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Saturday, July 31, 2010


When I first saw this film back in 1981 I didn't like it at all. When I heard it was coming to DVD io decided to see if my opinion would change, and it has. This is actually a very well made sci-fil film from the Roger Corman stable of films.
A strange alien power plays on people's fears in order to kill them and the high point of the film comes when a female space jockey who hates worms is raped and killed by a thousand pound maggott!! You have to see it to believe it!! Corman is a genius.
The stellar cast includes Edward Albert, Erin Moran, Zalman King, Robert Egland, Ray Walston, Sid Haig and Taffe O' Connell.
Pretty good gore effects and acting actually make this a winner even though most movie fans consider this to be one of the 50 worst movies ever made. Watch it and decide for yourself.


Interesting film based on the Marvel comic of the same name. A mysterious swamp monster is killing off the local residents of a very small southern swamp town and the evil millionaire who started drilling for oil is somewhat to blame for all this mess.
Seems he killed a man before he had his drills brought in and somehow the chemicals from his operation have mixed with the cells of the murdered man to create an indestructible monster who kills anyone who enters the dark waters of the swamp.
Some brief nudity and language make this an R rated comic book but it is still one hell of a fun ride.


One of the four mexican film Boris Karloff made just before he passed away. This one concerns a living rock monster that feeds off of the fear of human beings, so an evil female scientist and her twisted assistant kidnap women and torture them to bring about fear for the beats to feed on while Karloff plays a scientist who is oblivious to what is happening.
Not a good film, but not a bad one either. Good B film.


Roger Corman produced this great little movie about a bounty hunter who comes to a planet called Xarbia and confronts a deadly mutant life form that is the result of gene splicing between an alien cell and a human being.
This movie is both gory and fun to watch. The monster is truely scarey and very destructive. I haden't seen this movie for almost 27 years and now finally I got to see it again and it is even more entertaining this time around.
The great cast includes Fox Harris, Jesse Vint, Dawn Dunlap, June Chadwick and a standout performance by Linden Chiles as the head of the research team.
Shout Factory comes shining thru with a 2 disc set, one disc includes the theatrical version and tons of cool extras while disc two is the unrated, longer directors cut.
Highly recommended!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

TODAY'S PIC .......

This is the poster for the 1957 blob monster epic Unknown Terror which is available from Sinister Cinema.


This weeks broadcast is from 7-31-1982 which was the week that Eye To Eye sang of "Nice Girls", Larry Elgart was "Hooked On Swing", Kenny Rogers told us that "Love Will Turn You Around", The Go Go's wanted a "Vacation", Air Supply said "Even the Nights Are Better", Fleetwood Mac pleaded to "Hold Me" and much more from a great period of 80's music.


This weeks broadcast is from 7/29/1978 which is a time that Andy Gibb wanted "An Everlasting Love", Foreigner was "Hot Blooded", Gerry Rafferty took a stroll on "Baker Street", Abba begged "Take A Chance On Me" and much more from one of the best times for pop music and disco.


Lovely Elizabeth Berkeley who turned 38 on July 28th.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


In September Shout Factory is releasing some Gamera double features and they will sell for around $19.99.
Gamera Vs. Guiron/Gamera Vs. Jigar (9-21)
Gamera vs. Gaos/Gamera Vs. Viras (9-21)
Well Go USA releases Mighty Peking Man on 9-14 and that movie is a must have!!
Cannibal Girls is from Shout Factory on Oct. 26th.

Monday, July 26, 2010


Suzanna Leigh (Deadly Bees) turned 65 on July 26th and Celeste Yarnall (Velvet Vampire) turned 66 on that day as well.


