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Thursday, November 30, 2023


A brutal and well made film.

Lee J. Cobb stars as Walter Mitchell the owner of a sweatshop in New York whose workers want a union. Mitchell has used mob muscle to keep the union out for the past 15 years.

When Mitchell's son (Kerwin Matthews) returns from 5 years in Europe he is almost immediately pulled into the war. Alan does not see things the way his father does, but he avoids getting involved.

Alan befriends Tony (Harold J. Stone) a man who is the leader of the people working in the shop and after he witnesses the brutal beating of some union men including Tulio Renata (Robert Loggia), Alan decides that his father is very wrong.

Tulio is killed by mob men on orders from their boss Artie Ravidge (Richard Boone) and the entire situation becomes very deadly for everyone. The violence escalates to the point of no return and finally Walter has had enough of the violence started by Artie and he demands Artie back off.

This results in Artie having Walter killed and soon everything starts coming apart. Alan has books and records of Artie's criminal dealing and tries to take them to the police.

This movie is a prime example of late 50's film noir, and everything about the movie works very well. It's brutal, downbeat and always compelling. The cast is top notch and also includes Valerie French, Gia Scala, Joseph Wiseman, Adam Williams, Wesley Addy (in a great role by the way), Celia Lovsky, Willis Bouchey and Suzanne Alexander.

If you get a chance you really should check this out.


Trinity Fatu is 36.

Wednesday, November 29, 2023


Well done film noir.

Dick Powell stars as Treasury agent Michael Barrows who is assigned a very difficult case.

After seeing a 100 Chinese slaves killed on a ship while going after said same ship, Barrows decides to investigate the mass murder. The trail takes him on a dangerous mission to stop a huge drug import.

The trail takes him to Shanghai where he meets Ann Grant (Signe Hasso) believing she is actually Jean Hawks, the leader of the smuggling ring. Along with Ann is a young Chinese girl who has dreams of finally coming to America for a better life. Her name is Shu Pan Wu (Maylia).

Barrows cannot get any evidence to pin on Ann and so he ends up traveling to Cairo, Beirut and Havana. He is almost killed several times by mysterious people and soon ends up back in Shanghai.

Barrows meets many people along the way and works with other agents including Commissioner Lum Chi Chow (Vladimir Sokoloff) who happens to be his best friend in this case.

It all wraps up at the US border when Barrows discovers who the real ring leader is, and it does come as quite a twist in this already twisted tale. If you enjoy crime and film noir, you'll no doubt like this. Powell gives the role his all and it wqrks perfectly.

The rest of the wonderful cast includes Ludwig Donath, Edgar Barrier, John Hoyt and Luis Van Rooten. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!


Gena Lee Nolin is 52, and Jerry Lawler is 74.

Tuesday, November 28, 2023


The lovely actress has passed away.

Nan's career in front of the camera lasted only from 1958 thru 1964, but who could ever forget her.

She made her acting debut in what has become a 50's classic of science fiction, "The Hideous Sun Demon" and she never looked back. Although that is her mostr famous role, she appeared in many TV shows such as "The Twilight Zone", "Men Into Space", "Gunsmoke" and many others.

While she worked mostly in TV, she found time for a few other movies including "Lousiana Hussy", "Girls Town" and "Shotgun Wedding".

Always a treat to see in anything, she will be missed. Nan passed away on August 15th, 2023 at the age of 92.


Joe Dante is 77.

Sunday, November 26, 2023


This is an excellent British film noir.

Victor Mature stars as an ex US military man who stays in England after his discharge because his wife does not want to go to America. Mature's character of Harry Miller gets a job with a trucking firm run by Joe Easy (Patrick Allen).

Easy is in charge of a crime syndicate that is running the British trucking industry and that is when Harry starts having trouble. He stops a couple of men from stealing out of a truck and that lands him in hot water.

Secondly he meets a stunning blonde, Lynn (Diana Dors) who is Joe's girl, but not really by choice. You can tell by the look in Harry's eyes that he knows he is doomed because of Lynn.

Lynn and Harry have a one night stand in an out of the way diner/motel and that pretty much seals their fate. Harry learns that his child may not really be his and Lynn runs away from Easy.

