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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


More snow on the way and more cold. I am now getting involved in the world of women's Roller Derby and hoping to be a coach for a local team just getting started. El Zappato goes from wrestling to roller derby. Bought the movie entitled The Disappearance of Alice Creed and will be reviewing it here shortly.


Rex Reason turns 82 on Nov. 30th, and celebrating birthdays as well are Dick Clark who turns 81, Tsai Chin turns 74, and Dian Parkinson turns 66.

Monday, November 29, 2010


listed above is asking what your favorite genre release of 2010 was on DVD. I am still trying to figure all this computer stuff out and I cannot get the question to show up above the answers, but feel free to vote.


I hope you all like the new look of the page. Please send me your comments about it. I like the feedback.


Dec. 7th sees the release of Big Bad Mama/Big Bad Mama 2 from Shout Factory as well as Lady In Red/Crazy Mama. These are more of the Roger Corman Cult Classics series from them.
Dec. 14th has The Fishmen & Their Queen from MYA Communications. That is the Sergio Martino sequel to the 1989 film Island Of The Fishmen. Also Synapse brings us Vampire Circus in a BluRay/DVD combo pack.
Dec. 21st brings us Mega Shark Vs. Crocosaurus from The Asylum. I know I will have to see this one.
Jan. 4th will be the release of Machete from 20th Century Fox.
Jan 11th has A Long Ride From Hell coming from Code Red, Sinister Eyes Of Dr. Orloff from Intervision.
And coming soon with no announced dates yet are films like Twins Of Evil, Hands Of The Ripper, 42nd Street Forever vol. 6, Jackson County Jail/Caged Heat, Women In Cages, Capone (1975) and many more to be announced later.



Don't hold your breath, but Dread Central released some news about a lost print of the 1933 film King Kong and maybe it contains the lost spider scene.


for all the emails about Leslie Neilsen. People have written in and said they remember him best from such films as Dark Intruder and Forbidden Planet, both excellent examples of film making. Again, I say a very talented man is gone.


Gena Lee Nolin who turned 39 on Nov. 29th.


Director Irvin Kershner has passed away at the age of 87. He is best known for directing the first sequel to Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back. I remember him more for such films as Stakeout On Dope Street, Young Captives, Raid On Entebbe, Eyes of Laura Mars and Never Say Never Again.
His career spanned over 50 years.


Interesting film from 1963 stars Mark Stevens as a ship captain who loses his license after an attempt to help smuggle some Cuban refugees to the USA. He becomes involved with a woman and her insanely jealous husband who attempts to kill them.
Stevens also directed this shot in Key West action/drama and it is fun to watch. This is included in Mill Creek's Cult Terror Cinema collection. Recommended!!


The monster is back in this bizarre but fun sequel to the original. This was a much lower budget affair and was released directly to video back in1994. Sexy Ami Dolenz stars as one of five people who inadvertently bring the monster back. Steve Kanaly, Linnea Quigley and a very hot Soleil Moon Frye co-star but the oddest casting goes to Roger Clinton as "Mayor Bubba." Thank God is role is short, much like his mind, but that is another tale for another day.
You might like this low budget follow-up as it is very well made and directed by Jeff Burr. Recommended.


This cult classic directed by the late Stan Winston has long been loved by a certain audience of horror fans and it's easy to see why. The plot is well constructed and the acting by Lance Henriksen is top notch, and what can I say about the monster?? Wow, what an ugly and terrifying thing it is.
A young boy is killed and his father seeks revenge in the form of an evil demon known as the Pumpkinhead. Soon he sees the error of his ways and tries to stop the beast but he is connected in more ways than he knows to the monster.
7 featurettes, trailers, behind the scenes footage and more come along with this disc. It clearly gives you everything you ever wanted to know about this cult classic.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Another great actor has passed away and that is Leslie Neilsen. He died from complications from pneumonia. He was 84. Many people will remember him from such spoofs as Airplane, Police Squad and much more, but I remember him most from the first episode ever aired of the TV show thriller, the movie Creepshow and drive in fare such as Project Kill.
In a career that spanned over 60 years, he appeared in every form of entertainment imaginable and has left behind a great legacy for all of us to enjoy.
RIP Frank Drebin....... The world is a little less funny tonight.


