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Saturday, October 31, 2020


The first actor to portray James Bond in the movies has died.

Connery started his acting career in movies back in 1954 and worked on zeveral TV shows as well. He starred in DARBY O' GILL AND THE LITTLE PEOPLE and TARZAN'S GREATEST ADVENTURE in 1959 before really hitting the big time.

In 1962 he starred as the iconic super spy James Bond in Dr. No and it is for that role in many films he will forever be known. He played Bond in seven films and all are considered classics.

He was born in 1930 in Edinburgh, Scotland and passed away in the Bahamas on Oct. 31, 2020 at the age of 90.

Connery will always be James Bond but her did prove that that role was not going to stall his career. One of the best. Time for a Bond marathon.


I really don't know what to make of this film.

This movie deals with a small town in Alabama being over run with flesh eating zombies.I did get a laugh or two out of it, but that's about it.

It seems that a UFO visited a small town and somehow the dead have come back to life. The residents deal with it the best they can, but it never picks up a lot of steam.

The acting is ok, but no great shakes, and the zombie make-up is ok. There is some gore, but it's never very much which I think is a good thing because low budget films like this never get it right anyway.

Local news reports about the zombie plague makes several of the locals angry because they just want to watch a college football game on TV!! I admit you must go into this film with a sense of humor, or you won't get it, so to speak.

It's a pretty straight forward plot and it's obviously made by people who love movies, especially "Night Of The Living Dead" as you can gather when watching he beginning of the movie that takes place in a DVD rental store.

All I can say is that if you want to give this film a try, I recommend it. You might enjoy the redneck humor and have a good time. If you're looking for a serious zombie film with pros at the job look elsewhere.


Lee Grant is 95.

Friday, October 30, 2020


It has come quicker tham ever.

It' Halloween season and today is Oct. 30th. It's the 82nd anniversary of the classic Orson Wells broadcast of "War Of The Worlds" on CBS that will never be forgotten.

I listen to it every year and it NEVER gets old. Now I have to pick out which horror films to watch. I hope you all have a great Halloween.


A bizarre film indeed, but not without some entertainment value.

A failed comic named Gus (David Kemker) has a brief affair with a fridn of his wife and his wife decides to leave him. He follows her to an old farm house she grew up in.

Gus ans hid wife Deborah (Shauna Black) decide to try and work things out, but it will take time. Gus agrees to fix the old house up while Deborah looks for work in a small, nearby town.

She gets a job with an old flame that owns his own insurance business and Gus starts making the house look better, but that is when the trouble starts. As he is digging out the septic tank he digs up a dead man who siddenly comes to life.

The zomie is named Quinto and Gus starts using him as a workr to get jobs done!! However, as is like is all zombie movies, Quinto has a need to bite people. His needs start to interfere with Gus and Deborah patchingup their relationship.

The dark comedy and biting (no oun intended) commentary in the film sometimes works, and sometimes it doesn't. It is kind of hard to describe this film, but I can at least say the film makers tried something very different and it does work on certain levels.

The performances are fine, and it did get a laugh or two out of me. I had never heard of this film and I can recommend this as a good time waster. David Sparrow is fine as Quinto, and even though he isn't a typical zombie as in other films, I wasn't disappointed.

If you're so inclined, check it out.


Henry Winkler is 75, and June Blair is 88.

Wednesday, October 28, 2020


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It has been a LONG time since I saw this little Mexican gem.

German Robles stars as a scientist who profanes the tomb of an ancient Aztec general and then has to pay the price.

The head of the general comes to life and his Aztec warrior protector is sent out to get revenge in the form of cutting out the hearts of those involved in opening the tomb.

Abel Salazar is a police inspector called in to investigate. The scientists daughter is possessed by the spirit of an Aztec princess and she helps with the killings.

Things get really weird and finally good triumphs over evil and both the head and its warrior ore destroyed. This is not too bad of a film brought to USA audiences by K. Gordon Murray, but it is the hardest one to see. Why? I don't know.

It's always good to see Robles and Salazar in movies together sine they are the kings of Mexican horror cinema. The film contains some good creepy moments and it reminds me of the American film entitled "The Thing That Couldn't Die".