There are a lot of plot twists in this fine film and at the conclusion Easy forces Harry and Lynn to helphim smuggle stolen furs across into Scotland from Liverpool.

I won't give away the ending, but lets just say it's typical noir. Everyone is very good in this film, but it is Dors who steals the show. Her performance as Lynn is one of the best I have ever seen in a film noir.

She is a beautiful woman who knows what she wants in life, but can never obtain it. The final scene of her in the back of a taxi is one that is not soon forgotten.

I cannot recommend this enough for Noir fans or fans of the two leads. Man, they just don't make women like Diana any more.


Lisa Moretti is 62.

Saturday, November 25, 2023


This is also known as "Ring Of Darkness" and it sat on the shelf for two years until it was finally released in 1979.

The film centers around 4 women who have made a pact with Satan to be his brides. The child of one of the women is now 13 and begins to exhibit some very evil signs.

I love Italian and Spanish horror films more than anything else in the film world, but this Italian mess was hard to sit thru simply because it made no sense.

Mind you, it's not boring, but things happen with no explanation, scenes change so fast the viewer has a hard time keepting track of everything. It combines, "The Exorcist", "The Omen" and other such films into it's plot and I got a kick out of the music score, which used some of the music from Goblin and "Dawn Of The Dead".

The cast in wonderful as is usual for Italian cinema and it features Anne Heywood, Valentina Cortese, Irene Papas, the incredibly gorgeous Marisa Mell, Frank Finlay. John Phillip Law and Paola Tedesco.

I would recommend this only if you haven't seen it and you're like me and have to see every Italian horror film ever made. Others may want to stay away as it is so damned disjointed.

Or maybe just watch it for the women, they are always beautiful.


Kathryn Grant is 90, and Beverly Washburn is 80.

Friday, November 24, 2023


I caught this Antonio Margheriti directed muscle popper on TUBI in a beautiful widescreen print. I had previously seen this in a washed out cropped print entitled "Devils Of The Desert vs. The nSone Of Hercules".

Kirk Morris is Anthar, a super strongman who fights an evil ruler named Ganor (Mario Feliciani). Ganor murders Sandor who happens to be the Sultan of Baghdad in order to gain power.

Anthar gets mixed up with this power grab when he rescues a woman running from her would be captors. She is Princess Soraya (Michele Girardon). Before you know it everyone is captured by the evil Ganor and it looks bad for every kingdom he wants to conquer.

This is a pretty standard sword and sandal film, but it is entertaining and I have to admit seeing it like it should be seen was a revalation. I wish all of these kinds of movies were remastered, but alas there has only been a handful.

This movie does have tons of action and adventure and Margheriti does his usual good job with the material. If you're a fan of this genre you may want to see this film in all it's beauty and color.


Debra Lamb is 60, and Beth Pheonix is 43.

Thursday, November 23, 2023


This is a standard programmer with some sci-fi elements thrown in for good measure.

I had never seen the movie, but always wanted to because of the cast. William Lundigan stars as Bob Gage, an engineer who is hired by his firm to design a city to be built underwater.

The movie chronicles the building of the city and some of the dangers involved. There are a lot of characters involved in this film, and if you're looking for action you won't get it here.

What you do get is a slow build to the final 5 minutes when it's discovered that the city is built on a fault line under the ocean and is completely destroyed.

This was all shot on soundstages so the underwater scenes are good, but hey, it's only a movie. The rest of the cast includes Julie Adams, Roy Roberts, Paul Dubov, Kathie Browne, Carl Benton Reid, and Karen Norris.

I do like this film and I like the color photography, but I am telling you it's slow and so you view at your own risk.


Jeannie Bell is 80.

Tuesday, November 21, 2023


Another in the long line of Columbia movies I waited years to see.

Fred F. Sears directs a great cast in a film about a young 17 year old bot named Jimmy Smigelski (James Darren in his film debut) who is forced to grow up quickly when he is torn between his parents old fashioned values and those of a gangster, Joe Brindo (Michael Granger) whom Jim admires.

There is another plot involving to gangs who are rivals and are constantly at war with each other. The movie opens with the attempted sexual assult of a young woman named Della (Laurie Carroll) and soon we have to gangs fighting and attempting to kill one another.

The film is a quickie, as the viewer can tell, but that is really the charm of these Columbia films. There are a couple of slow moments, but that's no big deal.

