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Sunday, December 4, 2022


One of the most insane movies I have ever seen, but it does strike a cord, especially in the society we live in today.

This takes place in the 21st century where a violent "hunting sport" has replaced war and violence in the world. An incredibly sexy veteran hunter named Caroline Meredith (Ursula Andress) agrees to hunt and kill another "victim" on live TV so she can get a huge amount of money.

Her prey is Marcello Poletti ( Marcello Masteroianni). A man who owes so much to his 8 ex wives he is always broke and having his winnings from killing people confiscated by the government.

Caroline and Marcello play a cat and mouse game with each other thru the entire film until the ending which pulls out two switches which the viewer will either see coming or not.

There are some fantastic set pieces in this film, such as Andress and her unltra sexy dance at the beginning of the film in which she makes her 9th kill. Her victim is mesmerized by her dance, and you have to ask yourself, who wouldn't be.

The weird fashions and cars are all odd looking but it's used to give the film a futuristic look. There is no doubt that Andress steals the show and it the main reason for watching the movie.

When watching you can see how dystopian the filmmakers made the future, but it really isn't far from what we have in real life today. Best line in the movie...."why control births when you can increase deaths?"

I really enjoyed this film and you might as well. Hell, watch it for Andress!! My God they just don't make women like this today.


Brooke Adams is 38.

Saturday, December 3, 2022


This is an interesting oddity that appeared on TUBI.

The film is short as it runs only 60 minutes, and the plot is very simple, but I did find myself enjoying it.

A hunter in South American, Mr. Samson (David DeLie) falls for a young woman named Morena (Angelica Morelas) and they seem to hit it off very well. That is until a tribe picks her out to be a new virgin sacrifice.

Samson had witnessed one of the ceremonies when he was a child and sfter Morena is kidnapped, he follows thru thr jungle in order to rescue her. This takes up most of the screen running time and it culminates in a fight to the death between Samson and Tumic (Antonio Gutierrez).

You get a lot of nice jungle footage in this film as well as some bondage and nudity, which was very rare in films in 1960. This is available on a DVD from Something Weird, if you can find it.

I wasn't bored with the film at all, but I saw so much potential that was overlooked. If you get a chance to see it, you might like it, but then again you might not. Judge for yourself.

Thursday, December 1, 2022


An obscure film I hadn't seen in many years.

The story opens with an American clipper ship being attacked by pirates. The ship manages to out run the pirates, but one of the men, Kirkl Hamilton (James Arness) is injured and the clipper stops in Queensland and lets him off with a couple of other crew members so he can heal. Then the clipper resumes it's mission.

Hamilton meets and falls for a woman named Elaine (Kasey Rogers). The island is in fear of being raided by pirates so Hamilton devises a way for them to protect themselves.

The pirates do indeed attack and kidnap Elaine and her friend Nancy (Jane Harlan). Hamilton and his men pursue and overcome the pirates and rescue the women, but both ships are destroyed in the battle so Hamilton, Elaine, Nancy and a few others are fighting for survival on a small raft.

They find a small island to land on, but it is inhabited by giant prehistoric monsters. Will Hamilton and his friends survive? That is the burning question.

This is a mixture of action/adventure and sci-fi that director Norman Dawn pulls off pretty well. Arness is billed under is real name as James Aurness and this is, of course still very early in his career, but he does a great job and one can tell he was headed for much bigger things.

I enjoyed this 63 minute time waster, and you might to.

Wednesday, November 30, 2022


One of the best is gone.

Music is a HUGE part of my life. Nothing is better than music from 1955-1989 and I especially love the 70's and early to mid 80's.

Christine McVie was one of my favorite songwriters, singers and the group Fleetwood Mac is one of my top 5 favorite groups of all time.

McVie wrote some of Fleetwood Mac's greatest songs including "Don't Stop", "Everywhere" and "Little Lies". She was an excellent keyboardist and her first solo album entitled "Christine McVie" had the top ten hit single "Got A Hold On Me".

