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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


This upcoming weekend's edition of AT 40 the 70's on SXM takes us back to one of my favorite times for music, 9-3-1977 when Kiss sang about "Christine Sixteen", Pablo Cruise asked "Whatcha Gonna Do", Meri Wilson wanted the "Telephone Man", Andy Gibb said "I Just Want To Be Your Everything", and Johnny Rivers was "Swaying To The Music."
Check it out on SXM this weekend.


This upcoming weekends edition of AT 40 the 80's take us back to 9-1-1984 when Stevie Wonder told us "I Just Called To Say I Love You", Bruce Springsteen was "Dancing In the Dark", Twisted Sister screamed "We're Not Going To Take It", Dan Hartman said "I Can Dream About You" and Corey Hart wore his "Sunglasses At Night."
You gotta love the 80's.


This upcoming weekends edition of AT 40 the 70's takes us back to 9-5-1970 when Elvis said "I've Lost You", Ernie sang about his "Rubber Duckie", Anne Murray watched the "Snowbird", and Edwin Starr destested "War". A great time in music history.


The 14 disc set of the entier TV show Thriller hosted by Boris Karloff. It's kind of pricy, but well worth it from what I have seen.

TODAY'S PIC .......

A bizarre pic from one of my favorite 70's horror films...The Thing With Two Heads!!


Deborah Gibson who turned 40 on Aug. 31st. Gotta love Only In My Dreams a great pop tune for her and the movie Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus which she starred.


This is an amzing fil starring the beautiful Olga Kurylenko as a young woman forced by the Mafia to assassinate several people. She is put in an apartment where she befriends a woman who is abused and beaten by her husband.
This movie takes place in Israel and the two women finally decide they have had enough and go on a vengeance spree. All does not end well however in and ending that kind of disappointed me.
The movie is top notch and highly watchable with many, many good action sequences, but the ending...well I'll let you decide.
Recommended viewing.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Saturday, August 28, 2010

TODAY'S PIC .......

This is the poster for the sci-fi film from 1954 called King Dinosaur. It must be seen to be believed.


4 more episodes of the classic tv series that aired from 1949-1952. The four episodes include everything from the Devil himself (The Deal) to ghosts (Another Country, Mrs. Manifold) to black magic and evil (For Release Today).
This edition features such stars as Yvonne DeCarlo, Leslie Neilsen, Tom Ewell and Anne Bancroft, here billed as Anne Marno.
Another great set from Alpha.


Odd film about an alien life form that is sexually assulting virgins in New York (is there really such a thing?) in order to start a race that will take over the earth. A police detective and a lovely female doctor investigate and find that the invasion is further along than they suspected.
This is a very odd film with the two leads who don't show a whole lot of emotion but do their parts well.
Recommended for two reasons, first the twist(ed) ending and secondly the lovely leading lady Teresa Farley, who has only been in this and Bad Girls Dormitory in 1986. Shame, because she really is good and easy on the eyes.


Dennis Miller stars as a detective who is trying to find a young woman's missing brother in this sometimes funny, sometimes gross film presented under the Tales From The Crypt banner. Sexy Erika Eleniak is the young women searching for her brother who has gone to a mortuary/whorehouse and become a victim of vampires who are running the place. Angie Everhart is the ultra sexy Queen of the Undead and Chris Sarandan is a televangelist who also decides to fight the undead.
All in all a good film with some good laughs as is usual with Tales from The Crypt.

Friday, August 27, 2010

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO.....8-27-2010

Tuesday Weld turns 67, Barbara Bach (The Spy Who Loved Me) turns 63.


Bizarre modern day take off on the many mad surgeon films of the 60's including Eyes Without A Face. A mad doctor kidnaps women and attempts to remove some of their body parts in order to make his daughter beautiful again after a car accident.
It took the filmmakers 3 years to finally get this film made and it is well worth a look. Sometimes gory, sometimes funny and always a treat!!
Filmed in San Jose California on an exteremely low budget this film does much more than many huge hit films have ever done.


