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Tuesday, November 30, 2021


A screen legend is gone.

Arlene Dahl started her screen career in 1947 with an uncredited role in the film "Life With Father". She got bigger roles the next year in "My Wild Irish Rose" and "The Bride Goes Wild".

In 1949 she played the beautiful Madelon in "Reign Of Terror". She is tortured in the film by actor Charles McGraw and the scene was an eye opener in 1949. Another great film was "Slightly Scarlet" which was a classic film noir made in color.

Her most famus role for genre fans was in the 1959 classic "Journey To The Center Of The Earth". The gorgeous red head also appeared in TV shows like "Burke's Law", "Love American Style", "Riverboat" and "Laugh-In" to name just a few.

She retired from acting and started her own business called Arlene Dahl Enterprises which marketed lingerie and cosmetics.

Arlene Dahl passed away on Nov. 29th, 2021 at the age of 96.


I discovered this on Tubi and it ain't too bad.

This Kentucky filmed thriller focuses on 4 people in a small town fighting for their lives after an explosion at a chemical factory turns some people into crazed, flesh eating zombies.

The film is partially told on flashback so the viewer is filled in on everything as the movie really starts in the middle of the crisis. The film builds slowly and I have read a lot of reviews saying that it needs more action and gore. I disagree.

There are some great scenes of tension as our hero JIm (Jay Hayden) is alone after the death of his girlfriend and trapped in a horse stable. The music is very well done too, and adds to the building horror.

The film will remind fans of 28 Days Later and The Crazies, but then very few films are original anymore. This is a winner in my opinion and with a cast of unknowns, it works even better.

The ending is much different than anything else I have seen in the zombie genre, and to me that works well and is refreshing. I suggest you check this out if you like zombie horror.


Dian Parkinson is 76.

Monday, November 29, 2021


Interesting and forgotten action film.

A big business man hires a beautiful woman named Julia Hemingway (Ina Skriver) and her associates, which are all women, to sabotage an important deal being made by another company.

The women spy and seduce some of the men in the company and then steal the secrets. However, when their employer threatens a double cross, there is hell to pay.

Jose Ramon Larraz directed this film and he handles it well, but it is widely known he hated it. The action sequences are well done, and the women in the film are all very lovely, as was usual in the 70's.

This film was touted as a story about the "Female James Bond" but that is a bit overblown. The rest of the cast includes June Chadwick, Anika Paval, Suzanne Danielle and Stephan Chase.

The theme song is sung by The Three Degrees and Nina Carter and Jilly Johnson also apprear. Who are they you ask? The group known as Blonde On Blonde. A 70's mjusic lovers delight.

This film is a good and still undiscovered gem. Give it a might be suprised.


Gena Lee Nolan is 50, and Jerry Lawler is 72.

Saturday, November 27, 2021


This bizarre film has an interesting history with me.

Back in the mid 70's I used to see this listed in TV Guide and their snmall little description made me really want to see the movie. I kept missing it for one reason or another until one night I finally got my chance.

I was highly disappointed as I was a monster crazed kid. The opening of the film built my hopes up high, but all were dashed soon enough. However, after seeing this film as a much older person, I appreciate it much more.

Kerwin Matthews stars as Commander Jonathan Shaw. He is called into a case in Las Vegas of a scientist who has been arrested and put in an asylum after he claims to hear noises underground that sounds "just like ants".

The scientist, Arnold Kramer (Peter Arne) is convinced that something is happening beneath the surface of the USA, but nobody believes him...until there are several disasters that seem to confirm his case.

The Army is sent in and they find a huge series of tunnels that the Red Chinese are using to plant atomic bombs under all of our major cities. The military and scientists use their brains and defeat the Chinese who are under the control of General Chan Lu (Martin Benson).

This is an interesting little film that has been trashed by many over the years, and I believe that is because many kids had my experience with the film when young. It does leave an impression, believe me.

Anyway in these later years I liked the film much more and found the entire thing just very bizarre, but fun.

Friday, November 26, 2021


Ugh...what a waste.

Hey, the title caught my attention so I figured I'd give it a whirl. My mistake.