Jay North stars as a young man who develops a relationship with his very sexy high school teacher played by Angel Tompkins. During their relationship they are stalked by a psycho, and this movie really has a depressing
This is an excellent example of 70's drive in fare and it is a well made movie, but damn, that ending is just too much. Check it out on Mill Creek's 12 movie set entitled Cult Terror Cinema.


This is the continuation of my top 50 DVD releases of the year.
40. Mad Ron's Previews From Hell (Virgil) This was first released on VHS in the 80's and was a huge hit, not it comes to DVD with much the same trailers such as Bloody Pit of Horror, Blood Spattered Bride and many more, but also includes a lot of weird behind the dcenes footage involving mad Ron and his Zombie Puppet.
39. Animal World (Warner Archive) This is a standard documentary about all animal life on the planet, but is best known for 12 minutes of outstanding stop motion dinosaur effects by Ray Harryhausen. Director Irwin Allen gives us top notch goods here.
38. Redeemer (Code Red) Six people are trapped in an old high school during their 10th reunion by a possessed preacher. This is an odd, but very effective thriller that slipped thru the crack in the late 70's. Thank goodness Code Red brings us this excellent little horror. The print is pretty worn and banged up, but that only adds to it's enjoyment.
37. Terror Within/Dead Space (Shout Factory) Shout Factory continued it's excellent releases of Roger Corman films with these two sci-fi films. Terror Within stars Andrew Stevens as part of the last remaining humans fighting mutants and Dead Space is a strange film starring Marc Singer as a space ranger who is caught up at a space station fighting a horrible mutant. it's a semi-remake of Forbidden World.
36. Gamera Vs. Barugon (Shout Factory) At last, a beautiful wide screen release of this classic Japanese monster fest from the company that has had more releases to ever appear at one time in my year end list.
35. A Return To Salem's Lot (Warner Archive) Bizarre off the wall sequel to the original film stars Michael Moriarty who, along with his son, go to a small New England town and find the entire population is made up of vampires.
34. Lost Skeleton Returns Again (Shout Factory) Larry Blamire directs the sequel to his first film and the results are just as hilarious. The vicious Skeleton of Cadaver returns to seek world domination.
33. Rock N' Roll High School (Shout Factory) Shout continues to turn out great films, and this is one of Roger Corman's best remembered movies. The Ramones star in this great rock film about a young woman attempting to see the band in concert. They don't make movies like this anymore.
32. Hypnotic Eye (Warner Archive) One of the greatest of the late 50's horror films stars Allison Hayes in a story about women who disfigure themselves in gruesome ways. A detective attempts to find out why.
31. T.A.M.I. Show (Shout Factory) Filmed at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium in 1964, this classic rock documentary brings us fabulous performances by The Beach Boys, Chuck Berry, Rolling Stones, Leslie Gore and many, many more. Perhaps the greatest movie of it's type ever made.
Next week we kick off the top 30 and I welcome any comments you may have on this list, or anything else.


Ed Harris who turns 60 on Nov. 28th and joining him are director Joe Dante who turns 64, and James Karen turns 87.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Goofy but fun 1957 thriller about a giant buzzard from space that comes to earth to lay an egg!! Yes, that is the plot. And the monster looks like Big Bird on crack!! The leads all play it straight as they were originally told that the special effects were going to be done by a top notch team. Needless to say the monster looks silly and the actors were embarrassed by all of this when they later saw the movie.
However, it has gained a cult status and is beloved by 50's sci-fi film lovers. it's a great film to watch on Thanksgiving. Highly Recommended.


Aka Godzilla vs. The Smog Monster, this little epic concerns a sludge monster that threatens the world until Godzilla comes to the rescue. This was again something I grew up with on Thanksgiving Day on TV.