Lee Grant plays a journalist who is very outspoken on domestic violence and soon finds herself being attacked and vicioulsy stalked by a madman intent on killing her and taking as many people as he can to early graves.
Michale Ironside plays the psycho with vigor and William Shatner is Grant's boss who is also trying to find the killer.
This is a well made and suspensful film from the producers of Scanner and The Brood. If you get a chance see this film, you wont regret it.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO.....8-26-2010

Yvette Vickers (Attack Of The Giant Leeches. Attack Of The 50 Foot Woman) who turned 74, Francine York (Doll Squad, Space Probe Taurus, Curse Of The Swamp Creature) turned 72, Don Bowman (Las vegas Hillbilly's, Hillbilly's In A Haunted House, American Country Countdown) turned 73 and the Long Distance dedication on AT 40 debuted 32 years ago this week.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

TODAY'S PIC .......

Giant wasps invade Africa in the 50's sci-fi gem Monster From Green Hell.


I was licking my chops to finally see the new film from George A. Romero and was I disappointed????????? HELL NO!!!!! I love this film.
On a small island off the coast of Delaware a group of survivors live on a small island but a fued breaks out between two families living there. One wants to keep the dead alive until a cure can be found, and the other wants them dead.
One of the characters from Romero's last film, Diary of the Dead has a major role this time as a National Guard Sargent which he was in the previous film, but only had about 1 minute screen time.
I may be a bit partial here, but I found nothing wrong with this movie and enjoyed it perhaps better than anything else so far this year. I love Romero's zombies and all of his movies, no matter what they are.
I picked up the 2 disc set and there is a wealth of info including a documentary which runs over an hour on the making of this gem.


This is very obscure movie aka Sport Killer, and is about a serial killer who stalks young women in a small California community. John Karlen plays the killer and the performance by him is top notch.
The leading lady is tv mainstay Susan Sullivan and lest I say the ending is very bleak and black, something like a modern day film noir.
This was put out on DVD by Shriek Show and Code Red and if you like great 70's horror films you'll like this. I highly recommend this.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Jim Wehba AKA Skandar Akbar in the world of professional Wrestling passed away on Aug. 19th from prostate cancer.

Akbar was one of the baddest men in wrestling and would manage such tough guys as Black Bart, Abdullah The Butcher and many more.

He was 75.

I have also been informed of the death of female wrestler Toni Adams, former wife of wrestler Chris Adams. She died at the age of 45 from a heart attack on June 24th.


Yes, today is the release date of the George Romero zombie film, Survival of the Dead, and here are several screen shots courtesy of Magnet Releasing........happy eating.......


The lovely Anha Capri passed away at the age of 66. She starred in many, many TV shows of the 60's and 70's but genre fans will remember her best from her role in the chilling film Brotherhood of Satan as the mother of the two children trapped in the demonic town.
She was killed in an auto accident in August of 2010, but I don't have a date.

TODAY'S PIC .......

A rare behind the scenes photo of James Arness from the set of the 1951 classic The Thing.


Kirk Douglas stars as the commander of the USS Nimitz a Aircraft carrying war ship that suddenly finds itself thrown into a time warp and flung to Dec. 6th, 1941. Martin Sheen is an investigator from the Department Of Defense and he actually gets way more than he bargained for.
The dilemma is should the modern 1980 ship attempt to stop the Japanese fleet before it arrives in Pearl Harbor and possibly change the future??
This is a very interesting movie and very well made. I enjoyed the premise and found the entire movie to be entertaining and well written.
If you get the chance, see it.


Well I had never seen this movie and figured I'd watch it and review it. Wow, was i blown away. This is not just your tupical slasher film set in the woods, no indeed, it is much more and then some.
The movie starts with a very weird Aunt sending two kids off to camp, and when I say weird, I mean weird. Gotta see it to believe it.
Grisley deaths occur at the camp and some of the counselors are very cruel to some of the kids. One lonely and very shy girl named Angela is made fun of because she does not talk much and does not participate in any events.
We soon discover why in what is probably one of the most shocking endings I have ever seen. I won't reveal it here, but it will stay with me forever. Get this movie and see what I am talking about.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Filmed in New Zealand, this futuristic sci-fi film takes place after the Oil Wars leave the world depleated of gas and one man, Colonel Straker, has an almost indestructible vehicle that he raids villiages and steals their gas and other supplies. A mysterious man on a motorcycle arrives and helps a small group of people fight for their survival.
James Wainwright, Michael Beck, Annie McEnroe and John Ratzenberger star in this interesting but offbeat film.
Mad Max it ain't but it's good in it's own right.


