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Thursday, May 31, 2012


Here are a couple more ads someone sent me.


One of the best exploitation films ever released is really nothing more than a great drama with a tacked on psuedo rape scene to make it way more of an exploitation item.
Peter Graves is an engineer from the big city who comes down to the bayou and falls in love with a very sexy woman played by Lita Milan. The iconic Timothy Carey is Ulysses, the man who wants Milan and will do anyhting to get her including intimidating her father and friends and even sexually assulting Milan herself.
Carey easily steals the entire movie, and this is a standout film aka Bayou and directed by Harold Daniels.
All three leads do an excellent job as well as the supporting cast of Douglas Fowley, Jonathan Haze and Ed Nelson Recommended!!


Clint Eastwood is 82, Brooke Shields is 47, and Gregory Harrison is 62.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


The debut of Roger Corman as a director is a very good western about five men pardoned from prison to go after gold and a traitor for the Confederate Army, but soon they turn on each other.
Paul Birch, Jonathan Haze, Mike Conners, John Lund and R. Wright Campbell are the five men and Dorothy Malone is the woman running the stagecoach station in which the men hang out and await their gold.
I cannot recommend this enought to Corman fans and western fans as well. One of the best with all the usual Corman touches of greatness.


Clint Walker is 85, Michael J. Pollard is 73, Keir Dullea is 76, Ruta Lee is 76, and Jennifer Ellison is 29.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Given the state of professional wrestling today, it is always good to see these disc sets that deal with the business when is was good and the dingbat PC crowd hadn't taken over and ruined everything yet.
This is a three disc set that highlights some of the greatest moments from the live events on TBS during the years 1988-1997, and there were some classic match ups.
This 7 hour set features such performers as Sting, Macho Man Randy Savage, Ric Flair, Rick Rude, Hulk Hogan, Midnight Express, Rock N' Roll Express and many, many more.
If you enjoy seeing wrestling before the PC nuts ruied it, this is another fine set from WWE that I highly recommend.


What can I say about this film? One of the oddest, yet most compelling films from the 50's. This is a film with no dialogue except for a narrator and it is about a woman's insanity!!
A young woman wakes up in a small motel room and comes across a wino, a pimp, a rich man who attempts to have his way with her until she kills him, a police chase thru dark streets and she even has a cemetary flashback to her abusive childhood.
This is a one of a kind film and well worth a watch or two. Adrienne is the woman and Bruno VeSota is the rich man. VeSota also co-produced this film.
If you ever get a chance you really should check this out, it is unique and scary and entertaining all at the same time. Shot in a very noir-like style.


Anthony Geary is 65.

Monday, May 28, 2012


I had someone send me a few drive in ads from the good old days, and I will be posting them all here over time...right now here are a couple with some great films that were playing.....

27TH DAY 1957 (SONY)

A great 1950's sci-fi film about an alien who gives small capsules to seven people and tells them that these capsules have the capabilities of destroying the entire planet so they can then live there.
Gene Barry and Valerie French are two people given capsules and French throws hers out to the sea while Barry goes into hiding with his.
There are some very interesting elements in this film and it completely different from other films of this time.
Paul Birch and Mel Wells have small roles as well and Arnold Moss is the alien invader.
This has a very interesting twist ending, if you can call it that. Highly Recommended fun sci-fi from the 50's.


The silver masked hero fights Martians intent on taking over the earth in this twisted and wonderful mexican film from 1966 Shot in beautiful Black and White, the Martians look like wrestlers who land in a saucer and make several hundred people disappear after they issue a warning that is not taken to seriously by the people of Mexico.
The female Martians try and seduce Santo, but the doesn't work and finally he defeats them all after several bouts in the ring and fisticuffs elsewhere.
This is an entertaining film, but it could have been much more is some effort had been put into it. It is interesting to note Wolf Ruvinskis who was Neutron in several other wrestling/sci0fi movies is here as well as a wrestler named The Nazi, who plays the head Martian.


Carroll Baker is 81, Sally Forrest is 84, and John Karlen is 79.

Sunday, May 27, 2012


Four adults who grew up as slum kids meet for a reunion and find themselves involved in a murder. That is the very basic plot of this interesting 30's programmer starring Victor McLaglen, William Gargan, Paul Kelly and Beatrice Roberts.
The four characters are believable as people who grew up in a slum and took various paths in life such as nightclub singer, nightclub owner, priest and policeman.
This film will hold your attention and I do recommend it for any filmfan who is looking for light fluff for about an hour.