She was a huge inspiration for me and her songs helped cultivate my love of pop music. She passed away on Nov. 30th, 2022 at the age of 79.


One of the best releases for 2022!!

After many years of seeing retitled versions of this film and edited for TV prints I finally got the chnce to see this UNCUT and in all its glory.

Pat Cardi stars as high school student Vernon Potts, a student who is disliked by all of the jocks and bullied by teachers and even the school janitor.

Vernon is a chemistry genius who is working to develope a formula that will change people both mentally and phyically. After his test subject, a guinea pig named Mr. Mumps, becomes a savage killer and kills the janitors cat the janitor named Griggs (Jeff Alexander) beats Vernon with a flashlight and forces him to drink his own formula.

Vernon transforms into a hideous monster and kills Griggs by dumping him in a vat of acid. This is a very gruesome scene and one that was always cut from other prints. Vernon begins chamging whenever he is angry and he takes violent revenge on both his English teacher as well as his gym coach (John Niland) by cutting off fingers and a head and stomping to death with cletes respectively.

The film moves along at a very fast pace and all of the bloodletting is intact. This film was shot in Texas and stars many local actors and football players from the Dallas Cowboys.

Vinegar Syndrome has doen an excellent job with the 2k transfer and some great extras including an interview with Pat Cardi. The rest of the cast for this gem includes Austin Stoker as the detective investigating the murders, Rosie Hotolik as the young woman who tries to love Vernon, Chuck Beatty, D.D. Lewis and "mean" Joe Greene.

I can't recommend this enough as I consider it to be one of the best horror films ever made, Nope, it's not original by any means, but damn it's a LOT of fun.


Gena Lee Nolin turned 51 on 11/29.

Monday, November 28, 2022


Joe Dante is 76.


This interesting film has a sordid history with me.

All of my life I have been subjected to very poor quality copies of this movie and it really affected my opinion of it. Now TUBI has a beautiful print and I have to say, I enjoyed this twisted film.

A young man named Juan (Renaud Verley) is released from as asylum where he has been wrongly sent by his evil aunt Marta (Viveca Lindfors) so she and her three daughters could steal his money.

He comes back to the family home and gets a job in a local slaughterhouse. He quits the job after a brief time and when asked why he simply states "I've learned enough".

This leads to a bizarre game of cat and mouse between Juan and the four women. He bulids a mini version of the slaughterhouse in his basement and in time he manages to get all three of his aunts daughters into the room.

He plans to kill them just like cows and chains them up naked, but her cannot proceed. His moral compass just won't let him. There are several more twists to the film before the conclusion. I still believe something is lost in translation with the dubbing, but maybe it's just me.

I really like the bizarre quality of everything in the movie and while the slaughterhouse footage is real and gruesome it didn't bother me as much as othewrs I know who have seen this movie.

If you're looking for something a bit different you might want to check this out.

The rest of the cast includes Maribel Martin, Nuria Gimeno and Christina Von Blanc.

Thursday, November 24, 2022


Lee Frost directed this very odd film.

Sondra Currie plays Lacy Bond, a young policewoman who joins up with an all female gang of drug runners in order to bring the gang down once and for all.

Now, while that simple plot like does not sound too bizarre, trust me, this movie is. I don't mean that in a bad way either. The gang is run by an elderly woman and her young stud lover who keeps the girls in line.

There is a lot of great 70's scenery in this film as well as kick ass action and nice looking women are everywhere. It's interesting to note that even with the films title, there are no actual policewomen in sight. Currie's character is actually a prison gusrd and her would be helper, Pam (Jeannia Bell) is a Federal agent.

The director and his co-writer on the film, Wes Bishop are much better known for such films as "The Thing With Two Heads" and "Love Camp 7" but this film stands on it's own. If you like a simple plot, beautiful women and plenty of ass kicking action, then this is for you.