Two people discover a giant starfish monster that has magma for blood. The monster rises to the surface and heads for the coast. What coast you ask? Who the hell cares?

It lays eggs from which come flying dragon-like monsters that spit lava. Soon, another monster comes to life as well and this movie leads you to believe there will be an epic battle. However, the epic battle is staying awake during this drivel.

I usually find Eric Roberts to be an interersting figure in movies, but here he sucks. It's amusing to see him in the wrong uniform and badly needing a haircut as he protrays a Navy "commander".

Good God, if this is what film making has become we movie fans are in trouble indeed. Granted, it's made by The Asylum, but even they have done much better than this trash. For heavens sake avoid this if at all possible. I lost 89 minutes of my life and you needn't suffer the same fate.

Typically bad CGI effects, rotten acting and no direction at all and it adds up to a total loser of a "movie".


Betta St. John is 92, and Lisa Moretti is 60.

Thursday, November 25, 2021

RIP LOU CUTELL 1930-2021

The very busy character actor passed away on Nov. 21st.

Cutell appeared in hundreds of TV shows and movies, but will always be remembered by genre fans for his starring role in the 1965 sci-fi film "Frankenstein Meets The Space Monster" in which he played a character named Nadir.

He also appeared in many TV shows including "Room 222", "The Blue Knight", "Spin City" and many. many more.

He was 91.


The Hammer star has passed away.

While her film career lasted only 2 years, she made a hell of an impact.

Mary starred with her twin sister Madeleine in the 1972 horror classic "Twins Of Evil". She played the good twin who is almost killed as a vampire.

Beautiful and sexy, this role made her famous with genre fans. She passed away on Nov. 23rd at the young age of 69.


This is a strange one indeed.

A tribe of Amazons terrorize the countryside and kill the men or take them as worker slaves.

Four men come to a small village and attempt to teach them to defend themselves from the attacks. This takes a lot of patience as some of the villagers don't have the nerve to fight.

However, it eventually comes to pass that the men have trained them well and they prepare for a final attack by the tribe of warrior women. The final battle almost lives up to the expectations of the viewer, but this is where it got very weird for me.

During this final battle all of the Amazons wear white face helmets!! Why?? Well the answer is very simple, they were replaced with male stuntmen!! This is easy to see as the women suddenly have legs and arms that look very masculine.

This didn't work well and the production suffers because it painfully obvious. I did enjoy this obscure gem from Italy that AIP picked up for drive-ins in 1973. It was also a pleasure to see the gorgeous Mirta Miller, but her role is wasted.

If you like sword and sandal movies I think you should see this and determine for yourself if you like it.


Beverly Washburn is 78, and Kathryn Grant is 88.

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

1984 (1956) (REEL VAULT)

Believe it or not, I had never seen this film until recently.

Edmond O'Brien stars as Winston Smith, a man whose job in the world of 1984 is to re-write history. He falls in love with a woman named Julia (Jan Sterling) and this is strictly against the law.

Both begin to question the rules of the dystopian world they live in and they have to do everything is secrecy. Both are seeking to find if there is really an "underground" made up of people fighting to regime and Big Brother. This leads them to trust some people and that proves to be the downfall of both.

They are caprtured and Smith is brainwashed into becoming a worshipper of Big Brother. Julia is put thru the same ordeal, but we are not ahown that. The films ends on a very, very bleak note.

The most terrifying thing about this movie and the book by George Orwell it's based on, is that it is happening now. We have people re-writing history everyday in this country as well as numerous "Big Brothers" watching our every move.

In this movie there is no privacy, no laughter, no individualism...and that is being done here in the USA as I write this. This isn't a movie for everyone, but it IS a movie everyone should see.

I enjoyed the film, but all the while I kept thinking about how things are going in this country in 2021, and the comparison is scary as hell. When man sacrifices his freedom for security it always spells disaster.

The cast does an excellent job with the material and also consists of Michael Redgrave, David Kossoff, Mervyn Johns and Donald Pleasence. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!


Jeannie Bell is 78.

Monday, November 22, 2021


Not too bad of an entry in the series.