If you get a chance to see this rare film, I suggest you do. It's well worth the time, at least in my opinion.


Christy Hemme is 40.

Tuesday, October 27, 2020


Not to bad of a muscle popper.

This is also known as Hercules vs. The Giant Warriors and it's a pretty standard plot and very simple.

Hercules (Dan Vadis) is called in to stop an evil ruler from killing his relative, a beautifuk woman who is to become princess of the people.

The evil ruler has a special dagger that when he pulls it out of its cover an army of indestructible gold men appear. He uses this bizarre magic to keep the people in line.

Hercules has to stop the monsters, which he does with very little trouble. Vadis was always a good Hercules type character in these films and he used no stuntman in his films.

There is a lot of fun in this film, and it moves along at a very brisk pace. The gold men are something to see, and they make a good adversary for Hercules.

If you are a fan of this genre you won't be disappointed by this movie. Fun.


Lara Parker is 82, and Jayne Kennedy is 69.

Monday, October 26, 2020


A very strange Mexican horror film.

Rene Cardona, Sr. directed this off the wall film starring both Blue Demon and Zovek. In this outing Blue Demon and his friend Zovek fight an alien invasion after Professor Volpi (Raul Ramirez) finds some strange writings on a cave wall.

These writing tell of aliens with mysterious powers that will bring the dead back to life and conquer the world. Sure enough, before too long the Mexican countryside is overrun with walking corpses.

Sadly these corpses look like they are just actors walking around, not like corpses at all. There are a few striking scenes, but they are few and far between. Blue Demon doesn't have much to do, he just talks a lot.

The aliens aren't even shown and the ending where Zovek destroys the aliens and the walking dead has to be seen to be believed. I really cannot be too critical of this film, but I was a little disappointed in it.

However, Christa Linder is great eye candy and that makes it a little better. I am used to films with Blue Demon being a little faster moving and full of action, but this one is very different. If you haven't seen it, check it out and decide for yourself. Thank God for Christa!!


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Jacklyn Smith is 75, and Dana Kimmell is 61.

Sunday, October 25, 2020


This is one bizarre film.

The story was written by Ed Wood and it really shows. Director Adrian Weiss does what he can with the material, but it isn't much. However there are a few likable things conncted with the film.

Lance Fuller is Dan a man whose new bride Laura (Charlotte Austin) is fully in love with him until they get to his home. There she is introduced to Dan's pet gorilla named Spanky.

He tells her that Spanky is a killer, but when Laura meets him the gorilla Spanky calms down and Dan cannot understand it. That night Spanky breaks out of his cage, goes to the bedroom and rips Laura's nightgown off so Dan shoots and kills him.

Under hypnosis it's revealed that Laura was once a Queen Of The Gorillas!! Dan and Laura go on an African hunting trip for their honeymoon and it causes more trouble than Dan imagined. After much nonsense Laura is taken by the gorillas and never seen again.

This is quite a film to sit thru, but I must say Austin looks as gorgeous as ever and does well with the material she has to work with. She makes the entire film worth while.

I really can't recommend this film, but I can't say I didn't like it, but then again it's all because of Charlotte Austin.

Saturday, October 24, 2020


Halloween is getting closer.

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Not too bad of a B thriller.

Franchot Tons stars as Howard Mallory, a New York Assistant DA who is investigating a murder.

During the course of the investigation he uncovers a extremist group called The Crusaders. A newspaper reporter writes a scathing article about the group and then is killed. Mallory delves deeper and finds he may be in over his head.

Mallory is then approaced by a sultry nightclub singer named Barbara Whitfield (Jean Wallace) who has been hired by the group to set him up for death. Mallory finds himswelf fighting for his life against the group and barely escapes.

It was rather surprising to see the character of Whitfield get shot and killed, but that is what makes film noir so different. The film moves as a good pace and Tone is good in the lead role. If you're looking for something a little different you might like this.

The rest of the cast includes Marc Lawrence as the leader of The Crusaders, Myron McCormick, and Doe Avedon.

Friday, October 23, 2020

Thursday, October 22, 2020


Yes, as the days draw closer to Halloween this is just a reminder that some bizarre and well known horror classic are for sale at

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This is a bizarre little thriller I hadn't seen in years.