For those of us privileged enough to see this spectacular channel, this documentary really touches a nerve. This channel started in 1974 and was instrumental in starting the trend of showing movies uncut and commercial free, which in 1974 was unheard of.
In 1980 a creative genius named Jerry harvey took over as programmer of the Z Channel and history was made. Jerry was a cinephile who LOVED film and wanted people to see movies as they were meant to be shown.
Harvey's vision brought many movies to the small screen that had been neglected or abused by the movie critics and gave the fans what they wanted. Such neglected films as Belin Alexanderplatz, Heaven's Gate, Salvador and many others.
In this wonderful documentary you'll hear from gorgeous Jacqueline Bisset, Quentin Tarantino, Robert Altman and many others who's films were shown on the Z Channel.
Harvey was a tragic figure who finally surrendered to inner deamons and killed his wife and himself in 1987.
Harvey's great friendship with Sam Peckinpah is spotlighted as well as his love for Michael Cimino and Heaven's Gate.
This is a 2 disc set that any film fan must see. If you think crap like HBO, Showtime and the Movie Channel were the first, you are was the Z Channel, and thank god for it.
I fondly remember seeing the totally uncut version of Sex Kittens Go To College with Mamie Van Doran on that channel.


In honor of Action Jackson I have put up this gorgeous photo of Vanity. Enjoy.


Carl Weathers stars as a detective named Jericho Jackson who takes on a ruthless auto tycoon played by Craig T. Nelson. Lovely Sharon Stone plays Nelson's illfated wife whom he kills for knowing too much in a scene that is somewhat shocking.
The ultra sexy Vanity stars as Nelson's mistress who falls for Jackson during the investigation. Lots of car chases and bloody deaths ensue as Jackson pursues Nelson. This is a good film and rather overlooked upon it's initial release.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Actor James Best (Killer Shrews, Dukes of Hazzard) turned 84 on July 26th, Andrea True turned 60 on this day and Susan George also turned 60.


I found this movie terrifying and extremely well made. Four people and a baby develope car trouble in the deep woods and find themselves terrified by a very bizarre family and a mysterious creature called The Jersy Devil which is never seen but always present. Ellen Sandweiss (Evil Dead) is one of the people on a strange journey into sheer terror.
Director Dante Tomaselli delivers the goods in terrfying fashion and I cannot wait to see his new film Torture Chamber.
Very Highly Recommended!!


Absolutely top notch drive in noir classic stars gorgeous Tiffany Bolling and yummy Robin Mattson as sisters who kill their perverted stepfather (played by Leo Gordon) and proceed to get mixed up with private eyes, lesbians and $400,000 of stolen mob money.
Alex Rocco and Timothy Brown star as hitmen looking for the stolen money which actually belongs to the girls' uncle played by Scott Brady.
Bolling always looks good and Mattson is simply bursting with sexuality as the young 15 year old who uses her body to get what she wants. They simply don't make movies like this anymore and that is a shame.
One of the best releases of the year and a very welcome addition to your DVD library.


Another long OOP title. The weird film stars Julie Strain as the leader of a strange sorority of young women that feed on human flesh. Sometimes inane and silly, this film does keep your interest thanks to Strain and co-star Brinke Stevens as the woman out to stop the evil cult..or is she??
Kevin Hamilton handles the directing chores well but some of the scenes of Strain grinding up men in her meat machine kinda make me wonder what exactly he was shooting for.
All inall not too bad of an effort, but not for all tastes.


Wow!! I loved this film!!!! Japanese female wrestler Cutie Suzuki stars as a young woman who must fight a plague of zombies after a mysterious meteor crashes in Tokyo Bay and envelopes the city in a strange fog. It also turns the recent dead into flesh eating monsters.
Lots of gory effects and flesh eating add to the black horror the completely takes over Tokyo. A very bleak and dark film but very well made and acted.
I have read some bad reviews of this film, but I think all true horror fans will enjoy this movie for what it is.


Long OOP film about a mad female scientist who attempts to cross breed chickens with lizards and dinosaur DNA and creates a lot of prehistoric T-Rex's. Diane ladd steals the show as the psycho scientist. The dinosaur effects are done with gigantic props and mechanical monsters and look very realistic.
Produced by Roger Corman, this is a winner that will be sure to entertain you. I do need to mention that the movie has a very, very bleak ending.