The cast is outstanding and also includes Timothy Carey, Robert Blake, Edgar Barrier, Celia Lovsky, Dan Terranove and David Orrick McDearmon who would also go on to be a director.

I really got sucked into the story and the running time seemed much shorter than it was. I have read a lot of bad things about this film, but everyone has an opinion.

I think you should see this and I am thankful that TUBI has aquired the Columbia package of films. Recommended.


Deborah Shelton is 75.

Monday, November 20, 2023


Interesting Korean War film.

I liked this film, but to be honest when I saw gorgeous Marla English was in it, I knew I had to watch it.

This plays like a WW2 film, but it takes place during the Korean War. A pilot who isn't liked very much, Capt. John Merrill (John Ireland) and his co-pilot Paul Jenkins (Bill Williams) are assigned to head a dangerous bombing run over a bridge in Korea.

All of the men are stationed on Okinawa where it always seems to be foggy and overcast. One of the men, Buddy Lewis (Larry Pennell) is in love with a beautiful woman named Sami (Marla English) who, along with her little brother collect and do the laundry of the men on the base.

There is a lot of personal interaction among the men, and the viewer is introduced to all of their likes, dislikes and hatreds. Sgt. Al Trask (Hugh Beaumont) for example is going thru a painful divorce and Beaumont gives it his all with the character. I think it's one of his best performances.

The rest of the cast in a B movie lovers dream. It includes William Schallert, Chet Baker, Stanley Adams, Kenne Duncan, Don Burnett and Paul Levitt. If you like film about our armed forces you might like this.

This seems to be an undiscovered film that has largely been forgotten over the years. The movie does not have a lot of action, but it does hold your attention.


Mie Hama is 80.

Sunday, November 19, 2023


Here is another great film noir crime drama on TUBI.

This shot in 7 days wonder should be much better known than it is.

Vince Edwards stars as Claude, a young man who wants to be a contract killer. He meets Mr. Moon (Michael Granger) who decides to hire him out to do several jobs.

Claude carries out the jobs perfectly and then he is told by someone higher up to kill Moon, which he does without batting an eye. After this is carried out he is now hired for a big job.

He is given 10 days to kill a woman who is the ex-wife of a mobster and she is going to be the star witness at the trial. Two men, Marc (Phillip Pine) and George (Herschel Bernardi) travel with Claude when he arrives in California for the kill.

Claude has no feelings for anyone and when he discovers that his target is a woman that bothers him. He demands more pay for the kill as he believes women are nothing but trouble anyway.

After much preperation the plan takes off, but the attempt fails. Claude devises another plan and he simply shoots the woman when she opens her front door.

All is well until it's discovered that the woman who was killed was a policewoman. Yep, this little gem is full of plot twists and turns with many of them blindsiding the viewer.

The somewhat haunting music score is by Perry Botkin and it works very well indeed. I cannot recommend this movie enough. You simply have to see it.

The rest of the cast includes Gloria Victor, Caprice Toriel, Kathy Browne, Steven Ritch and Janet Brandt.

Saturday, November 18, 2023


I had never heard of this film before I saw it just a few days ago.

Pat O'Brien stars as Lt. Cmdr. Hale, who has taken charge of a unit in the final battle of World War 2. Richard Denning is Lt. Phillips who is second in command.

We are introduced to many characters who are on one of the main ships and even though this is a very low budget effort, it still comes across as very well done. At least in my opinion.

You really get pulled into the stories involving the men on the ship as they get closer to the final battle, and during the combat scenes, the viewer still gets pulled right in with them.

The rest of the great cast includes Cameron Mitchell, Rhys Williams, James Dobson, Alvy Moore and Rudy Robles. The film runs a very short 67 minutes, which is probably one of the shortest WW2 films I have seen except those produced and directed by Roger Corman.

If you're not too demanding, you might enjoy this little film. It never fails in the entertainment catagory.


Shari Shattuck is 63, and Ian McCulloch is 84.

Friday, November 17, 2023


Now this is one disturbing film.

I first saw this back in the early 90's on TNT and recorded in on VHS. It's good to see TUBI is running this early 60's gangster/film noir classic.