Adrienne Barrett stars as a young woman who may or may not be insane. The film opens with her in bed and awakening after a nightmare in which she is consumed by a huge wave on a beach.

She then goes out and gets involved with all kinds of assorted low lifes. The narrator tells us she is insane and then takes her to a cemetary to see what kind of parents she had and why she is insane. This isn't the end of the movie, but just the beginning!!

I know this makes little sense when you read it, but the film is an experimental film with no dialogue and plenty of bizarre images. Bruno Ve Sota has a role as a very wealthy man who is killed by the woman and then has his hand cut off while she is trying to retrieve a necklace he clutched when she threw him out of a window!!

I cannot recommend this enough as it is a very interesting look inside a warped and twisted mind. It's very hard to describe, and it is a film one must see to appreciate. Some scenes defy description, and others will have your jaw hitting the floor. I could go on and on about this, but I won't.

An odd one to say the least. Get it, watch it and see for yourself.


Catherine Deneuve is 77, and Suzanne Snyder is 58.

Wednesday, October 21, 2020


Over the past few days there have been many new additions on the website.

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Jack Taylor is 84.

Tuesday, October 20, 2020


A strange film that tries hard to be good, but fails.

In 1941 the Nazi's are after a man who possesses a book containing mysterious spells that can bring inanimate objects to life. They claim that the book can also raise the dead, and Hitler wants it.

After a very tense beginning in which Nazi's try and obtain the book, the film falls apart from there. The book winds up in the hands of a toymaker who uses the spells to bring several dolls to life.

He is captured by the Nazi's and tortured for information about the book and soon the dolls take revenge on the soldiers. The doll effects are ok, but the one throat slashing scene is incredibly poor.

My main complaint about the film is the terrible make-up effects on the toymaker. The actor playing the part is Lee Bane who at the time was in his 30's or 40's and he's made up to look like he's in his 70's. The make up reminds me of a highschool play and ruins the entire film and the image it's trying to set up.

There is a Nazi soldier who uses perfect English and is never clean shaven, which blows another image to hell. I just can't figure out why this kind of stuff was allowed by the filmmakers. What could have been at least a good film turns into a disaster for reasons that could have been easily avoided.

Erick Hayden gives the best performance as a Nazi Colonel, but he alone cannot save the film. I realize this was very low budget, but wow, what a disappointment.


Diana Lorys is 80, and Scott Hall is 62.

Monday, October 19, 2020

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This was an enjoyable little suprise.

Chris Marquette stars as Corey, a very mild mannered deli clerk who seems to have a hell of a life. His job is boring, his life is boring and his mother is domineering and controlling.

His 10th reunion for highschool is coming up and he decides to take a second chance at the girl he proposed to and she turned him down. That girl is now a beautiful woman named Sheena DeWilde (Amanda Crew) who is also an accomplished professional wrestler named Smasheena.

Corey tries everything he can to get Sheena to be his, but he's always met by disaster or other peoples interference. He manages to set up a wrestling card in his small town and have Smasheena headline it as a retirement match.

This is a fun and enjoyable romantic comedy, and it really holds your attention. The characters are all people someone can relate to. This also has Mick Foley and Lance Storm in the cast which gives it a real flavor of pro wrestling on the small circuit.

There are a lot of wonderful set pieces here and I am rather shocked this film isn't better known. I have read a lot of bad things about this movie, but I liked it. Amanda Crew is beautiful in the lead role and her character works very well with Marquette's Corey.

A fun, light film that should please some people. Give it a try, you might like it.


Toni Rossall is 25.

Sunday, October 18, 2020


Jesus God why me???

This is one of the WORST things I have ever tried to sit thru. And to be honest, I couldn't even finish the film. I'll explain that in a bit.

Chris Sharp stars as Chris Hawley, a man with no life so to speak, who happens upon an invitation to what is called a "Murder Party". He decides to attend and makes a Halloween costume out of cardboard so he looks like a medieval Knight.

After he arrives at the location he discovers a collective group of people who are intent on killing him and filming it, just for their amusement. They keep him tied to a chair and have stupid conversations about nothing.

