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Monday, October 30, 2023


Italians made great horror films, however their sci-fi films really leave something to be desired.

THere have been some very good Italian space operas, but this ain't one of em. In this opus we have an alien race that is facing extinction and so they decide to kidnap two famouse genetic scientitst and bring them back to their planet.

Well Earth cannot have this so tyey send Capt. John Boyd (Antonio Sabato) and his crew into action to get them back. The aliens are silver skinned men who wear bad blonde wigs, and it's a hoot watching these aliens run around. It looks like a 60's comedy skit on Ed Sullivan!

Before they get rescued the scientists who have been captured join the aliens, and that kid of struck me as a good little twist, but it is the ONLY good thing about the plot.

There are a few good things about this film and they are Yanti Somer, despite her bad haircut and the luscious Malisa Longo. These are the only good things about this film. I mean there are other attractive women on the spaceship as well, but those two really stand out, if you know what I mean.

The film plods along for almost 99 minutes, when it really should have been about 80 minutes. I have noticed that a lot of these Italian sci-fi gems from the 70's run about 20 to 30 minutes too long, and that is something I just cannot figure out.

If you want to lose 98 minutes of your life you might want to check this out, otherwise stay clear.

Sunday, October 29, 2023


I found this to be a very well made and enjoyable Italian giallo.

The plot is very simple and straight forward. A young widower returns to his estate with a new and beautiful wife. The only problem is, his first wife died in a bizarre accident that has never been solved.

It's the characters that are somewhat complex in this film. First you hae the brooding husband Oliver (Jose Antonio Amor) and his gorgeous new wife Ruth (Daniela Giordano) who seem to be in love, but Ruth becomes suspicious of Oliver after she catches him telling some lies.

Olivers sister Jenny (Teresa Gimpera) is a very hot and sexy woman who was having an affair with Oliver's first wife, Helen (Gioia Desideri) and then you have Sara (Nuria Torray) who was Oliver's fathwrs' wife. but now she has the hots for him.

It's one of the most sordid list of characters I have seen in a giallo, and it never gets too carried away on the bizarre behavior. There is a throat slashing killer on the loose as well, and we don't have any killings until about the last half hour, and then all hell breaks loose.

There are not a lot of red herrings in this film, and when the killer is finally identified the viewer isn't surprised, but that doesn;t make this a bad fim at all. The cast is full of gorgeous women as is the usual case for fare like this.

Giordano stands out however. She was a former Miss Italy and I would watch anything with her in it.

If you're a fan of Italian Giallo films, I highly recommend this little gem.


Gabrielle Union is 51 and Kate Jackson is 75.

Saturday, October 28, 2023


It is about time this little gem received a 4k blu-ray release.

One of my favorites from childhood, this little shot in Texas sci-fi film never fils to entertain.

In a small town in Texas several mysterious car crashes have been reported and soon people start vanishing without a trace. A young man named Chase Winstead (Don Sullivan) helps the local sheriff (Fred Graham) investigate.

It is soon discoverd that a giant lizard is roaming the back country. This becomes clear after is causes a major train wreck in which many people are killed.

This was directed by Ray Kellogg and features a cast mostly out of Texas and it's always fun to hear the accents and know you are watching a non hollywood film.

This has been a staple of both VHS and DVD for years and while some of the prints have been pretty good, this restoration is the best it will ever be.

Fans of this film should pick this up quickly and see the movie as it was meant to be seen. The Blu-ray also includes a disc wit a restored version of "The Killer Shrews" which I will discuss later.

The rest of the cast includes Lisa Simone, Shug Fisher and Ken Knox.

Now, my one and only comlplaint about this is the inclusion of liner notes by Don Stradley. This is one of the most poorly written and sick things I have ever read. If you're gonna write about a movie, then stick to the movie. People don't need to hear you liberal thoughts about the makers of the films or sick, perverted references about the script from some weirdo who needs mental help.

I hope you all pick this up, watch both films and throw away the worthless booklet.

Friday, October 27, 2023


A somewhat rare Universal "Crime Club" mystery.

Nelson Rood ( C. Henry Gordon) is a very dishonest man who finds a black voodoo doll in his desk. He knows he has been marked for death and before you know it he has been killed.

Nick Halstead (Donald Woods) is a private detective who is called into the case by his girlfriend. He has to find the killer as well as fight a bumbling sheriff.