John Davis Chandler is Vincent Coll, a souless, ruthless cold blooded killer in what has to be the best role of his career and a trend setter for other roles that were to come his way.

In his film debut Chandler handles the role with perfect everything. I cannot understand why he never got another leading role in a movie, but he did stay busy.

In this film, Coll is tired of pulling little jobs and so he decides to make a much bigger move. He declares war on gangster Dutch Schultz (Vincent Gardenia). Dutch doesn't take this very well and decides to get rid of Coll before any real trouble starts.

A dancer named Clio (Kay Doubleday) likes Coll, but she finds that he has no love inside of him, except for killing. The bodies start to pile up as Coll escalates the war against Schultz.

Lt. Darrow (Telly Savalas) is one the case to hunt down "Mad Dog" Coll and he proves to be very good and making the gangster a little nervous. The film comes to a bleak and dark ending inside a drugstore in a trap set by Darrow.

I don't think there has ever been a gangster portrayed quite like Mad Dog Coll as envisioned by John Davis Chandler. He is nothing but a psycho who likes hurting people because he was abused by his father. It's a performance that once seen is never forgotten.

The rest of the cast includes Jerry Orbach, Gene Hackman and Joy Harmon.


Thursday, November 16, 2023


Fine Film noir starring Dick Powell as the odd named title character.

O'Clock runs a New York gambling house with two other people. One is a gangster and the other is a crooked cop named Chuck Blayden (Jim Bannon). Blayden wants to get a bigger share of the profits and wants to be partners with the third man, Guido Marchettis (Thoman Gomez).

Blayden warn Johnny not to interfere and before long, after the mysterious death of Blayden's ex-girlfriend Harriet (Nina Foch) Johnny and Guido find themselves prime suspects in her murder.

Inspector Koch (Lee J. Cobb) dogs both men and will not leave them alone until he solves the case. Harriet's sister comes into town and falls hard for Johnny. Nancy (Evelyn Keyes) suspects Blayden, but cannot prove it. Johnny offers to help, but while this is going on, Johnny becomes the potential victim of a mob hit because Guido's brother thinks he is having an affair with his wife named Nelle (Ellen Drew).

This is a pretty tight film and all of the characters are brought to life and seem real thanks to the fine cast and expert direction by Robert Rossen.

This is another film I hadn't seen in many, many years and finally caught up to it on TUBI. It is just a good as I remember it, and Dick Powell is at the top of his game here. Ellen Drew looks beautiful as always.

The final resolution is downbeat, of course, but one gets the feeling that things will eventually be ok with the characters, those that survive anyway.

Film noir fans should really check this out.


Joanna Pettet is 81, Stene Railsback is 78, and Barbara Leigh is 77

Wednesday, November 15, 2023


A top notch film noir from director Robert Parrish.

Broderick Crawford stars as Johnny Damico, a cop who is outsmarted by a very ruthless gangster named Blackie Clay and because of this he is suspended from duty.

However, this is only a ploy as he is then put undercover to investigate and identify the underworld boss who is running the New York waterfront and having many people killed.

Demico goes by the name of Tim Flynn and poses as an ex-con who wants to work on the docks. He bullies his way around until he is brought to a man named Joe Castro (Ernest Borgnine) who has his thugs beat "Flynn" until he comes clean as to why he wants to keep running his mouth.

Damico/Flynn finds a partner in one Tom Clancey (Richard Kiley) who is a governemnt cop also investigating the corruption. There are some great plot twists here and Damico has to think quickly to get out of several very tight spots.

There is plenty of action and a lot of violence as Damico finally tracks down the real problem at the docks. This is a very worthwhile effort, and if you're a film noir fan, you'll get a kick out of this movie.

The rest of the cast includes Neville Brand, Betty Buehler, Otto Hulett, John Marley, Jay Adler, Charles Bronson and Ralph Dumke. In my opinion, this is one of the best films of it's kind.


Anni-Frid Lyngstad is 78.

Tuesday, November 14, 2023


Interesting film noir.

Nathan Juran directed this somewhat obscure gem starring Frank Lovejoy as a man who owns a drive-in food joint that is in love with one of the women who works there named Joanie Daniels (Mari Blanchard).