Giant Komodo dragons hunt humans for food in this energetic outing starring Tim Abell, gorgeous Melissa Brasselle, Richard Gaibi and Jay Richardson.
The komodo effects are good and these monsters mean business when hunting people. A very entertaining film that never lets up for a minute.
This is a highly recommended film.

TODAY'S PIC 7-25-2010

This is a picture from the movie within the movie Matinee. It is called "Mant" half man, half ant and all terror.


Everyone's favorite Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter turned 59 on July 24th, and Jennifer Lopez turned 40 on that same day.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

TODAY'S PIC.......

A great still from the terrifying film entitled Deathdream.


From 1974 comes this excellent black action film starring Isaac Hayes as a bounty hunter named Mac "Truck" Turner who stops at nothing to get his suspects. Turner soon finds himself over his head after he and his partner kill a vicious pimp.
Nichelle Nichols stars as a foul mouthed, foul tempered Madam who owns a lot of whores and hires a killer and his mob to kill Turner. Lots of action, violence and gore make this a winner and one of the best Urban action films I have ever seen.
It's hard to find now on DVD, but if you get the chance check it out.


Treasure hunters come across a giant squid that guards ahuge Opal of chinese origin. Charlie O' Connell and the always sexy Victoria Pratt star and the effects aren't bad at all. There is some graphice gore which surprised me, but didn't detract from the enjoyment of the film.
A good old fashioned monster movie and a recommended one at that.


One of the greatest rock n' roll films ever made, this was filmed at the Santa Monica Civic Center in 1964 and features live performances by such greats as The Rolling Stones, Chuck Berry, Lesley Gore, The Supremes, Jan & Dean, Gerry And The Pacemakers and many, many more including The Beach Boys whose footage was cut out after the initial release of the film.
If you like good music, not the rot of today, then by all means check out this fantastic release from Shout Factory.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Ali Landry who turned 37 on July 21st. Have a Dorito in her honor.


Excellent film that starts off as a JD film and quickly turns into a drama and then sci-fi thriller. MacDonald Carey stars as a tourist in England who is beaten up by punks and gets mixed up with the sister of the leader of the punks, played by the wonderful Oliver Reed. Then Carey and his girl head out to sea and get stranded in a bizarre underground cave where mysterious children live who are cold to the touch and highly radioactive.
The film is bleak and disturbing and nobody lives thru the film. A steller cast also includes Alexander Knox, Viveca Lindfors, Shirley Anne Field and more.
This has been released as part of the Sony 6 movie set called Hammer Icons of Suspense Collection. I highly recommend it.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

TODAY'S PIC...7-20-2010

One of the many posters for Frank Miller's Sin City starring Jessica Alba.


This is a still timely classic about the horrors of an elderly child abuser and the efforts of his family and the townspeople to cover it up and protect his reputation. This is a major film with impact and emotion. This is something we read about in the papers and Hammer has done a wonderful job telling a real terrifying story.
I would rank this film as one of the best Hammer films ever made. The entire cast is outstanding and the movie is NEVER slow.
Highly Recommended!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010


The lovely and talented Vonetta McGee passed away on July 10th at the age of 65. Vonetta is remembered by many genre fans from films like Blacula, Norliss Tapes, Shaft In Africa and other great roles in films like Melinda, Hammer, Detroit 9000, and many more.

She was diagnosed with lymphoma in her teen years and lived a long life despite what doctors told her.

Her career was influential to many of us who were first introduced to her by her roles in Blacula and Norliss Tapes. In many of the obits that have been written, they people call her an exploitation actress, but she was far more than that.

TODAY'S PIC .......7-19-2010

This is a poster for one of the greatest action films ever made.....Bucktown starring Fred Williamson and Pam Grier.