This is your standard early crime film, and it moves along at a good pace. I think the film would have been even better than I think it already is if it didn't have so much comedy thrown in.

The peerformances are good and the direction is fine. If you're a fan of early murder mysteries, you'll like this film. It runs just under one hour.

The rest of the cast includes Nan Grey, Edgar Kennedy, Doris Lloyd, John Wray and Willian Lundigan. If you get a chance to see this, do so. You might be entertained for an hours.


Jayne Kennedy is 72.

Thursday, October 26, 2023


I really enjoyed this film.

Byron Haskin directed this film produced by George Pal. The story concerns members of a research team being killed one by one with telekinesis. A very interesting concept.

George Hamilton stars as Jim Tanner, the head of a research team that tests endurance of people in physical and mental pain. Suddenly people start dying and Jim is framed for the crimes.

Tanner and his girlfriend Margery Lansing (Suzanne Pleashette) find their lives in danger from someone they cannot see, but has the ability to move and change things with their mind.

Tanner must find the killer before everyone on the team is killed, including him. This is a very well told story, and it moves along quite well. It runs a little long, but if you get involved in the story it flies right by.

There are a lot of familiar faces in this film including Yvonne DeCarlo, Arthur O'Connell, Richard Carlson, Michael Rennie, Earl Holliman, Gary Merrill, Barbara Nichols, Beverly Hills, Nehemiah Persoff, Aldo Ray, Vaughn Taylor, Celia Lovsky and Miiko Taka.

I'm not going to give anything away, but with such a great cast and story this works well. The climax is a very interesting one and the closing line by Tanner is and always has been very true.

If you ever get a chance to see this, you should. It's a wonderful trip into the land of mind control and dark conspiracy.


Jaclyn Smith is 78

Wednesday, October 25, 2023


Shaft has passed away.

Richard Roundtree started acting in 1956 but became a household name when he starred in the 1971 crime film "Shaft".

He starred in 2 other "Shaft" films and many, many other movies including "Earthquake", "Portrait Of A Hitman", "Q" just to name a few.

He passed away on Oct. 24th, 2023 from pancreatic cancer at the age of 81.

Sunday, October 22, 2023


A very good film indeed.

This is how one makes a great horror film. The story is very simple. After a storm batters a small town in Maine, a mysterious mist descends on the community and traps people in a grocery store.

The mist contains a lot of bizarre monsters that kill people and seem to be all over the place. Those trapped inside the market fight for their lives from the monsters and each other as the event brings out the worst in some of the people.

This is one of the most suspenseful films I have seen in a very long time and it is a highly recommended film from me to you. The cast is very good in their roles and the creature effects are very well done.

I think what most people remember most about the movie is it's very dark, and I mean dark ending. Never has a film had such a shocking ending and it makes most people cringe when they see it. The story gets the viewer wrapped up in the goings on and you really like some of the people and others you really dislike...a lot.

The Blu-ray presentation is excellent and the disc I have contains over two hours of very interesting extras on how the film was made. I am no fan of Stephen King, but he did write a great story and Frank Darabont does a top notch directing job.


If you haven't ever seen this film, you should, and soon. It is a classic example of what cinema used to be, even in the early 2000's.


Suzanne Snyder is 61, Jeff Goldblum is 71, and Catherine Deneuve is 80.

Saturday, October 21, 2023


Boy have I read a lot of bad press about this movie.

Mark Stevens is Luke Rand, a man whose parents were killed in an Indian raid by a white man who stole some furs.

He teams with Simon (John Lupton) and they set off to find the killer or killers. Several times they get close to the end of their search and Simon seems kind of hesitant to continue.

We discover that Simon was part of the gang that killed Lukes' parents, but he didn't actually take part in the killing. In fact, he has been looking for his old partners as well as he also has a score to settle.

This has a more complex plot than most of the people who tear this film apart realise. There are many twists and turns and the final showdown isn't too bad at all. I think this film should please western fans.

It was shot on a very low budget, but that doesn't make it bad, and the actors handle their roles very well. Stevens handled the directing chores as well and gets the job done.

The rest of the cast includes Larry Storch, Maureen Hingert, Dean Fredericks, Cyril Delevanti, Eddie Little Sky and Iron Eyes Cody. Check it out. It's not as bad as people say.


Jack Taylor is 87.

Friday, October 20, 2023


Another undiscovered film I liked on streaming TUBI.