In the year 3000 there is no World Series, Olympic games or Superbowl, there is only Deathsport. David Carradine and the ALWAYS sexy Claudia Jennings play Desert Rangers who are captured by the notorious Lord Zirploa to compete in his epic Death Sport which pits man against machine.
This movie moves and keeps on moving with no let up, and that is the way Roger Corman always makes movies. This is culled from a prestine print from the TV version with the R rated scenes of Claudia naked and some graphic deaths put back in by Shout Factory. the quality varies in some scenes but who cares, this is entertainment as it should be.
One of the best releases of the year and it is on a disc with another Corman produced film called Battle Truck (Warlords Of the Twenty-First Century) which is reviewed above.


Penelope Spheeris directed this sometimes compassionate look at the lives of young, homeless people in the punk scene whose lives are turned upside down ever further when a group of unhappy suburbanites called "Citizens Against Crime" decide to kick the punks out of an abandoned house they inhabit.
Make no mistake, this is a very black film and has a horrible ending that will shock you. This film features liver performances by top punk groups such as D.I., T.S.O.L. and the Vandals and I actually found myself siding with the punks in this film. Some of it hits pretty close to home. This is another top release from Shout Factory.
Highly Recomended.

TODAY'S PIC .......

is the poster for the Roger Corman classic Haunted Palace starring Vincent Price & Debra Paget.


Sci-fi writer Ray Bradbury who turned 90 on Aug. 22nd and to Holly Dunn, country singer who turned 53 on that same day.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Larry Blamire returns with this classic take off on old dark house thrillers of the 1930's and hits the nail right on the head. Several people gather for the reading of the will of Sinas Cavender and soon there is a masked killer stalking and killing them one by one.
The stand out cast includes director Blamire himself and Betty Garrett (Laverne & Shirley), James Karen (Frankenstein Meets The Space Monster), Bob Burns, H. M. Wynant (Howling Man episode of The Twilight Zone) and many more.
If you like old dark house thrillers then this is for you. it was shot in Black and White as it should be, and once again Shout factory brings more good stuff to DVD for real fans.
Highly Recommended!!


Well this is one of a few bootlegs I have since this film has NEVER been released in any format. Ron Randell stars as a man who is framed for murder and escapes from prison and seeks out those who framed him. He is exposed to an atomic bomb explosion whle running from the law and his body chemicals are fused with those of steel and he becomes an indestructible man.
As he slowly gets revenge on the gangsters who sent him to jail his mind slips more and more into insanity.
Randell is excellent in his performance and kudos to sexy Debra Paget who plays his one time lover and Morris Ankrum and Gregg Palmer are the detectives assigned to the case.
Highly Recommended, if you can find a copy.


Christopher Lee stars for the first time as Count Dracula, the lord of the undead and Peter Cushing in Van Helsing. When this was released by WB in 1957 it took the world by storm and set the course for Hammer Films for over 25 years.
Filmed in gorgeous color and with a very tight script and excellent action and acting this is one film that should be on every horror movie fan's top 10 list. The cast also includes Michael Gough and lovely Melissa Stribling. the wonderful direction is by none other than Terence Fisher.

TODAY'S PIC .......

One of the many posters for the 1974 exploitation gem Cannibal Girls, which is coming out from Shout Factory on Oct. 26th.


I had never heard of this film or it's distribution company but i picked this up at a Hollywood Video store that was going out of business and decided to give it a look. This is a good old fashioned horror film about 4 guys on a wilderness trip who discover 4 beautiful women also camping in the woods, but what the guys don't know is that they are witches and are looking for human sacrifices.
The terror mounts as the men try and get away, but each is coming down with a different strange infection. One is slowly losing his vision, one becomes increasingly violent and developes a taste for raw meat, one slowly looses his ability to walk and the other cannot use his left arm very well. They fight for their lives and this film delivers some very good shocks without being too gory.
It manages to tell a very good story within the confins of a low budget and everything is handled very well. Recommended.


Smartly made Japanese thriller about a young woman who is slowly taking revenge on the people who killed her family 10 years earlier. This movie starts off with a very bloody massacre by a mysterious women in a motorcycle outfit and never lets up.
It is subtitled in English so you can follow the very well written story, and if you like violence and action then this is the film for you.
I enjoyed it.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Jill St. John who turned 70 on August 19th, as well as lovely Debra Paget who turned 77, L.Q Jones turnd 83 all on this same date.