The always beautiful Milla Jovovich stars as a woman who is attacked by a seriel killer and survives only to find she now has what they call "face blindness" which is a condition in which she cannot identify the killer by his face, and she cannot recognize anyone even her boyfriend.
To me this is a cleaver plot device and you never really know who is who throughout the entire film.
I like the concept and it works very well. Jovovich will always be known as Anna in Resident Evil films, but she is a damn good actress and has made some great films including this one and Perfect Getaway among others. It is interesting to note that Marianne Faithfull also stars as the doctor who is trying to help Milla's character.
Recommended film for any film fan.


Christopher Lee is 90, Linnea Quigley is 54, Lee Meriwether is 77, Kip Niven is 67, Eric Bischoff is 55, and let us never forget the late great Vincent Price who born on this day in 1911.

Saturday, May 26, 2012


Tay garnett directed this blend of mystery, murder and some light comedy and with very good results.
Pat O' Brien is a man framed for murder and soon he and a party girl are trying to clear his name. The culprit turns out to be someone closer to him than he actually thinks.
Edward Arnold, Broderick Crawford, Clair Dodd and Douglas Fowley round out a stellar cast of great veterans.
If you like lightweight murder mysteries then I am sure wyou will like this very good example of the genre.


Offbeat but very interesting film about a vampire and his clan loose in a major city and the cop that tried to stop him.
Jason Williams is the cop and Gustav Vintas is the deadly vampire that sometimes uses a razor to kill.
This disc is hosted by Maria Kanellis, who brings her usual sexiness to the goings on. I for one enjoy her much too brief intros and wish she did more.
Anyway, you should enjoy this film if you like horror films. Recommended!!


Pam Grier is 63, Stevie Nicks is 64, Jacques Bergerac is 85, Ingrid Goude is 75, and if they were still with us John Wayne, James Arness & Peter Cushing would also have b-days today.

Friday, May 25, 2012


Connie Sellecca is 57, Karen Valentine is 65, Leslie Uggams is 69,and Ann Robinson is 77.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


One of the best car chase films ever with an occult thriller overtone thrown in for good measure. Two men and their wives take off for a vacation across country and accidently witness a devil cult sacrificing a woman and soon find themselves running for their lives from the crzay satanists.
Warren Oates and Peter Fonda are the men and Loretta Swit and lovely Lara Parker are the wives. It seems like the entire state of Texas is populated with the worshippers as everyone they talk to is connected to the cult.
Great stunts and a nonstopr barrage of action and snappy dialogue make this a true winner for action movie fans. Recommended!!


Sybil Danning is 60.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Bizarre little film from Fred Olen Ray about a sorority house where three women are going to make a new pledge do things to will totally humiliate her. Along comes the Devil to help her out and she turns into a monster and kills people.
This is basically the plot to this somewhat entertaining film. Michelle Bauer, Pricilla Barnes and Robert Vaughn star. Vaughn is Satan and Bauer and her co-stars show ample skin which makes this a must for her fans, but some will no doubt find this boring and slow.
If you're looking for a way to waste 90 minutes, then this will do fine. The comedy is strained and the jokes lame, but with Michelle who really cares?


Joan Collins is 79.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


This is the fourth and final installment of the Blind Dead series, and this time the action moves to a small fishing village which for seven nights a year sacrifice a young maiden to the blood drinking walking dead corpses known as the Knights Templar.
Victor Petit is a young doctor that moves to the village along with his young wife. This has to be the MOST unfriendly vilage I have ever seen in any film. These people take their young daughters and willingly give them to the corpses as they fear their village will be destroyed.
These people are downright mean and deserve no sympathy from the viewer. I was actually rooting for the Templar thru the entire movie.
It's a fitting end to the series as it was getting a little bit tired leading up to this. Good gore and shocks.


Very well made Philippino horror film that actually was such a huge hit it spawned many similar types of movies for years to come.
Francis Lederer is a scientist who is attempting to change a panther into a human. These experiemnts have taken their toll of his gorgeous wife played by the always sexy Greta Thyssen.
Our story becomes even more intersting when a man washes up on shore and we learn he is the only survivor from a shipping disaster. Richard Derr plays the role very well and he actually shows interest in the experiments for a while until he decides the doctors lonely wife needs more attention.
The mutant being gets loose and goes on a killing spree and the makeup is quite good. The movie also had a warning bell that sounded when the doctor slices the neck of the creature open during a surgical scene.
If you like understated horror, you'll like this film and then you'll enjoy other Philippine made horrors as well.


Richard Benjamin is 74, Michael Constantine is 85, Merry Anders is 78, Ashley Renee is 48, and Marilyn Joi is 67.