This Hammer classic stars Kerwin Matthews as a young man who becomes mixed up in a bizarre murder plot. A tight and well made film with all the usual Hammer touches. A crisp and clear black and white transfer is presented by Sony and this film is well worth seeing.
It just proves you don't need a bunch of flash to make a great and suspensful movie.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

TODAY'S PIC .......7-18-2010

A poster for one of my favorite films, The Cheerleaders.. Gimme a T...Gimme an A.....


P.J. Soles who turned 60 on July 17th, David Hasselhoff turned 58 the same day and Audrey Landers turned 54 on July 18th.


Another great Hammer crime film staring Andre Morell as a bank robber with high standards who forces a stuffy bank president, played by Peter Cushing, to rob his bank of 93,000 pounds. Morell is cool and collected as the thief while Cushing goes from cruel bank president to crying mess after a while.
A great study in psychology and apathy this film runs the gamet. A highly recommend piece of filmmaking from one of the leading studios of the grand style.


Obscure Hammer film about a man who survives a car crash and thinks he has become a murderer. This is classic hammer film noir and it is a superb film. Hammer is best known for their monster movies, but this gives you a look at the other types of films they were making, and the brits prove they are very good at making anything.
The excellent twist ending to this film will catch you by suprise. Highly Recommended!!


22 more classic episodes from the George Romero TV show that ran for 4 years. This 3 disc set has some of the best episodes including The Geezenstacks, Baker's Dozen, Everybody Needs A Little Love, The Milkman Cometh and much more.
I cannot recommend this enough!! If you like Romero and classic TV scares this is for you.


Three people are stranded on a small island after the boat they were on catches fire and sinks. Billy Zane & the gorgeous Kelly brook play a couple who survives and Juan Pablo Di Pace plays the third survivor.
They fight over Brook who is in a bikini for the entire film, and finally the men come to a life and death showdown for survival and the woman.
Bizarre and entertaining, this film had a very different ending that what I was expecting. I recommend it for many reasons including Kelly in a nice white bikini.


This is the second in a long line of Gamera films and this time it is in color and scope. It seems that the rocket that had Gamera in it and was headed towards Mars hit a meteor and freed the giant turtle to come back to earth. In the meantime you have explorers who find a rare Opal which grows into Barugon, a rather bizarre monster with a freezing tongue and a destructive rainbow it shoots out of it's back. The two monsters fight for domination with some pretty cool effects.
This movie runs 101 minutes which is long for a film of this kind, but I recommend it no matter what. It looks better than it ever has and we owe a lot to Shout factory for finally giving this film the treatment it deserves.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

TODAY'S PIC .......7-15-2010

This is the original movie poster for the obscure horror film Legend Of The Werewolf starring Peter Cushing.


Singer Linda Ronstadt who turned 64 on July 15th and singer Alicia Bridges who turned 57 on that same day.
Two of my favorites from the wonderful 1970's. Linda is still my girl.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

TODAY'S PIC 7-14-2010

The always sexy Carmen Electra, star on Monster Island.


I liked this movie a lot, but it really is a hit and miss thing with viewers. The ALWAYS sexy Carmen Electra stars as herself in this MTV financed movie about people trapped on a small island inhabited by giant insects.
One of the insects takes carmen and some of the young people who were in attendance at her concert trek thru the jungle to find her and rescue her. Adam West shows up as Dr. Harryhausen, who has a score to settle with the giant monsters.
Made with tongue in cheek and I will watch anything with Carmen in it. See it and decide for yourself.


Double feature of muscle poppers here and the first is War Gods Of babylon from 1962 starring Howard Duff who plays Ninevah, the conqueror of Babylon. Impressive special effects top off this classic film with the flooding of Babylon. Standard muscle movie, but well done and entertaining.
The second feature is War Goddess from 1974 and it stars the lovely Alena Johnston as Antiope, the Queen Of The Amazons who must mate with the Greek king, Thesues. This is from AIP and is a exploitation film with lots of naked women, which is never a bad thing, and some very odd comedy. Not a bad way to spend a saturday afternoon.