The cast is made up of a bunch of people I would never want to meet in person anyway and at about the halfway point I had to tune out for two reasons...Reason 1..they thought using a "steadycam" was a good idea, but all it did was make myself and Ginger dizzy from it's constant use....Reason 2...BORING AS HELL.

This is a case study in why I dislike most modern horror. You can't care about any of the characters involved, nobody explains anything in the plot and you just sit like a mindless zombie and watch stupid people do stupid things. Hell I can do that watching Joe Biden!!

If you're gonna make a horror film, for God's sake make a horror film, not some jumbled piece of shit that the viewer can't even have fun with. The film only runs 79 minutes and it is one of only three films I have never been able to finish.

If you have some time in your life you want to waste and never get back this is the film for you. Oh yes, if you want to get ill from steadycam use this will do the trick. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.


Dawn Wells is 82.

Saturday, October 17, 2020


One of my favorite actresses and one of the worlds most beautiful women has passed away.

Called "The Queen Of Technicolor" Fleming began her acting career in a 1943 film called "In Old Oklahoma" in an uncredited role as a dance hall girl. From this she moved onto other films like "Spellbound" and "Abilene Town".

She also starred in adventure films like "Adventure Island" and film noir gems like "Out Of The Past" and "Cry Danger". Her beautiful red hair and blue eyes were always a standout.

She appeared in many TV shows thru the 70's and everything she was in I tried to catch. A beautiful woman, a talented woman and one of the last from an era that is slowly vanishing.

Rhonda Fleming passed away on Oct. 14th, 2020 at the age of 97.


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Friday, October 16, 2020


Not too bad of a spaghetti western.

Gianni Garko stars as Sartana and in this one he is falsely accused of a robbery.

There are plenty of people who swear they saw him enter the bank and steal seveal thousand dollars. However, the victim insists he wasn't there, and must prove his innocence.

Sartana soon finds himself stalked by numerous bounty hunters and there are plenty of shoot out and fist fights to keep the viewer interested. Frank Wolff and Klaus Kinski both have very good roles.

Wolff is Buddy Ben, a close friend of Sartana and Kinski is a hot shot bounty hunter named Hot Dead. Even Gordon Mitchell gets into the action as another bounty hunter, but none of them have any luck against Sartana.

In the end justice prevails and Sartana has cleared his name, but in an interesting twist he finds the stolen loot and decides to keep it since it was stolen anyway.

THis is a good western and it moves along at a good pace. The cast plays it very well, so if you're a fan of the genre I would recommend that you check it out. This is actually a very nice widescreen print from Echo Bridge.


Erin Brown is 41.

Thursday, October 15, 2020


FINALLY this excellent movie has been released in a digital format!!

Michael Pate stars as Drake Robey, a gunslinger who dresses all in black. After he sets up a plan for himself in a small western town, he starts to make his move on a young woman named Dolores Carter (Kathleen Crowley) who owns a large ranch that was once owned by Robey's family.

Dolores has a boyfriend named Dan (Eric Fleming) who happens to be a preacher. Robey is, of course, a vampire who wants both the ranch and Dolores for his own. Dan suspects that something is very wrong and after the death of Dolores' father Dr. Carter (John Hoyt) he discovers a diary and some papers that reveal Robey's true identity.

Soon it's time for Dan and Drake to have a shootout, with surprising results. This was actually the first film to combine the western genre with horror and it works very, very well. There are the usual western set pieces including cattle rustling, gun fights and romance and the horror elemnets are played somewhat low key.

For example, Robey does not have fangs and he can be out in the daylight even though the sun hurts his eyes. This was Pate's only starring role and he makes the most of it in a performance that is full of both horror and sympathy.

The cast is top notch and everyone does an excellent job with the material directed by Edward Dein from a script by himself and his wife Mildred. I fell in love with this film the first time I saw it and have waited for YEARS for it to come out on disc. I used to own the VHS and now I have finally gotten the Blu-ray.

The film looks magnificent thanks to the pros at Kino. This is easily one of the top release for 2020 and it should be a no brainer to add the stunning disc to your horror collection.


Tanya Roberts is 65, and Lynn Lowry is 73.

Tuesday, October 13, 2020