TODAY'S PIC .......

is the poster for the bizarre 1964 film War of The Zombies starring John Drew Barrymore in a weird tale of gladiators and zombies.


This sequel to the classic film Basket Case took nine years to make it to the big screen, but thank god Frank Henenlotter got it done. This picks up with the final scene from the first film and soon Dwayne and Belial are in the hospital after their falls from a New York hotel window.
A woman sees their plight on TV and since she already cares for a house of freaks she and her daughter take Dwayne and Belial from the hospital and bring them to her home.
You gotta see this to appreciate it as it is very typical of Henenlotter, who is a very creative genius. I won't give much away, but the movie is total fun and Belial finds true love (maybe) and Dwayne is pushed over the edge in one of the most bizarre scenes ever!!
Highly recommended!!


John Schneider, Darryl Hannah and Armand Assanti star in this wild tale about pollution in the ocean causing the sharks to swarm in packs and hunt humans. This is a very interesting premise done very well, but beware, the movie runs 2 hr. 37 min. and that is a long time for a movie of this type. I am assuming this was aired on TV in two parts, but I could be wrong.
Lots of very well handled shark attacks especially in the climax.
If you like these kinds of movies you may want to watch this, it's not too bad.

Monday, August 16, 2010

TODAY'S PIC .......

Emperor Krankor from the movie Prince Of Space.


This is no doubt one of the most disturbing films I have ever seen. Peter Watkins directed this documentary style film about the United States Government arresting citizens under the guise of a "Patriot Act" during the Vietnam War and sentencing them to either many years in a federal penetentary or going thru what they call "Punishment Park."
This is one damn brutal film that never lets up. it has been banned in many, many places and still has a very hard time being seen.
Personally I detest policemen, military men (i.e. men who use the military as an excuse to destroy lives, not the men and women who are fighting our worthless wars in Afgahanistan) and Barack Obama and the federal government, and this movie fits perfectly into what is happening in the good old USA today. If you don't know this you are blind or unwilling to admit anything.
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS MOVIE and think everyone should see it and decide for themselves. if I have offended any "patriots" out there who read this, well I make no apologies.


This is an extremely low budget effort and not really a bad one, but not too good either. The two lead actresses are both very attractive and handle their parts well, but the script has holes large enough for any aquanoid to pass thru.
The Mayor runs around town killing people who disagree with his big project to make the town of babylon an even bigger tourist attraction and it is never explained why the aquanoids first attacked in 1987 and then waited 16 years to attack again.
The monster are a throw back to the good old Larry Buchanan movies like Creature of Destruction and I kinda like that.
Rhonda jordan and Laura Nativo are very good in this and easy on the eyes, and that is about the best part of this film. However, if you're so inclined.......

Sunday, August 15, 2010


This stunning followup to one of the most terrifying films ever made will be playing at the Gateway 8 Cinema in Columbus, OH on August 21st and on August 26th it will be in Cleveland at the Cleveland Cinematheque and in Tempe Arizona at the MADCAP Theaters 3.

I really recommend this film. The pics I post here are courtesy of Magnet Releasing.


Lori Nelson ( Day The World Ended)who turned 77 on Aug. 15th, Mike Henry (Tarzan) who turned 74, Mike Conners(Day the World Ended, Mannix) who turned 85 and Gaylen Ross (Dawn of The Dead) turned 60.

TODAY'S PIC .......

This is the classic poster for the Spanish horror film Hunchback of The Morgue starring Paul Naschy.


Pat Priest who turned 74 on Aug. 15th, Natasha Henstridge who turned 36 on this day as well and finally to lovely British actress Barbara Shelley who turned 87 today as well.


This is a French/Romanian shocker about a young couple in an isolated house that are terrorized throughtout the night by unknown assailants. This film is truely scary and works on many, many levels.
I don't want to give away anything in this film because I really think you need to see it for yourself and judge it that way, but the ending made me downright angry and I would have handled it a very different way.
All I can say is that for it's brief 77 minute running time you are held spellbound the entire time. Highlr Recommended!!


Over the past few years there have been literally hundreds of movies about snakes and most have been fair to just awful and as with everything else in life sometimes everything just clicks and one is made that stands out above all others, and this film is one of them.
Corben Bernsen stars as the CEO of a big corporation that has bred genetically mutated, flesh eating snakes that get out of the lab and invade a small island in the pacific northwest.
Spunky Tara Reid is one of the people living on the island that fights for her life along with a new doctor that has arrived.
The snakes are all CGI but are very creepy and the effects are good. The tension builds slowly and finally giving you the climax you want.
This is how to make a very effective horror film in these modern times. Director Bill Corcoran does a very good job.