The funniest damn cartoon since Rocky & Bullwinkle!! A lot of the humor is aimed at baby boomers and pop culture of the 60's and 70's and I always roll on the floor with laughter when watching johnny try to impress women.
If you want a good laugh, check this set out. Man, this set is pretty!!! OOHHHH Mama..
Come on the Monkey with me.
Highly Recommended


My, my where to start. This is a 3 disc set that is based on the mammoth book by Stephen Romano. Disc one features some mock trailers which are ok, but they do not compare to the rest of the disc which contains the likes of Treasure Of the Four Crowns, Late Great Planet Earth, Africa Blood And Guts, the ultra rare Titillation teaser starring Little Oral Annie and so much more. There are way too many to mention, but you get the idea.
Disc 2 features mostly horror films such as Grizzly, Invasion of The Bee Girls, Pieces, Horror Hotel ,Saturn 3 and much more. This is my favorite part of the DVD set. This disc also contains dozens of obscure TV commercials for movies such as Massacre At Central High, Last Survivor and more. These are all re-mastered from 16 mm film reels!!
Disc 3 is called Radio Shock festival and features over 300!! trailers re-mastered from original vinyl records from the 70's and 80's.
Another top release of the year and if you like Grindhouse movies you'll simply love this collection. One of the best ever.


Roger Corman produced this Allan Arkush film about a young woman who attends Vince Lombardi High and tries to get concert tickets to see her favorite group, The Ramones. P.J. Soles as Riff Randall is a show stealer and probably her best performance ever.
Some classic rock tunes from the 70's are featured such as Smoking In the Boys Room but the real gold is the Ramones singing such hits as Teenage Labotomy and I Don't Want To Be A Pinhead. Wow, such cool stuff.
Mary Woronov stars as Miss Togar, the very strict new Principle of the school and Paul bartell is simply fabulous as the music teacher who also loves Rock N' Roll music.
Shout Factory brings this gem to DVD in an excellent version with tons of extras and interviews with PJ Soles, Roger Corman, Allan Arkush and more. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and one of the best releases of the year so far.
The DVD is dedicated to the memory of Joey, Johnny and Dee Dee Ramone.


Probably the slowest, but most perverse of the Zero Woman films. Rei is sent to find the mysterious killer of men and it turns out to be a young boy who dresses like a woman and kills the men during sex.
It is slower than most of the other Zero films, but it never fails to intrigue.


Character actor Sid Haig who turned 71 on July 14th, Rosie grier who turned 78 on that same day and finally happy 78th to Euro screen goddess Helga Line who celebrated as well on the 14th.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I am going to be posting several interesting reviews here tomorrow and i hope you find them helpful. Please feel free to leave your comments.


This weekends edition of AT 40 the 80's takes us to 7-19-1980 when the Dirt Band wanted to "Make A Little Magic", Pete Townshend pleaded to "Let My Love Open the Door", Rocky Burnette was "Tired of Toein' The Line", Billy Joel said "It's Still Rock N' Roll To Me" and so much more in a banner year for music.


This weekends edition of AT 40 the 70's takes us back to 7-17-1971 when Cat Stevens saw a "Moon Shadow", The Bee Gees asked "How Do You Mend A Broken Heart", Olivia Newton John said "If Not For You", Honey Cone looked thru the "Want Ads" and much more.

TODAY'S PIC .......

The poster for the classic Japanese sci-fi film King Kong Escapes.


Harrison Ford who turns 68 today and Louise Mandrell who turns 56.

Monday, July 12, 2010

TODAY'S PIC 7-12-2010

This is a pic of the movie poster from Silent Scream starring Barbara Steele and Rebecca Balding.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

TODAY'S PIC 7-11-2010

This is a picture from one of my favorite films....Sting Of Death and it features the monster that is a man who turns himself into a Portuguese Man Of War monster.