The movie opens with Alice (Milla Jovovich) waking up in bed with her daughter and seemingly living a regular life until out of nowhere some flesh eating zombies attack and kill her husband and try to get her and her daughter.

This is all part of a ploy set up by the Umbrella Corporation and soon Alice meets Ada Wong (Bingbing Li) who worked for the Corporation and Wong tells Alice that Albert Wesker (Shawn Roberts), the new head man at Unbrella is sending some men down to rescue them.

However, The Red Queen which is a computer security system with a mind of its own has sent people down to kill Alice and Wong. Needless to say the action gets hot and heavy and goes everywhere from Moscow to the US, but I really think the writers have run out of ideas.

This is, after all, the fifth in a series and every series runs its course and out of steam eventually. I liked this film, but one has to just quit expecting logic and let thier imagination go.

Seeing Michelle Rodriguez was kind of a surprise but the standout attraction was Li in her sexy little red dress she wears to confront zombies. Yep, it ridiculous, especially when they are out in sub zero temps, but hey, it works. That is just my opinion, of course.

If you're a fan of the series, you will probably enjoy this. I did, but I have to admit it's far from the best.


Margaret Markov is 73.

Saturday, November 20, 2021


The 4th in the series.

Alice (Milla Jovovich) continues her fight against the Umbrella Corporation and the world wide plague of the walking dead created by the T virus.

She leaves Alaska after not finding Arcadia, which is a promised land of non infected people and lands in Los Angeles where a group of survivors are trapped in a prison surrounded by the walking dead. They too have received messages from Arcadia which promise safety and security.

While Alice was in Alaska she found Claire Redfield (Ali Larter) with her memory erased. Slowly laire begins to recover while everyone tries to find a way to escape.

They discover that Arcadia is a ship off the coast of California, and when they arrive they are attacked by soldiers belonging to the Umbrella Corporation.

The plot kind of drags a bit and I really don't like the slow motion action sequences made to look like "The Matrix", but it was still an ok movie. It's a small disappointment after the 3rd installment, but as I have always said, the more sequels you make, the worse they become.

The acting is fine despite what some reviews say and Jovovivh is always a pleasure to see as well as Larter, but it seems that the film lost it's way about half way thru and then found it again as the ending sets up for the next film, which will be reviewed here soon.

Resident Evil fans will find this one somewhat enjoyable, but not up to par.


Mia Hama is 78.

Friday, November 19, 2021


I hadn't seen this film for about 45 years!!

Frank Sinatra stars as Miami private investigator Tony Rome.

While diving in the ocean, Rome discovers a beautiful blonde dead with her feet encased in cement. As if that isn't enough Rome is also hired by a man named Waldo Gronsky (Dan Blocker) to find the womans killer.

Slowly but surely Rome delves into the case and is hampered by Lt. Dave Santini (Richard Conte). There are a lot of red herrings in the film, but the standout is the incredibly beautiful Raquel Welch as Kit Forrest, who is key to solving this crime.

The plot point of involving Waldo hiring Rome is very much like the 1944 film "Murder My Sweet" and it doesn't try to hide it much.

Sinatra is very good in the role of Rome, but I just loved this film because of Welch. We first see her in a bikini which is ALWAYS a good thing. There is no actress today that can hold a candle to the stunning Raquel Welch. I also have to admit that Dan Blocker does a great and sometimes funny job as the huge "Nice Guy" Waldo.

If you like murder mysteries, this is a good bet for you.


Valli Kemp is 70, and Lorna Maitland is 78.

Thursday, November 18, 2021


Peta Wilson is 51, Shari Shattuck is 61, Maggie Thrett is 75,and Ian McCulloch is 82.

Wednesday, November 17, 2021


A sure winner in the Hopalong Cassidy series.

Hoppy and his friends come to the town of Gunsight looking for cattle that was stolen from the Bar 20 ranch.

Hoppy, California and Lucky find the toewn has no sheriff and when Hoppy stops a gang of thugs from destroying the local newspaper he is elected sheriff, much to the dismay of the gunslingers running the town.

He sets a trap for the rustlers and then lets them go in hopes of them leading him to the rest of the gang.