I hadn't seen this TV movie since it was originally on in 1977. I found it to be creepy and gave me goosebumps, like most movies about spiders do.
Tom Atkins and Howard Hessman stars as two men who are flying a coffee shipment from central america to the USA and their plane crashes in a small California town unleashing many 8 legged horrors that nobody knew was on the plane.
Soon townspeople start dying from mysterious spider bites and the local doctor plyaed by Pat Hingle, is soon investigating why people are dying.
this was made at a time when TV movies were something other than movies about abusive husbands and alcoholic women. A good one.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Dash Crofts, one half of the rock duo Seals and Crofts turned 70 on Aug. 14th, cute and country Connie Smith turns 69, actress Susan Saint James turnes 64 and the always sexy Hallie Barry turns 42 all on this date of Aug. 14th.


This is a very regional film shot in Kentucky and involves two men who are forced to kidnap women and bring them to a marijuana grower named Bud after he catches them trying to steal his stash.
Kevin Taylor plays the psycho Bud who tortures the women and then buries them in the rolling hills of Kentucky. Leading lady Karen Boles is extremely sexy and plays her role very well. She is the last victim of the three and her father and the law are in hot pursuit.
The disc extras are pretty interesting as they interview all involved and it gets really interesting when Kevin Taylor says part of his inspiration for the role of the crazy Bud was pro wrestler "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan. Wow!!!
If you run across this film you might like it.


One of the best westerns ever made stars sexy Raquel Welch as a young woman who's husband is killed by three vicious killers who in turn spend the night raping her. When they finally leave Raquel buries her husband and then sets out to seek revenge with the help of a bounty hunter played by Robert Culp.
After much argument he finally agrees to teach her to shoot and they head to Mexico to have a special gun made for her by a master gun maker played very well by Christopher Lee.
Now, the three killers are played by three of the screens greatest actors, Jack Elam, Ernest Borgnine and Strother Martin. They are probably the greatest team of killers to ever appear in a film and their antics are much like watching a sick cartoon. They fight, argue, shoot one another and constantly bicker and every robbery they pull off is a failure.
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS FILM and it is one of the top releases of the year!!!!


Jeffrey Combs and Barbara Crampton stars as a divorced couple who don't get along well, but are forced to when Combs inherits a castle and soon finds it is also inhabited by a deformed monster.
It is always a pleasure to look upon Crampton as she is one of the most beautiful women ever to appear in film. The monster is a twisted lump of humanity that actually turns out to be a lost family member on Combs side of the family. Jessica Dollarhide turns in an excellent performance as the blind daughter of the couple.
Stuart Gordon directs with his usual high class.


Weird film involving a murder that occured in the 1920's and a haunted bed that becomes a very controlling element in the lives of a young couple who move into an apartment containing said bed. Tanya dempsy is the very lovely leading lady whose life is turned into hell because of her seeing visions of murder.
This has a rather shocking ending and it serves the entire film well. Lots of nudity and sexual situations but a good horror film for fans of this sort of movie.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

TODAY'S PIC .......

Rodan destroys Tokyo in the 1956 thriller Rodan.


One of the top releases of the year, this great 70's horror film stars Pat Cardi as a young man who is constantly picked on in shcool by both students and his teachers. He experiments with a formula that can change people physically as well as mentally.
After his pet guinea pig, "Mr. Mumps" kills the cat belonging to the insane janitor, the janitor forces our your protagonist, Vernon Potts, to drink his experiment, and that sets off a chain of grisly and bizarre murders including the janitor whose head of dipped in a vat of acid!!
Other trachers are soon mudered in various ways including having fingers cut off, decapitations and being stomped to death with football cleats!!!
Austin Stoker co-stars as Detective Bozeman who is on the case and trying to find the homicidal killer.
Cide Red brings this to DVD for the first time ever completely uncut and that is a revalation. I have seen this movie countless times and have never seen it uncut. The deaths are both gruesome and fun to see, finally.
Included on the DVD are trailers, and interview with Austin Stoker and all of the footage originally shot for padding on TV airings. These scenes mostly concern Vernon's father talking to him on the phone and talking with his girlfriend.
An absolute must see film.