There is a lot of humor in the film as well, but if you didn;t grow up in the right era you might not get it at all. The rest of the cast includes Tony Young, William Smith, Laurie Rose, Phil Hoover and Eileen Saki.

Check it out if you want. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Monday, November 21, 2022


This was a new experience in viewing for me. The film has been lost for about 47 years and while I cheer any lost film being re-discovered, sometimes I have to wonder why I sit thru them.

I found this a very confusing film and can understand why it was lost. The plot has something to do with a 3000 year old mummy that is revived by a scientist and it creature enslaves the man as he goes out in search of blood and sex.

We get plenty of nudity and sex, but very little in the way of horror. There are two versions of this movie on the disc, and the "horror" version isn't much better.

With the chained up women this sorta reminded me of a Jess Franco film, but much worse. I can only recommend this if you want to see something that has been lost for decades, but if you're looking for a good movie, forget it.

The print has the title "Lips Of Blood". Watch at your own risk. I love Spanish horror, but this one, not so much.

Friday, November 18, 2022


It took me 43 years to finally see this film again!!

This has been touted as being a sci-fi film, but it is really a mixture of off the wall science and action. As a matter of fact, it's almost impossible to classify.

Gorgeous Susan Anton stars as Goldine, a young woman who has been "created" to be an Olympic star. She has been fed, conditioned and trained her entire life for the sporting event and her father has perfected her.

A reporter named Dryden attempts to do a story on her and finds much more than he ever could know. Goldine has a lot of pressure on her as there are many huge financial gains that will make men rich if she wins.

However, Goldine has a lot of second thoughts about what she is and what she is doing. While this movie may have seemed very odd in 1979. it fits right in with todays sporting nonsense including steroids and such.

I enjoyed this film as much now as I did in 1979. It's just different enough to be entertaining and Anton is simply gorgeous. I cannot figure out why she didn't become a bigger star.

The rest of the cast includes Curd Jergens, Nicolas Coster, Robert Culp, Ward Costello, Michael Lerner, Leslie Caron and Harry Guardino. This is well worth checking out if you want to see something different.


I signed off of this blog on September 30th and thought it would be the end, but alas, it isn't. I have received a ton of emails about this and I am somewhat humbled by the people who wanted me to continue. I actually had no idea so many people appreciated what I do. So, after thinking about it I came to the decison to keep this going on an infequent basis. I will only be posting movie reviews and final farewells. Thanks to everyone who took the time to write to me.

Friday, September 30, 2022


Another fun Hoppy entry.

It's a pretty standard western, but it's very well done.

Hoppy (William Boyd), California Carlson (Andy Clyde) and Johnny Nelson (Brad King) are called in to investigate cattle rustlers in Antelope Valley, especially on the ranch of Jim Brent (Jack Rockwell).'

Hoppy and his men arrive as bogus Englishmen to fool the rustlers. The three of them finally get to the bottom of the issue and manage to stop the rustlers and their evil scheme.

As I said, this is a very entertaining entry in the long series and was a good way to end my viewing of the 35 film set I have. If you like Hoppy westerns, this is a good one indeed.

Well, this is my FINAL review on this blog. I figured this would be a good way to end it. It's been a fun 12 1/2 years and I hope everyone has enjoyed it and will continue to use this as a reference.



Angie Dickinson is 91, Ian Ogilvy is 78, Candice Michelle is 44, and Marilyn McCoo is 79.

Thursday, September 29, 2022


I caught this obscure gem on You Tube on a Commander USA feature.

This is a strange film about 3 US astronauts who are on a trip to Mars. Col. Mike Blaiswick (Darren McGavin), Nick Grant (Nick Adams) and Doug Duncan (George De Vries) encounter a few dangers on their way to the red planet including a meteor storm and 2 bodies of dead Russian cosmonauts drifting thru space.