This filmed in Puerto Rico crime drama is really nothing original, but it moves along at a good pace and I had to see it because of the cast, which is very good in my opinion.

Forrest Tucker stars as Brock Miller, a man accused of murder and on the lam in San Juan from both the US justice system and his crooked attorney. He has a girlfriend namwed Connie (Allison Hayes) who has been helping to prove his innocents while not letting anyone know where he is.

The double crossing attorney played by Gerald Milton is slimy as they come and involved in many criminal activities. Milton always did a great job in roles like this, and he doesn't fail here.

These three leads are the main reason to watch the movie. They are all familiar faces to movie buffs and all do their parts very well. The standout is, of course, Allison Hayes.

I will watch Hayes in anything and she looks hotter than hell in this movie. What a babe. She steals the show without even trying. Ok, back to the movie...the final confrontation between Miller and Bergmann the attorney ends in an interesting twist that I wasn't expecting.

I recommend this film for any Allison Hayes fan. This is a rare film that hasn't been seen in a while.


Diana Lorys is 83.

Thursday, October 19, 2023


This is also known as "Million Dollar Mystery".

Richard Denning stars as Major Gregory Keen, a military detective who is called in to investigate a biarre killing.

A master criminal called Dumetrius (Ronald Adam) flies from post war Berlin to London to continue his crime spree that consists of false travel documents and counterfeit money.

In order to do this he has a military man murdered and frames another for the crime. Keen finds the trail of following Dumetrius to be a very wild and twisted one. Keen trails the killer to a young woman named Hedy Bergner (Carole Mathews) with whom he has been staying.

Keen falls for the lovely entertainer as he closes in on Dumetrius. This is a fun little mystery film and I had never heard of it until I saw it on TUBI.

It moves along at a good pace and has a lot of good characters and plenty of twists and turns. I have only seen Mathews in this and the Roger Corman film "Swamp Women", and she does a good job here as well. She looks great too.

The film ends on a dour note for Keen, but that is what film noir is all about. The rest of the cast for this British production includes Danny Green, Jan Holden, Brian Worth and Bill Nagy.

Tuesday, October 17, 2023


Angelique has passed away.

Lara Parker whose portrayal of Angelique on Dark Shadows passed away on Oct. 12th, 2023 at the age of 84.

I always considered her one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen on TV and in the movies. She appeared in several genre films including "Race With The Devil", "Night Of Dark Shadows" and and great episode of "The Night Stalker" entitled "The Trevi Collection" in which she played a very beautiful model that turned out to be a witch.

Parker was also the opening voice on many episodes of "Dark Shadows" and she was the reason I watched the show.

Lara left and lifelong imprint on me that will never fade, and I for one will miss her charming personality and kindness.

Monday, October 16, 2023


The wonderful TV actress has died.

Somers made some nmovies during her career, but nothing will ever replace her legacy as Chrissy Snow on the hit TV sheries "Three's Company".

Somers shot to stardom after her brief appearance in the film "American Graffiti" as the sexy blonde in a car.

Anyone who grew up in my era knows who Suzanne was and might have even had a poster of her in their room. A great and funny lady who will always be remembered as the dream roommate.

Suzanne Somers passed away on Oct. 15th, 2023 at the age of 76, just two days before her 77th birthday.


The very busy and popular actress has died.

Laurie's career started in 1950 in a film called "Louisa" and from then on Piper Laurie never looked back. After appearing in such fair as "Francis Goes To The Races" for Universal she moved on to comedies for other studios as well as many, many other genres of film.

She starred in other films such as "Son Of Ali Baba" and "Dangerous Mission" and between films she made a nitch in TV as well having roles in such shows as "Playhouse 90", "Naked City" and "Ben Casey".

She got out of the business in 1966 and was gone for 10 years until she was asked to take one of the lead roles in the Stephen King based horror film "Carrie". She accepted the role and it was the start of a second career for Piper as she stayed busy for the next 40 plus years.

She made one other horror film entitled "Ruby" which I really do recommend. Piper Laurie passed away on Oct. 14th, 2023 at the age of 91.


A mish-mash of a film that was partially directed by Larry Cohen until he was fired from the film.

This is a very familiar film with a plot that is not original, but that doesn't make it a bad film.

Billy Dee Williams stars as a detective named Hamberger who is framed for a murder he did not commit. Now he has been given 3 days to prove his innocents or else.