Wow!! This film blew me away. A large group of ever eating and ever growing piranha head from the Amazon to Florida devouring everything in their path including warships of the US Navy!! These piranha are genetic mutants and can survive in salt water as well as river water.
It's great seeing giant piranha jump out of the water and eat helicopters, destroy beach resort buildings and eat people.
This is simply a throwback to the good old fashioned monster movies of the past and it stars 80's pop singer Tiffany and the Brady Bunch star Barry Williams!! What more could you want??
This movie is action filled and it startes right away and NEVER lets up.
Highly recommended for any fan of monster movies!!


Another in the wonderful line of Zero Woman films from Japan. A very beautiful young woman works for a secret police force in Japan and must stop a small group of terrorists. This is always a high powered series with great action, blood spilling, sex and gorgeous Japanese women.
This film runs a short 74 minutes, and that is good because you don't get any filler, just action and more action.
I Highly Recommend this film if you like action and adventure.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

TODAY'S PIC 7-8-2010

This is a still from The Blob, the 1958 classic that started me on this long road of pop culture insanity when I was four years old.


This weekends edition of AT 40 the 80's takes us to 7-7-1984 when Culture Club said "It's A Miracle", Corey hart wore his "Sunglasses At Night", Ray Parker hired "Ghostbusters", Madonna was on the "Borderline", Laura Branigan lost her "Self Control", and much more. It promises to be a great broadcast.


This weekends edition of AT 40 the 70's takes us back to 7-10-1976 when Lou Rawls said "You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine", Aerosmith sought a "Last Child", The Silver Convention wanted you to "Get Up And Boogie", The Brothers Johnson said "I'll Be Good To You", and so much more. This is my best remembered time for music and great memories.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


13th...Crack In The World (Olive Films), Hannie Caulder (Olive Films)
20th...Galaxy Terror (Shout Factory), Forbidden World (Shout Factory)
3rd....Piranha (Shout Factory), Up From The Depths/Demon In Paradise (Shout Factory), Long Ride from Hell starring Steve Reeves as a gunslinger seeking revenge is finally coming from Code Red, Humanoids from The Deep (Shout Factory).
10th..Horror High (Code Red)
31st..Thriller...The Complete Serise (Image)
September looks like the month most genre fans will be going broke with the release of the following...
7th....Battle Beyond the Stars (Shout Factory), Star Crash (Shout Factory)
14th..Mighty Peking Man (Well Go USA)
21st...Gamera Vs. Gurion/Gamera Vs. Jiger (Shout Factory), Gamera Vs. Gyaos/Gamera Vs. Viras (Shout Factory), Mad Ron's Prevue's From Hell (Virgil Films), Terminal Island (Code Red)
28th...Dark Night Of The Scarecrow (VCI), Not Of This Earth (Traci Lords) (Shout Factory), Time Walker/Deathspace (Shout Factory)
October promises some of the following.....
5th...The Evil/Twice Dead (Shout Factory), The Slumber Party Massacre Collection (Shout Factory)
26th...The Reedemer (Code Red), Cannibal Girls (Shout Factory), Female Convict Scorpion: Jailhouse 41 (Alternative Distribution Alliance)
More to come as I get the information.....


Sadly to say I am one of only 489 people who bought this disc, and that is terrible considering this is a very well made throwback to 50's monster movies. A weird monster consisting of mutated sea life and sludge comes ashore and begins feeding on people in the Venice Beach canal area of California.
The monster is a very welcome man in a rubber suit and I say that because I am sick of all the crappy CGI effects in movies today. Give me an old fashioned monster any day!! This film has been on VHS before but it never looked this good. The folks at Code Red painstakingly rematered this from the long lost negative of the film.
Code Red does a consistantly good job of releasing obscure movies to DVD and I hope things get better for them as they are one of the better companies out there.
This is a highly recommended movie and I urge you to by it and support one of the last small labels.