James Cameron directed this, his first feature directing job, about a slew of flying, flesh eating grunions who are part of a military experiment gone wrong. Thru the dialogue in the film you get the feeling this is related to the first film from Roger Corman, but it really isn't.
Lance Henriksen stars as a sheriff investigating several bizarre murders at a local beach resort.
The flying killer fish are rather cool looking and I know you aren't going to believe I said this, but this film is FAR better that either Avitar or Titanic.


Set in Livingston, Montana in 1974 this odd little film from director Frank Perry stars Jeff Bridges and Sam Waterston as two modern day cattle rustlers in the "no longer wild" west. Slim Pickens has a great role as a stock detective hired by a Clifton James and his wife Elizabeth Ashley to find out who is shooting their cattle. Harry Dean Stanton is a cowhand on the ranch and Jimmy Buffett singa "Livingston Saturday Night" in a bar scene filmed in the long gone Long Branch Saloon.
To see Livingston as the town I remember was wonderful for me. Now it is nothing but art galleries, wine shops and marijuana stores, but back in the 70's, 80's and the 90's it did have a flavor of it's own.
Lots of friends of mine in this film including Joe Spinell who has a small part as Sam Waterston's father. Most people reading this probably remember him better from Maniac and The Last Horror Film both where he co-starred with Caroline Munro.
On a personal level an excellent film, it isn't for everyone, but if you have a hankering, check it out.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

TODAY'S PIC .......

This is the classic movie poster that caught everyones attention when it came out for the movie Hell's Belles.


American Top 40 co-founder Don Bustany who turned 82 on Aug. 10th. I don't have a pic of Don, but thanks to him and Casey Kasem pop music became an obsession for me.


Now I like this movie. Giant killer bats that have been bred to eat human flesh are on the rampage in the Belzan forest of Chechnya and a special forces unit that is trying to capture a mad doctor falls prey to his creations.
The bats, when you get to see one upclose are pretty cool and evil looking. The killings in the film are all done pretty well even if it it CGI.
The plot is thin but it holds your attention and sometime less is better, especially when it comes to modern day horror films.


Zach Galligan stars in this interesting film about a mutant stain of killer flies that inhabit peoples bodies and turn them into killers while the monsters are incubating.
This is a hard movie to actually catorgorize as it is mostly a straight horror film with killer insects, zombies and a mad scientist, but there is some humor and the usual black ending.
Amy Jo Johnson is also in the cast and does a very good job. If you get a chance you might want to check it out. You might like it, I did.

Monday, August 9, 2010


Patricia Neal, best known for her Oscar winning role in Hud, The Fountainhead and Day The Earth Stood Still passed away on Aug. 8th at the age of 84 from lung cancer. She had had 3 strokes in 1965 that crippled her but didn't stop her from coming back and still working.

I remember her from Day the Earth Stood Still and it's remake of sorts from England called Stranger From Venus, also In Harm's Way and many more. A truely talented lady.


When this movie started I wasn't too impressed and thought about shutting it off, but I gave it time and I was rewarded for me efforts. This is a bizarre tale about a mysterious skelton in a black flowing cape that rides in the woods and kills people in very bloody ways.
Caspar Van Dein stars as one of the military men who falls victim to this weird killer during the search for another party that has mysteriously disappeared.
The reason for this monster is never really explained except to say it is an ancient Indian spirit that has nothing on it's mind but killing. Recommended!!


This is a very weird tale about a young woman who inherits a house that is haunted by the spirit of a crazy minister who killed people for their sins. Ashley Victoria Clark is the young woman who has the house and she does a very good job throughout the film, as as with most horror films made today all does not end well for anyone.
I found this very watchable, but it may not be everyones cup of tea.


I get a lot of odd emails but this is a very interesting one. I have been requested to post a birthday for a very lovely young lady and so I will do it.

Happy 21rst birthday to Christina DeMaria who is a Miami University Cheerleader.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Roger Corman produced this movie which actually takes footage from his first two Carnosaur movies and builds an entire movie around those scenes!! Most people think it is a rip off, but I find it very cleaver and nobody does it better than Roger.
Eric Roberts stars as a small town Sheriff investigating a serise of brutal killings with the help of a very sexy animal control officer played by Melissa Brasselle. Corbin Bernsen is the villian who is creating dinosaurs in an underground complex.
Great fun and cost effective movie making. Recommended!!