It all starts when a businessman offers him a large sum of money to kill his wife, and he refuses, but keeps the down payment. When the woman is actually killed he is the prime suspect.

His partner is Rina (Vanity) and both of them work one the case. Hamberger meets a beautiful woman who runs a model agency and the path of the crimes leads right to same said agency.

Gorgeous Morgan Fairchild is Jane Mallory and she is somehow tied up with the murder. Now, like I metioned this is nowhere near original, but it does make for a good time waster.

Having two very sexy women like Vanity and Fairchild in the film does bring my interest up a few notches. If you're so inclined you might want to check this out.


Erin Brown is 44.

Sunday, October 15, 2023


Another fine Mario Bava mystery/horror film.

A wealthy professor played by William Berger invites several people to his mansion to see a resin formula he has invented. Several of the people bid millions for it, but Prof. Frits Farrell isn't interested in their money.

Tis sets the stage for people to be murdered one by one of the private island and the set up is much like the tale "Ten Little Indians". There are plenty of gruesome killings and the bodies are stored in the freezer in plastic bags as nobody can contact the outside for police help.

This becomes a running sight gag in the film as Bava chooses to lighten things up at certain points in the film. The cast of the film has the usual staple of beautiful women such as Ira Von Furstenberg as Farrells' wife, the gorgeous Edwige Fenech who is killed much too soon in my opinion. She is one kinky women in this film and everything she does in amy movie is ok with me.

I won't reveal the ending, of course, but I would really recommend this to any Bava fan. The colors are great and the photography is beautiful, and it doesn't hurt that it focuses on the women quite a bit.

The rest of the cast includes Helena Ronee, Howard Ross, Ely Galleani and Edith Maloni. I have to say that Ely Galleani is simply sexy as heck and has quite a subdued role in the film, but her character is part of the great twist ending.

I never had the pleasure of seeing this film until I caught it on streaming and it's a good one. I can only imagine what some fans thought of this film back in 1970.


Lynn Lowry is 76.

Saturday, October 14, 2023


Major Don West has passed away.

Mark Goddard will always be remembered for his role as Don West in the sci-fi series "Lost In Space."

Goddard appeared in many, many TV shows including "Johnny Ringo" in which he played "Cully" for the series run. He also appeared in "The Fugitive", "Perry Mason", "The Rebel", "Adam-12" and "The Mod Squad" just to name a few.

His genre movie credits include "Blue Sunshine" and "Strange Invaders". However it is the character of Don West which he played for all 3 years of the series run for "Lost In Space" that was his peak.

Goddard passed away on Oct. 10th, 2023 at the age of 87.


This was one of those movies I saw as a child on Creature Features and at the time it was a huge let down.

However, things have changed in time. American International released this Mario Bava film in the USA and the posters said it had something to do with the supernatural, it does not.

This is a murder mystery that is often considered the first Italian "giallo: film. A beautiful American woman played by Leticia Roman come to Rome for a holiday and finds herself mixed up in a murder.

She witnesses a woman being stabbed and is then spotted by the killer who doesn't get a chance to kill her. However, she knows he will be looking for her. She meets an Italian doctor named Marcello Bass (John Saxon) and they both investigate what is happening.

There are a few twists and turns of course, and the film really held my interest. Roman looks great as she always did in movies and she plays well off of Saxon.

Of course with Bava directing there is a lot of great photography and set pieces. This movie has had somewhat of a bad rap, but I suggest you check it out. It's quite good.


Udo Kier is 79, and Stacy Keibler is 44.

Friday, October 13, 2023


The first TV Lois Lane has passed away.

As a matter of fact, my first introduction to Coates was on the Superman TV show with George Reeves. From that moment on I wanted to see her in everything. I thought she was one of the sexiest women I had ever seen on the silver screen.

Phyllis appeared in hundreds of TV shows and movies in her career. Some of the genre efforts she was in include "Panther Girl Of The Congo", "I Was A Teenage Frankenstein" and the awful "Incredible Petrified World".

As for TV she also appeared in "The Untouchables", "Sheriff Of Cochise", "Gunslinger", "Tales Of Wells Fargo" and many more.

One of my person favorites with her in a good role was "Girls In Prison" from 1956. The always beautiful Coates passed away on Oct. 11th, 2023 at the age of 96.


A made for TV horror film I hadn't seen in 50 years.