The plots to these films are always very simply and straight forward and that is what makes them fun and good for the entire family. The film moves along quickly and at 80 minutes is longer than most of these films run.

The top notch cast includes William Boyd, Andy Clyde and Russell Hayden as Hoppy, California and Lucky respectively and also includes Victor Jory, Evelyn Brent, Marris Ankrum, Roy Barcroft, Glenn Strange and Cara Williams.

I can easily give this my highest recommendation.


Gordon Lightfoot is 83 and Daisy Fuentes is 55.

Tuesday, November 16, 2021


A fine western indeed.

William Boyd stars as Hopalong Cassidy who, along with California Carlson (Andy Clyde) are sent to investigate a potential war.

It seems someone is stealing from both Mexico and California on the border in the hopes of starting a war between the US and Mexico. Sometimes the bandits are led by someone dressed as Cassidy and other times dressed as Don Thoman Gonzalez (Antonio Moreno) who happens to be a very good friend of Cassidy's.

This all makes for a pretty good western adventurew that will keep your attention as it speeds to it's interesting conclusion. The rest of the cast includes Jay Kirby, Nora Lane and Chris-Pin Martin.

This was the 44th of 66 Cassidy movies.


Very good entry in the Hopalong Cassidy series.

California (Andy Clyde) along with Hoppy (William Boyd) and Lucky Jenkins (Rand Brooks) head to a ranch for the reading of a will made out by one of California's late relatives.

The will states that the estate wil be split between 7 family members, but when one dies then that money is divided between the survivors. Soon there are several mysterious deaths.

Hoppy learns that the family attorney is embezzling money from the estate. Hopalong confronts him and then the trouble really starts. This is a fun entry and is a good combination of western and mystery film.

Una O'Conner has a great role as a housekeeper who believes she is hearing voices from the grave. Grand entertainment for any Cassidy fan. The rest of the cast includes Patricia Tate, John Parrish, Ned Young and Earle Hodgins.


Joanna Pettet is 79, Clu Gulager is 93, Gemma Atkinson is 37, and Barbara Leigh is 75.

Monday, November 15, 2021

RIP JUDY WALSH 1930-2021

The sadly obscure actress has passed away.

Judy Walsh's career lasted only three years in the movie business, but in that time she made some great little B pictures.

Her debut was in 1951 in a film entitled "Take Care Of My Little Girl". She moved on to "Aladdin And His Lamp", "Hale Breed", "Hiawatha", and "Second Chance".

Her most remembered role with genre fans was in the 1954 sci-fi classic "Cat Women Of The Moon". She also starred in the adventure film "Cannibal Attack" which was part of the "Jungle Jim" series with Johnny Weissmuller.

Judy Walsh was 91 years of age.


Anni-Frid Lyngstad is 76.

Sunday, November 14, 2021



Severin has announced that on their Black Friday sale "Bloody Pit Of Horror" will be offered on a stunning Blu-ray release!!! I have waited years for this film to get a proper release, and that time is finally here. It;s simply the GREATEST Italian horror film evcer made!!

I have no price info yet of this title. Also in early 2022 Film Detective will be releasing "Monster From Green Hell" on Blu-ray and that is also on my "long awaited" list.


Sandahl Bergman is 70, and Kathleen Hughes is 93.

Saturday, November 13, 2021


Pretty entertaining 12 chapter serial from Republic.

A criminal known as "The Crimson Ghost" and his henchmen are out to steal a machine called a Cyclotrode which has been invented by a scientist named Dr. Chambers (Kenne Duncan).

This device can short circuit all electrical current on the planet, and the Crimson Ghost wants it in ordwer to take over the world. In his way is a government agent named Duncan Richards (Charles Quigley) who will stop at nothing to keep the country safe.

The Crimson Ghost is really something to see. He wears a skeleton outfit, and it looks most impressive. As is usual with chapter serials, there is plenty of fighting and some of the fight scenes are very, very well done.

It moves at a lightning pace and serial fans should enjoy it. The cast also includes Linda Sterling, Clayton Moore, I. Stanford Jolley and Forrest Taylor. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!


Tom Atkins is 86, and Tracy Scoggins is 68.