TODAY'S PIC .......

Leather clad Caroline Munro as Stella Star in Starcrash..due out in a 2 disc set from Shout Factory on Spetember 14th.


Sept. 14th..Starcrash 2 disc set from Shout Factory, Mighty Peking Man from Well Go USA, Terminal Island from Code Red.
Sept. 21st..The Alpha Incident from Synergy
Sept. 28th.. The Killer Inside Me from MPI
Oct. 5th..Slumber Party Massacre Collection from Shout Factory, The Evil/Twice Dead from Shout Factory.
Oct. 12th..Jaws In Japan from Cinema Epoch
Oct. 26th..Cannibal Girls from Shout Factory, Cuban Rebel Girls/Untamed Women from VCI.
Nov. 2nd..Not of This Earth (1988) from Shout Factory, Terror Within/Dead Space from Shout Factory.
A very interesting list of things to come.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

TODAY'S PIC .......

This is a very cool poster for Attack Of The Aztec Mummy from Mexico.


Karl Malden plays Julian Wall, a madman intent on destroying Washington DC as a warning to all who oppose him, but Matt Helm is on the case. Gorgeous Ann-Margret stars as the woman Helm falls for and as usual she looks great.
Again, this has lots of action and laughs and is never boring. The Helm films were never intended to be taken too serious and it shows, but they are fun imitations of James Bond films and much better than the other million Bond rip offs coming out at the time.


The third and best of the Matt Helm movies finds our suave undercover agent trying to retrieve one billion dollars in gold that has been stolen. Nigel Green stars as the master mind behind the gold heist and in this film, directed by Phil Karlson, the women are very eye popping such as Sharon Tate, Elke Sommer, Nancy Kwan and Tina Louise.
Plenty of action, a few laughs and that unmistakable Dean Martin feel to the movie make this a winner all the way.

Friday, August 6, 2010


The second Matt Helm film finds our dynamic hero making moves on women and stopping a super criminal from stealing America's newest super weapon. Dean martin plays Helm again and he is aided by gorgeous janice Rule as Sheila Sommers and he also fights lovely bad girl Francesca Madeiros played by Senta Berger who has poisoned lips!!
Another outrageous entry in the serise also stars James Gregory, Beverly Adams as Lovie Kravezit and "The Slaygirls". See it and enjoy.


This is the first of 4 Matt Helm films made by Columbia pictures and it stars Dean Martin in the title role. In this outing he has to stop the Big O organization from starting WW3. Victor Buono is the lead villian and is perfect for the role. These films are very light but always entertaining and the women are always spectacular. this film co-stars Stella Stevens, Daliah Lavi, James Gregory as Helm's long suffering boss, Roger C. Carmel, Richard Devon and Beverly Adams as helm's secretary Lovie Kravzit!!
Also making a cameo appearence is the lucious Cyd Charisse as a dancer with a secret message to deliver. If you like lightweight films that are very easy on the eyes you'll enjoy this.


This film cannot decide if it is a horror film, drama, crime film or gangster movie. I say retitle this The Mafia Vs. Sharks. A man and his girlfriend travel to Venice Italy to find out what has happened to his father and they both run afoul of sharks and mafia men who want 4 million in treasure.
The CGI shark effects are not very good and the story lacks a lot in suspense and I swear there is a 3 second shot from the original jaws movie in there which wouldn't suprise me.
Not too bad, but there are much better films than this to watch and spend money on.


Finally, a horror film that isn't teen friendly and actually works. It seems 5 people who tavel to an ancient Mayan temple have been chosen for sacrifice by the locals who refuse to let them come down off the top of the temple.
After much horror and suspense they find that the plants are alive and are flesh eaters. I know this sounds bizarre, and it is, but it works very well. The ending is typical for modern day cinema as it is dark and forboding, but i do recommend this film for something entirely different.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


The only news I have is director Guillermo Del Toro has unwisely chosen to remake the classic 1973 horror film Don't Be Afraid of The Dark and it stars Katie Holmes (cringe).
I got a kick out of the liberal rag called the LA Times which said the movie is based on a little known 70's horror film. Little known???? Where the hell have these tards been??
Of course it is the LA times, a very left wing and therefore stupid paper.
This movie opens on jan. 21 and is rated R. Gee the original was scary and it wasn't even rated, which just proves my point about filmmakers unable or not wanting to make anything good.