When the finally land on Mars they find another frozen Russian and take his body back to the ship. They also encounter a mysterious talking orb and several weird creatures that can burn you to death with a light ray.

These aliens are determined to kill the men for unknown reasons and it turns out to be a fight for survival. Meanwhile back on Earth Mike's gorgeous wife Edith (Heather Hewitt) and Nick's girlfriend Alice (Shirley Parker) dread the entire mission.

Doug is killed by the monsters and then Nick sacrifices himself so Mike and the still living Russian can make an escape and return safely to Earth. This is a bizarre kind of film that works in a lot of spots, and then in some it falls flat.

It was directed by Nick Webster who also helmed "Sants Claus Conquers The Martians". Depending on your frame of mind you might enjoy this one. Also, lovely Heather Hewitt also appeared in "I Eat Your Skin" and will be turning 87 on Oct. 2nd.


One of the best documentaries I have ever seen.

This runs over 2 hours and it NEVER gets boring. This is a great look at the crime films from the 70's and early 80's that were churned out by the hundreds in Italy.

We hear from many actors who appeared in these films such as John Saxon, Henry Silva, Franco Nero, Fred Williamson and quite a few more. We also get the perspective from many directors and stunt men.

There are too many clips to mention and this is loaded with more information about these films than one human could imagine. No stone is left unturned in looking at this excellent genre of film.

If you're not of fan of these after you see this, then there isn't much hope you'll ever be. Eurocrime films are one of a kind even though they rip off many American films, but the difference is, they all used current events going on in Italy as the backgound for all of these films.

I can't recommend this enough, especially for fans of the genre. It was made in 2012, but I just discovered this on Tubi and had a good time watching this and learning so much about how all this insanity came into being.

Check it out, you'll love it!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

RIP SARA SHANE 1928-2022

I just got the word of this beautiful lady's death.

The stunning blonde beauty was born Elaine Sterling in St. Louis, MO and starred in a few movies and TV shows in her short career in front of the camera.

She started her movie career as an uncredited pretty face in musical such as "Easter Parade" in 1948 and others included "Julia Misbehaves" and "Neptunes Daughter".

Her most meorable role for me was in the 1956 gem entitled "Three Bad Sisters" in which she looked absolutely gorgeous. It was probably her best role ever.

She also appeared in TV shows such as "Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea", "Perry Mason", "Outer Limits" and "Tarzan".

She retired from acting in 1964 and moved to the Gold Coast in Australia where she passed away on July 31, 2022 at the age of 94.


The beautiful British actress has died.

Stevenson had a very brief but memorable career in both movies and TV.

Her career started in 1954 in TV and moved to movies in 1958. Some of her films include ""Colt .45", "Island Of Lost Women", "Day Of The Outlaw" and "Jet Over The Atlantic".

Her Tv appearances include "Alfred Hitchcock Presents", "The Millionaire", and "Lawman".

Her most well known film was the 1960 horror classic "City Of The Dead" co-starring Christopher Lee. Stevenson retired from acting in in 1961, but her beauty will always stand out in her films.

She passed away on September 26th, 2022 at the age of 84 from Parkinson's disease.


The adult film and exploitation actress has passed away.

I saw Kitten in only her Russ Meyer films and the Fred Olen Ray gem called "The Tomb", but I never forgot what I saw.

She made her mark with film fans in her movies for Meyer called "UP" and "Beneath The Valley Of The Ultra Vixens". She made numerous adult films and made quick appearances in other films.

Kitten passed away on Sept. 24th, 2022 at the age of 74.


Brigitte Bardot is 88, Dita Von Teese is 50, and Naomi Watts is 54.

Tuesday, September 27, 2022


It's the end folks.

You know, I have been doing this for 12 and 1/2 years and have enjoyed bringing you my viewpoints on these films.

It's been a fun ride, but life has made it impossible for me to continue after this month. I've done over 9500 posts in those 12 plus years and have met a lot of great people.