The movies opens with a thief named Joe Sung (Keye Luke) breaking into a museume and stealing a medallion from the corpse of a mummy which results in a bizarre murder of another man named Frank Lucas (Kent Smith). The murder draws a detective, Lt. Marco (Stuart Whitman) into the strange case and he consults a professsor named Roger Edmonds into the case. Edmonds (David Hedison) is an expert in ancient Egyptian culture.

Marco traces the amulet to a occult shop run by a mysterious woman called Hester Black (Gales Sondergaard) whose young female employee was killed by a creature that tore out her throat and drained her body of blood.

Edmonds becomes enchanted by her new employee, another beautiful woman. Her name is Rena Carter (Meredith Baxter) and she and Edmonds hit it off very well and she even helps him a little with the case he and Marco are working on.

Soon it becomes apparent that something to do with the mummy is involved in a quickly developing string of killings. The ending of the movie is really a suprise, but it is handled well and should please any horror fan.

This was back in the day when TV had an almost weekly horror film and this one came from ABC. All of the actors do a very good job and director Curtis Harrington knows the material well.

The rest of the very familiar cast includes John Carridine, Renne Jarrett, Milton Parsons and John Abbott.


Ashanti is 43, and Judy Bamber is 87.

Thursday, October 12, 2023


Very fun western.

Tim Holt and Richard Martin star as two stagecoach drivers that are going broke.

One day they are hired by a paroled embezzler named John Carver (Walter Reed) to take him to Mexico. Carver is back to find the money he stole which he does and he hides it very well in the harnesses that control the horses.

Tim and Richard know nothing of this, but soon find that they have taken on way more than they expected as it seems everyone Carver ever knew is trying to kill him and get the money.

This film packs more fun and action into 60 minutes than most films twice as long. It's a very enjoyable film, and one that I would recommend for any fan of the western genre.

The rest of the cast includes Joan Dixon, Dorothy Patrick, John Dehner, Clayton Moore, Michael Mark and Denver Pyle.


Susan Anton is 73, and Robin Askwith is 73.

Wednesday, October 11, 2023


Nifty little Mario Bava thriller.

The film opens with the brutal killing of a wealthy women and then her killer gets killed as well.

This really opens the door for a lot of murder as someone wants the inheritance pool cut way down. Enter four young people who decide to party in an abandoned building on the estate where the murder took place and you have the perfect receipe for disaster.

There are many brutal and bloody killings and it doesn't take the killer long to rid the building of the four young ones. And once the viewer thinks they know who the killer is, the films takes an even more bizarre turn.

We learn that Renata Donati (Claudine Auger) and Alberto (Luigi Pistilli) are behind some of the vicious killings. They have two children whom they really ignore and so does the viewer as they aren;t seen much.

The ending to this film is one I don't want to spoil in case you haven't seen the movie, but it's a wild one. There are some great set pieces in here including several brutal killings and a bizarre scene with a lomg dead body covered by a slimy octopus. Weird indeed.

The cast also includes Claudio Camaso, Anna Maria Rosati, Laura Betti and Brigitte Skay. I highly recommend this thriller and it should be noted that it had such an impact on viewers that 10 years later the makers of Friday the 13th parts 1 and 2 copied, almost scene for scene a couple of the murders seen in this film.

Sunday, October 8, 2023


The first teaming of Hugo Haas and Cleo Moore.

This is a fairly conventional film about a famed pianist named Paul Marvan (Hugo Haas) who is brought to America by a wealthy woman who also happens to be a widow. Her name is Diane Fowler (Mona Barrie).

She takes a liking to Paul, but he seems to have no romantic interest in her. Paul's success grows as Diane sets him up with some good bookings. However, one night he is staying at a hotel and he goes to the bar for some food and it becomes a life chamnging event.

There he meets a beautiful dancer named Margo (Cleo Moore) and before you know it he is totally smitten with her and she with him. They quickly marry and while this secretly hurts Diane she pretends she isn't bothered.

Paul and Margo seem happy for a while, but Paul hasn't been making a lot of money and so Margo becomes restless. To get money Paul calls Diane and she says she cannot help him anymore and so he decides to stick his hand in a press and collect the insurance money.

This backfires after a witness comes forward and tells the insurance company that Paul did it on purpose. Margo leaves him and he falls into utter despair and lives at a local homeless shelter.