Actor John Saxson turned 75 on August 5th

TODAY'S PIC .......

This is the poster for the classic 1957 film Night The World Exploded.


Well made and intense film shot in a documentary style about several groups who are trying to survive a worldwide virus that has turned everyone who dies into flesh eating zombies. These different groups finally come together and they all learn there is a much more horrible fate awaiting them than zombies.
A smart horror film shot in England and there is some gore and other shocks along the way. the films runs only 80 minutes so the action starts and does not let up. A highly recommended film for horror movie lovers and zombie movie fans.


A gigantic python escapes from a private reserve the FBI must release an equally loage Boa constrictor to fight it. This is the simple premise behind another well made monster movies from the folks at Sony. David Hewlett and lovely Jamie Bergman star.
The sub plot about a group of hunters going after the python is pretty cool, and they all get killed pretty quickly because they underestimate their game.
David flores does a good job directing and this movie should please monster movie lovers if you like contemporary films that is.


Dean Cain stars in this sci-fi thriller about a 100 foot snake uleashed by people drilling in the arctic in order to make a new prison.
This is a rather tense flick with some good death scenes and great action. The snake effects are very good and very scary, especially if you don't like snakes.. I like this movie and would very much recommend it to anyone who likes monster movies.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

TODAY'S PIC .......

Several shots of Pam Grier, lucious star of Wilder, Big Doll House, Big Bird Cage and so many more.


Lovely Pam grier stars as a female detective who ends up fighting for survival after she gets mixed up in a case involving demonic corruption from a huge pharmceutical company. She finds herself enlisting the help of a man she firsts suspected of some brutal murders, played very well by Rutger Hauer.
Some brutal and sadistic killing happen in this film and when Pam gets worked over you just want to jump in the screen and kick some ass for her as she is so likeable.


Absolutely one of the best films I have ever seen. A very sexy female seeks bloody revenge on those that kinapped her sister and left her in a very bad way. Satana Katic does an excellent job as the woman looking for revenge.
Some very bloody deaths and lots and lots of action. Tom Berenger, Kelly Hu and William Forsythe also star and turn in very good performances.
I cannot recommend this film enough and I really think you should sit down and watch will not be disappointed.


Zoe Bell stars as a female assassin who, during a botched hit is stabbed in the head and suddenly sees the ghosts of her victims and decides to kill those who have hired her as she realizes that they are the bad people. Zoe turns in a great performance as always and there is plenty of blood and guts and action.
Lucy Lawless costars and has a very graphic death and there is a lot more shocking things in this great, underrated film.


Bruce Campbell stars as an American business man who travels to Bulgaria to make a business deal and he ends up getting murdered and soon finds that a mad scientist has put his brain together with a former KGB operative with very funny results.
Campbell is one of a kind and really knows his acting. One of the extras on the disc is called Neurology 101 and is a real life story of how it took 20 years!!! for this film to finally get made. Much like Bubba Ho Tep, you gotta see it to appreciate it.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


It looks like Turner Classic Movies has the entire Hammer library as they will be celebrating Hammer all month long in October. Some other films of interest during that month include Bowery Boys Meet The Monsters on Oct. 30th, The Boogens on Oct. 22nd, Psychomania (1967) and Daughters Of Satan on Oct. 1st and Let's Kill Uncle on Oct. 8th.


Movie director Wes Craven is 70 on Aug. 2nd and lovely Joanna Cassidy is 64 on that same day and Butch Patrick (Eddie Munster) turns 56 as well.


Vicious and flesh eating dinosaurs roam loose in a huge underground scientific compund after experiments with genetics goes very wrong. Cliff DeYoung stars in this Roger Corman thriller as a government wimp who is hiding a secret from his crew that is sent to the complex to do repairs.
The action starts and NEVER lets up for one minute. The movie is a classic and very highly recommended and I like the pic on the back of the DVD box that isn't even in the movie which is that of a sexy young woman in the dinosaurs jaws!! But hey, thats how you sell movies.


In theaters this August 20th is Piranha 3D and on September 3rd Machete opens up and then September 10th Resident Evil 3D opens. These should all be pretty good films and I have included pictures from the movies, and yes, I have a Kelly Brooke obsession, she lookes good in