One day Joanie's brother, Frank (Richard Denning) shows up and he pitches an idea to Lovejoy's character of Stan into helping him obtain a huge Nazi treasure hidden in Germany.

Stan decides to go along with Joanie and Frank and before you know it, they are all headed to Germany.

There are a lot of suprise twists and turns during the first half of the movie including the one where we find out Frank and Joanie are really government agents and not brother and sister.

Frank makes up many excuses as to why they keep failing to get the treasure, and the plot thickens until the trick ending where Stan admits that he killed an MP in WW2 and has been hiding from authorities ever since.

Lovejoy comes across very well as a criminal hiding in the open and Denning is very cleaver as the agent who has been trying for 10 years to capture him, but has never had enough evidence.

The rest of the cast includes John Mylong, Harry Lauter, Steven Ritch, and John Albright.


Sandahl Bergman is 72, and Kathleen Hughes is 95.

Monday, November 13, 2023


Good little juvnile deliquency film directed by Fred Sears.

Tommy Cook stars as a crazed killer named Mike Denton. He ad his girlfriend Terry Marsh (Molly McCart) attempt to steal money from a man Molly has enticed out of a bar. This ends in disaster as both of them as well as an innocent young woman named Jane Koberly (Sue England) are arrested by the police.

Terry and Jane are sent to a women's prison, but on the way Mike interfers, killing a policeman and injuring the matron as he gets the young women into a car and they head for the countryside.

They come upon a small farm and proceed to terrorize everyone there while Mike and Terry plot their escape.

I see this film has a lot of bad reviews, but I found it to be a very well made story with Cook going over the top with his portrayal of the insane Mike.

The film is very fast paced and should please fans of the genre. The rest of the cast includes Frank Griffin, James Bell, Robert Bice and John Harvey.

Check it out, you might enjoy it.


Tom Atkins is 88, and Tracy Scoggins is 70.

Sunday, November 12, 2023


This caught be by suprise. I discovered this was running on Tubi.

I hadn't seen this classic sci-fi adventure film since the old days of HBO in 1979.

Doug McClure stars as Greg Collinson, an adventurer who has developed a diving bell capable of going to great depths. During an expidition looking for the lost city of Atlantis, the main shi is attacked by a huge octopus monster and the crew as well as the bell is taken to a mysterious world under the sea.

It is actually Atlantis and they find it being ruled by aliens who have been stranded on Earth for hundreds of years, and have been capturing people for slave labor.

Collinson and company find that they are also to be turned into slave, all but Charles Aitken (Peter Gilmore) whom the aliens consider to be highly intelligent, and therefore want him to become one with them.

There are plenty of cool monsters and lots of adventure. This is a film that is very hard to see in the fact that it has almost disappeared in the cracks of movie history.

If you enjoyed films like "At The Earth's Core", "Land That Time Forgot" and others you'llmore than enjoy this Kevin Conner directed production. The rest of the cast includes Shane Rimmer, beautiful Lea Brodie, Michael Gothard, John Ratzenberger, Cyd Charisse and Daniel Massey.

I'm glad this finally can be seen again. It's really a good little film.


Valarie Leon is 80, and Rhonda Shear is 69.

Saturday, November 11, 2023


Fun and fast paced Republic serial.

This is a solid follow-up to "Radar Men From The Moon". It tells the story of Martians who have come to Earth to blow up the entire planet so Mars can take it's place as thired from the sun.

There are 12 chapters of exciting action as we get plenty of scenes of our hero Larry Martin (Judd Holdren) flying around in his flying suit and tons of fist fights and gun battles.

It is one of the last Republic serials ever made and if you're a fan of these like I am you won't be disappointed. The cast includes Aline Towne, Wilson Wood, Land Bradford and Leonard Nimoy.

12 chapters of great fun. Check it out.


Jill Whitlow is 60.

Friday, November 10, 2023


Another suprise I found streaming.

Jesus Franco co-wrote and directed this early in his career crime film.

This is a film noir crime film about a man named Vogel who traffics guns sets up his two delivery men. One is killed by the police and the other is sent to prison.

The one sent to prison, Julius Smith (Manuel Alexandre) seeks revenge 10 years later, after his release. There are a lot of twists and turns in this movie which is set some of the time in what is supposed to be New Orleans.