This would become a somewhat typical plot in the following 7 films Moore and Haas would make together, but some of them are just wonderfully over the top.

Haas wrote, produced and directed this film as he did with most of the others. I simply find Cleo Moore one of the most attractive women to ever be in any movie and I enjoyed this film because of her.

I hope TUBI will bring a lot more of Cleo films to TV. This is Highly Recommended by me for anyone who is a fan of film noir and Cleo Moore.


Olive Sturgess is 90.

Saturday, October 7, 2023


This was a pretty good documentary.

This is the only documentary about Bela Lugosi that has been approved by the Lugosi estate. It is hosted by Forrest Ackerman and takes a pretty honest look at the life of one of the greatest actors of our time.

It's also haunting that his life went so far downhill and that he was always typecast after his portrayal of Dracula in 1931. There are a lot of clips from his many various movies and tv guest shots and since this was made back in 1989, most of the people they talk to have since passed on,

If you get a chance to cath this on streaming TV do so. Every horror fan should watch this and if they;ve seen it before, watch it again.


Judy Landers is 65.

Friday, October 6, 2023


Britt Ekland is 81.


Oh my God!!

Another Turkish Delight. This is a blantent Superman rip off that uses some of the score from that film as well as the music from James Bond films.

Tayfun Demir stars as Tayfun, a young man from the planet in a universe populated by Christmas ornaments. He is told by Jor-El, who is missing half of his teeth that he has super powers.

Tayfun leaves his parents hpme and heads for the big city. There he meets an attractive women reporter named Alev (Gungor Bayrak) and is constantly having to save her from a gang of criminals who are looking for kryptonite for a new invention that will allow them to rule the world.

Tayfun is kind of a dork looking guy, but hey I guess he is supposed to be that way when not being Superman. This film also uses footage from the US Superman and has a very badly superimposed picture of Tayfun flying against a backdrop of that same said footage.

In long shots you can easily see that the filmmakers used a superman doll!! Yep they pulled no punches here. If you wanna have some fun watch this and then you'll know why I like Turkish cinema so much!!

Thursday, October 5, 2023


An interesting film.

Good story about a new prison reform program thats send a psychologist to Harbor State Prison for 6 month to ascertain prisoners' mental state.

John Beal stars as the doctor whose name we never know. He is only referred to as "Doc". He surrounds himself with six subjects for study and at first it's really rough going until a convict named James Connie (Millard Mitchell) decides that the Doc isn't a bad guy.

During the six months Doc and the others become good friends and the films shows the highs and lows of these six people during the trial time.

Gilbert Roland is a killer named Punch Pinero who is shown to actually have a human side, and his performance is top notch. Everyone does a great job and the cast also includes Harry Morgan as a psycho killer in a very good role, Marshall Thompson, Alf Kjellin, Jay Adler, John Marley, Charles Bronson, and Byron Foulger.

I thought it was a film noir whcih it isn't, but it's still a great film that for some reason isn't well known. The actors all do a great job and the film has some very violent moments as well as sentimental ones.

This will hold your attention and if you get a chance to see it, please do. It's gets a high recommendation from me.


Laura Gemser is 73, Terri Runnels is 57 and Nancy Barrett is 80.

Wednesday, October 4, 2023


"Corruption is NOT a womans picture"...the ads screamed!

I hadn't seen this for years and forgot how wild it is. Peter Cushing stars as a surgeon named John Rowan. His much younger girlfriend Lynn Nolan (Sue Lloyd) invites him to a party.

John reluctantly agrees to go, but it soon turns ugly as Lynn, a model, has her face badly burned when a heat lamp falls on her face while John and another man are involved in a fight.

John is determined to save her and he finds he can heal her with fluids from the pituitary gland. This effect is only temporary and so john finds that he has to obtain more, which leads to a lot of murders.

Cushing really looks crazy as he kills the women and obtains the fluid. This quickly spirals out of control and ends badly for everyone involved. The ending involving a wild laserbeam is something to see.

This is one of the wildest films I have sever seen Cushing in, and I find it one of his best, simply because it's different. There is some blood and gore, but not too much.

The rest of the cast includes Kate O' Mara, Noel Trevarthen, David Lodge, Marian Collins, Marianne Morris and the gorgeous Valarie Van Ost. I recommend you check this out for something that while not original, is somewhat different in presentation.


Lori Saunders is 82, Kerry Sherman is 70, and Kyra Schon is 66.