TODAY'S PIC 7-7-2010

This is the poster to the classic 1967 film Five Million Years To Earth, aka Quatermass & The Pit.


Legendary director Eddie Romero, who brought us such classics as Mad Doctor of Blood Island, Brides Of Blood, Black Mama White Mama and many more turned 86 on July 7th, Ringo Starr turns 70 on this date as well, and sharing their birthday is my wife, Penni. Happy Birthday to you especially.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


According to the Code Red Website things are not good with the sales of their discs. Their lates release of Slithis only sold 489 copies and this is typical of ALL companies who target sci-fi and related films to a small audience.
These only appeal to people like me and a few others and this is why these companies are falling like flies. It is sad that the average DVD viewer is usually a stupid 20 something "kid" who has no idea about movie history and who won't watch anything older than 5 months and only watch ignorant "blockbusters" which are usually boring and slow as hell.
Sad news indeed and they also state that such films as Soul Survivor, Pets, Devil Times Five, The Unseen, Bording House will not be repressed and will be going out of print permanently very soon. If you want them you'd better get them now.
The good news is that Code Red will be releasing Horror High on August 10th and Terminal Island on Sept. 7th.

TODAY'S PIC 7-6-2010

this is the poster for the classic film Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes, which is a very personal favorite of mine.


Movies about spiders creep me out but I love them. This made in Spain film is about spiders grown to giant size on a small island due to some strange chemical from outer space. It's good and creepy and never lets up.
I liked this film a lot and if you are a sci-fi fan you should too. it's well acted and the spiders are scary as hell.

Monday, July 5, 2010


Roger Corman produced this great little gem exclusively for the Sci-Fi channel. Two giant monsters genetically created collide on a small vacation island. David Carradine in his last role is pretty much as you'd the wall and bizarre but always fun to watch. I loved this film and you can see the Corman touches all the way thru it such as the opening of the movie which gets down to business with a monster on the rampage. Highly Recommended!!


Bill Hinzman directed and produced this gory shocker about a dead man who returns from the grave to feed on the living, and soon the army of the dead has grown out of control. A good little low budget regional film shot in and around Pittsburgh. If you're a zombie fan you'll like this movie a lot.

Friday, July 2, 2010


This sunday 7-4-2010 AT 40 turns 40. This is the show that spurned my interest in pop music and made me an music fanatic. Every weekend I would tune to KCPX 1320 AM from Salt Lake City and listen to Casey Kasem count down the 40 biggest hits of the week.
I wrote them all down and catalogued them and then went out and bought the records. Those were great times for me and I will never forget them. i do get to relive them each week with the re-broadcasts of these shows on various radio stations around the country.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY AT 40 and thanks to Casey Kasem and KCPX radio for entertaining me and making me a music fanatic.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Cheryl Ladd who turned 59 on July 2nd and to Pamela Anderson who turned 44 on July 1st.


This weeks broadcast is a special from 1978 and is called Top 40 Acts of the 70's and will feature Donny Osmond with "Go Away Little Girl", Elvis Presley singing "The Wonder Of You", Barry Manilow with "Mandy" and much more. It will be fun this weekend on SXM radio.


This weekends broadcast is a special from July 1st 1987 and it's called The Top 40 Hits of the 80' far and it features John Cougar who says it "Hurts So Good", Michael Jackson wants to "Rock With You", Olivia Newton John wants to get "Physical" and so much more. Check out the classic broadcast.


This weeks presentation of AT 40 the 70's takes us all the way back to the VERY FIRST broadcast on July 4th 1970. It's a great time capsule of music and very history making in the world of top 40 radio. This show forever changed the way most people listened to radio. It was a time when Mark Lindsay sang about the "Silver Bird", Freda Payne had a "Band Of Gold", Bread wanted to "Make It With You" and so much more.