop. To think that people actually, even today stoop to such insanity angers me a lot.

Karlson really bring the film together. Kiley is top notch and McIntire does his usual great job. The two most standout performances are those of Edward Andrews as Rhett Tanner, the man who runs all the vice in Phenix City and the man who plans the death of children including having them run over by cars while riding their bikes, and John larch as a tough goon who takes delight in beating people up.

Both are terrific. Of all the hundreds upon hundreds of Film Noir I have seen, this is easily in the top film great ones. If you get a chance I highly recommend you check this out. It is something you will never forget. Kathryn Grant has good role in this film too, and what happens to her really shocked me as well, as I am sure it will do to you.


Cristina Galbo is 66.

Saturday, January 16, 2016


Interesting modern creature feature.

I take an interest in this film since it was done in the very town in Montana I lived for 23 years, and the town I made all of my movies in as well...Livingston, Montana.

A mining accident unleashes a horde of meat eating dinosaurs on a small town and some local residents must fight for their lives. That is the very simple premise behind this film.

The only actor I know here is Eric Roberts in a bizarre role as the alcoholic father of the hero played by Rib Hillis. As is usual in modern films, there is no connection made between the characters and the audience, but one the monster start running around it's rather pointless anyway.

The monsters are all CGI, which is never good. However it's not too bad. The death scenes are pretty well done and I need to keep an eye on Heather Foote, a gorgeous young woman who might just be in more low budget films like this.

The film is interesting viewing for fans of low budget films, and I was especially kicked in the head by seeing such things like my old apartment in the movie. Livingston has been the site of many, many films over the years and hopefully it will be used more for films like this.


John Carpenter is 68, Caroline Munro is 67, and Marilu Tolo is 72.

Friday, January 15, 2016


The actor best known as Grizzly Adams has passed away.

Haggerty starred in the NBC series "Grizzly Adams" for two years and when the show ended he made numerous guest appearances on many shows including "Charlie's Angels" and many more.

Haggerty was diagnosed with cancer of the spine just this past August and it took him quickly.

People who read this blog may also remember him from such films as "TERROR NIGHT", and "THE CHILLING". His career started back in 1952 and continued until his death. He has left a very positive legacy behind him. Haggerty was 74.


This is the final year for the landmark show.

This year Shelley Hack was replaced by the incredibly gorgeous Tanya Roberts who is actually my second favorite Angel on the show. Some of the episodes are a little strained as one might suspect with a shortened final season.

Here is the episode rundown from season 5.

ANGEL IN HIDING 11/30/80...This is the episode where Julie Rogers (Tanya Roberts)joins the angels after they find, during an investigation, that she is also doing an investigation of a drug dealer and a murder. The cast includes Vic Morrow and Christopher Lee.

TO SEE AN ANGEL DIE 11/30/80...Bosley and the Angels go to the Hawaiian branch of Townsend Investigations. Kris is kidnapped by a man and his two children who believe Kris is responsible for her death. Cameron Mitchell appears in this episode.

ANGELS OF THE DEEP 12/7/80...Julie has taken up scuba diving and her friend, she later discovers is looking for a huge supply of grass that has sunk under the waves.

ISLAND ANGELS 12/14/80...Julie indentifies a member of a terrorist group who is coming to Hawaii to kill a diplomat. A great cast includes Barbi Benton, Randolph Mantooth, Lyle Waggoner, Richard Jaeckel, Keye Luke, and Carol Lynley.

WAIKIKI ANGELS 1/4/81...The Angels go undercover as lifeguards to catch the kidnappers of a politicians daughter. Dan Haggerty does a great job as a totally psychotic kidnapper and drug user.

HULA ANGELS 1/11/81...A man is kidnapped in his own nightclub and his wife cannot come up with the ransom, so she hires the Angels. Gene Barry stars.

Moonshinin Angels 1/24/81...The Angels are called in to find out why to families involved in moonshine are still feuding. This is probably the worst episode of the fifth season.

HE MARRIED AN ANGEL 1/31/81...The Angels are hired to catch a conman and they decide to teach him a lesson he will never forget.

TAXI ANGELS 2/7/81...The Angels are called in to investigate an attempted murder at a small cab company.

ANGEL ON THE LINE 2/14/81...When the Angels investigate a murder at a dating club, Kelly becomes the target of the killer. This is one of the most bizarre episodes ever and you'll not forget the ending to this one.

CHORUS LINE ANGELS 2/21/81...Dancers are disappearing during rehearsals for a musical and the Angels are called in to investigate.

STUNTWOMEN ANGELS 2/28/81...A man dressed as an archer is causing accidents at a movie studio and the angels are called in to stop him, if possible.

ATTACK ANGELS 6/3/81... One of the best episodes of the entire series!! Eric Braeden stars as a man who uses a deadly form of hypnosis on women to make them into unsuspecting killers so he can take over the corporation. Brett Halsey and BarBara Luna also star.

ANGEL ON A ROLL 6/10/81...A man opens 12 different bank accounts under different names and then proceeds to rob them all at once. The Angels must stop him.

MR. GALAXY 6/17/81...Several attempts are made on the life of a bodybuilder and the Angels are called in to protect him. I have to admit Tanya Roberts does more for gym shorts than any other woman in recent memory.

LET OUR ANGEL LIVE 6/24/81...Kelly is shot point blank by a man she has been watching on a stakeout and an emotional Bosley, Kris and Julie spend the night reminiscing about past cases and hoping Kelly lives thru the night.

That was the 16 episodes that comprised the final season. The show was dying at the time and the producers tried to spice it up by having the Angels in Hawaii for six episodes and a bevy of huge stars, but to no avail. I still love this show, and if you do to I would recommend this set from Sony. It has been re-issued several times in separate seasons, but mine is an all inclusive 27 disc set.