I do hope you continue to use this blog as a guide to the many thousands of films I've written about. I have always loved movies and this was a great outlet for me to share my love for them and once in a while, my strong dislike for certain ones.

Once you get hooked on older cinema, it stays with you forever, and mine will ALWAYS be with me. In the last few years I haven't seen as many great releases as was the case in the mid 2000's, but there are a few, and there will no doubt be many more coming to Blu-ray.

Enjoy them, and remember 'WATCH HORROR FILMS TO KEEP AMERICA STRONG". See you's been a blast.


Patrick Muldoon is 44.

Monday, September 26, 2022


This was the final of 66 Hopalong Cassidy movies, and it's a good one.

Hoppy (William Boyd), California Carlson (Andy Clyde) and Lucky Jenkins (Rand Brooks) are working for the US Government and hunting for the leader of a huge counterfeiting ring.

The phoney money is both US currency and Mexican money as well which also brings in Ramon De Lara (Alberto Morin) who Hoppy mistakes for one of the gang he's investigating.

The film moves along at a breakneck pace and it never slows down. There is plenty of gunfighting, fistfighting and horse chases. Hoppy and his men finally break the scheme and all ends well.

Cassidy remains one of the best role models for kids everywhere and it is quite a legacy to leave. Too bad they cannot make films with people like William Boyd anymore.

I recommend this little film to any westerns fan. The rest of the cast includes Elaine Riley, James Cravin, Herbert Rawlinson, Lee Tong Foo and Francis McDonald.


Lysette Anthony is 59, Christina Milian is 41, Victoria Vetri is 78, Martine Beswick is 81, and Kanako Urai is 41.

Sunday, September 25, 2022


Interesting documentary of the career and life of gorgeous actress Susan Oliver.

The title is taken from her appearence of Star Trek as the green alien who does a very seductive dance in the two part episode entitled "The Cage".

This in depth look at her career caught me a little by suprise as I have always loved her work, but never thought anyone would do a documentary on it. Susan was born in 1932 and passed away in 1990 from cancer.

Her body of work included both TV and movies, but it was TV that she made her mark. Some of the various shows she was in include "Seaway", Gomer Pyle USMC", "Peyton Place", "The Invaders", "Mannix", "Man From U.N.C.L.E." and "Night Gallery" just to name a few.

Her film credits included "Hardly Working", "The Monitors" and "Change Of Mind".

Susan never played by the rules and she really wanted to direct movies, but was never allowed the chance, which is our loss. If you get a chance to see this well made documentary, I suggest you check it out. It's unusual, but damn is it good.


Heather Locklear is 61, and Michael Madson is 65.

Saturday, September 24, 2022


Season 3 strated out very different and the show went an entire new direction.

This season opened with the death of two members of the Mutant X team.

INTO THE MOONLESS NIGHT 9/29/2003... This episode is the conclusion to the season final from year 2. Adam and Emma are killed and the Mutant X team deals with the loss as well as the arrival of sexy newcomer Lexe Pierce (Karen Cliche). Her arrival makes the rest of the team question their fundamental function in life. This is an excellent way to start thje third and final season.

WAGES OF SIN 10/6/2003...The Mutant X team is sent in to stop the auction of a highly lethal substance that terrorists are trying to acquire.

THE BREED 10/13/2003...The Mutant X team is called to a military base that has been infected by a deadly virus. This episode is one of the best as it reminds me of Dawn Of The Dead from 1979 and 2004.

WHERE EVIL DWELLS 10/20/2003...The team is assigned to stop a serial killer who leaves puzzels with his victims in order to play games with the police.

THE TAKING OF CROWS 10/27/2003...One of the most famous episodes ever!! Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) infiltrates a women's prison along with Lexi to stop a dangerous drug dealer. Reminds me of a WIP film, and too shabby either.

SHADOW OF DARKNESS 11/3/2003... The team investigates a haunted hospital. A very well made episode and one of the best of the entire three year run.