It's a very simple plot that is not original by any means, but it is well done and moves along quickly. You can easily see some of the styles Franco would use over and over again in his later films.

There is the beautiful stark black and white photography and the constant jazz sounmdtrack, which Franco also wrote some of. I will always say that Jess Franco movies are one of a kind, and you can see why.

The fins cast includes Conrado San Martin, Danik Patisson, Perla Cristal, Maria Silva, George Rollins and Gerard Tichy. The print on Tubi is in Spanish with English subtitles, but don't let that sway you from watching this intense little thriller.


Nieves Navarro is 85.

Thursday, November 9, 2023


An obscure, but very well done western/film noir hybrid.

The film opens with a wagon hauling several people as passengers. One of them is Ben Trask (Lloyd Bridges) who is being taken to prison in Texas.

They come upon a young Indian brave who has been wounded and decide to take him with them. He tells them of some gold and the people agree to give him a pony to escape his own tribe if he shows them where the gold is located.

The group come top a small creek just beneath an Indian burial ground. The gold is there and the young brave steals a pony and escapes. His tribe shows up and makes the group give up their guns in order to grt some gold, but they are warned to stay off of the burial ground.

Everyone has gold fever and Trask tries to keep things under control. When a stranger named Josh Tinnen (Luther Adler) enters the picture, things start taking a turn for the worst.

Tinnen and Sheriff Chadbourne (Samuel Herrick) plot to steal more gold and Tinnen even goes to the burial ground and takes some gold, which the Indians see.

Soon everyone is turning on each other as well as having to deal with the indians. This is a very tightly wound little western directed by Elmo Williams and released by the Lippert Corporation.

The excellent cast which includes Marie Windsor, Lee J. Cobb, Syd Salor, and Dean Train do a very good job with Windsor turning in one of the best performances of her career.

I can't figure out why this isn't better known in the film world, but if you get the chance, check it out. I really think you'll like it.

Wednesday, November 8, 2023


Very well made Giallo that always gets a bad rap.

Barbara Bouchet is Francine, a gorgeous prostitute who is murdered one night after being visited by a crazy man named Antoine (Peter Martell). He is captured and tried for her murder and found guilty.

He escapes and goes on the run, but is decapitated trying to escape on a motorcycle. After his death, the murders continue and Inspector Fontaoine (Robert Sacchi) is on the case and tries to put various clues together.

There are a lot of suspects as is usual in this kind of movie and the final resolution is handled pretty well. I rreally liked this movie as a whole, but the best thing about this movie is it's cast of gorgeous women and then Sacchi himself.

Sacchi had an uncanny resemblance to Humphrey Bogart and this made him a veey good living in TV commercials and various movies. In this film he does the Bogart act very well, and I guess that's what gives this movie a bad reputation, which I simply don't understand.

The rest of the cast includes gorgeous babes such as Anita Ekberg, Rosalba Neri and Evelyn Kraft. Others include Howard Vernon, Gordon Mitchell, Xiro Papas, William Alexander and Ada Pometti.

THis is a very colorful producgtion and the murder scenes are rapidly repeated in various colors when they are happening, and I thought that was a great little added touch.

The Blu-ray is simply a beautiful presentation and I cannot recommend it enough. If you're a G iallo fan you've probably seen this already. If not check it out and you'll have a great time with it.

Tuesday, November 7, 2023


Pete Walker brings us a very disturbing, but somehow a very entertaining film.

A disgraced prison matron played by Walker regular Sheila Keith and an elderly judge named Desmond Bailey (Patrick Barr) believe that the current legal system is too lax on immorality, and thereforer start their own prison.

Their son, who is a bastard and uses the named Mark E. Desade (Robert Tayman) lures young women to the "prison" and they are tortured, whipped and then eventually hung, even for the smallest infraction of the rules.

This is a very cruel film, and yet it is also entertaining, at least it was to me. Keith is always good at playing female psychopaths and other such characters.

The movie moves along at a good pace, but I still think it would be even tighter at 90 minutes. The rest of the cast includes Barbara Markham, Ray Brooks, Ann Michelle, Dorothy Gordon and Ivor Salter.

I hadn't seen this for many years but I never forgot it. It has quite an impact on the viewer, and I would recommend this little gem. If you like the WIP genre of films, you will like this.