HAND OF GOD 11/10/2003...A powerful super mutant with God-like powers endangers the life of every Mutant X member, and the team sets out to stop him.

WASTELAND 11/17/2003...Jesse (Forbes March) is forced to get back together with his ex-fiance when it's discovered that she is involved with a company that is trying to change the genetics of crops.

NO EXIT 1/12/2004...Excellent episode about a paralyzed mutant that has the mental ability to enter into any computer. He traps both Jesse and Brennen (Victor Webster) while Lexa (Karen Cliche) and Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) try to rescue them.

BROTHER'S KEEPER 1/19/2004...Mutant X learns of Lexa's twin brother after he becomes involved with a corporation which is harvesting organs of mutants.

POSSIBILITIES 1/26/2004...Another top notch episode has the Mutant X team helping a time traveling mutant trying to defuse a very destructive bomb.

CONSPIRACY THEORY 2/2/2004...Brennen and Shalimar investigate a plane crash that causes Lexa to rethink her association with Mutant X.

ART OF ATTRACTION 2/9/2004...The Mutant X team fight to retrieve a formula hidden inside of a painting.

NORMAL LIFE 2/16/2004...While Mutant X helps track down a rogue scientist, Shalimar helps Adam (john Shea) find the real bad guy.

DIVIDED LOYALTIES 2/23/2004...Brennen is forced to return to his former life of crime when he discovers that his old partner is stealing secrets from the Dominion.

AGE OF INNOCENCE 3/16/2004...An old experiment is uncovered by Mutant X that involves age reversing, and it has dire consequences.

SHE'S COME UNDONE 4/12/2004...Mutant X discover that Lexa is a subject for covert experiments on mutants.

IN BETWEEN 4/19/2004...Brenne must enter Jesse's mind when he is near death. A very strange episode, but very well done.

DREAM LOVER 4/26/2004...Mutant X must stop a man from cloning women to use as his slaves. One of the best episodes of the series.

THE PROPHECY 5/3/2004...Brennen must battle the Guardian Of The Prophecy in order to stop the late Ashlocke's plan for world domination.

CIRQUE DE MERVEILLES 5/10/2004...Lexa suspects that a circus is actually a death camp for mutants world wide.

THE ASSAULT 5/17/2004...The final episode reveals many of the secrets of the Mutant X team as they are captured by the Dominion, forcing Adam to try and rescue them.

That wraps up a great 3 year run for this unique show. The final episode left the door open for another season, but, alas that was not to happen. If you get a chance you really should check out all three years of this show. I like it a lot.


Bert I. Gordon is 100, and April Hunter is 49.

Friday, September 23, 2022


It had been a very long time between viewings of this film.

I first saw this on a VHS I bought from K-Mart back in the day. I wasn't too impressed, but now all these years later I looked at this again on Tubi, and enjoyed the heck out of it.

This VERY odd film was the final movie for producer Herman Cohen. Jack Palance stars as Neal Mottram, an antique dealer who worships an African god named Chuku.

His bills are piling up as sales are way down and after praying to his God he and his shop employee find a stash of gold coins in an old wooden desk, and Mottram sees this as a reward from Chuku.

This sets in motion Mottram's plan to sacrifice young women to his God so he can have even more riches. A police detective named Wall (Michael Jayston) knows Mottram is a killer, but has no proof.

The killing continues and Neal gets richer and richer. His young employee, Ronnie (Martin Potter) is questioned by the police and almost spills the beans.

Palance is totally nuts as the man who is obsessed with his wooden God. He owns the film, but the supporting cast is wonderful as well. It includes Diana Dors, Julie Ege, Percy Herbert, Edith Evans, and Suzy Kendall.

Ege and Kendall are just so damned good looking I wish they had larger roles in the film. Check it out.


Maren Jensen is 66, and Paul Petersen is 77.

Thursday, September 22, 2022

Monday, September 19, 2022