Christina Applegate who turns 39 on Nov. 25th..joining her are Darlanne Fluegel who turns 52, Kathryn Grant who turns 77, singer Amy Grant turns 50, and Beverly Washburn turns 67.


A man takes some drugs and is then fed a tainted turkey and changes into a turkey headed monster who must drink the blood of drug addicts to live. Steve Hawkes stars in this one of a kind epic that is an absolute must for turkey day viewing.
You won't believe it even when you see it!! WOW!! Recommended!!


One of the absolute classics of American cinema, this tale is about a giant ape brought back to New York from his Island home and the love he develops for a young woman. Great stop motion animation effects and terrific acting by Robert Armstrong as Carl Denham and Fay Wray as Ann Darrow.
This is a staple to watch on Thanksgiving as it makes for a great adventure. Check it out and find out once again the magic of real movie making.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I changed the picture to honor Ingrid Pitt, a wonderful actress and warm human being.


Kelly Brooke turns 31, Michael Gough turns 93, Robert Towne turns 76 and Robert Easton turns 80.
Although they are not with us this is the anniversary of the birthday of Boris Karloff and Harpo Marx.
Now I know some of you will cringe at this have to wish a huge birthday to Miley Cyrus who turns 18 today. Some of you reading this will know why that is very important to me. If you don't just


it is with a very sad movie loving heart that I must report the death of Hammer starlett Ingrid Pitt who passed away two days after her 73rd birthday. She collapsed a few days ago and never regained consciousness. Everyone who loves films knows she was a goddess of sexuality at Hammer with her performances in several films such as Countess Dracula, Vampire Lovers and House That Dripped Blood.
She will always live in our hearts. RIP and thanks for the memories.

Monday, November 22, 2010


With Thanksgiving approaching this week please remember to watch The Giant Claw and Blood Freak. Let the turkey monsters loose!!!


Todays birthday wishes include 2 people I have worked with on movies, the first in Scarlett Johansson who turns 26 on Nov. 22 , joining her is Jamie Lee Curtis who turns 52, Robert Vaughn turns 78, and Great Falls, Montana born porn star Victoria Paris turns 50.


A very obscure film made over a five year period from 1972 to 1977 and it has escaped my radar until now. This bizarre film is about a bed that eats it's victims and the story is narrated by the ghost of a man who is trapped behind a painting in the castle in which the bed resides.
Sometimes arty, always fun and never boring, I recommend you check this out.
This killer bed is one of the most unique monsters I have seen, and you gotta love the Pepto Bismol scene!!!!!


This show aired in 1975-1976 and ran only 20 episodes. Why? I have no idea except it was ahead of it's time by about 10 years.
Jim Hutton plays Ellery Queen and David Wayne is his father Richard Queen, an inspector on the New York Homicide Department. Ellery always invited the viewer to help him solve the crime towards the end of the program.
This is top notch TV and it was so inspirational to me that I actually wrote a play in the 6th grade based on Ellery Queen stories. Very Highly Recommended 6 disc set.


This Universal chiller takes up where The Mummy's Hand left off with Kharis the mummy seeking revenge on those who opened his tomb. Turhen Bey is the evil man helping the Mummy find victims. At 61 minutes, this fun film never stops. Highly recommended Universal horror.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Deborah Shelton who turns 62 today, Ingrid Pitt turns 73, and director Gus Trikonis turns 73 as well.


In this list there are 7 TV shows and 20 titles from one company, and that has never happened before in any year I have done this. So, lets get started......

50. Slumber Party Massacre Collection (Shout Factory) This was a 2 disc set with all three movies and some great extras and interviews. This was part of the Roger Corman Cult Classic Collection and a recommended release for horror fans.

49. Abbott & Costello Show Seasons 1 and 2 (E1) A company called E! started turning out some classic TV shows and this set is absolutely one of the best. All 52 episodes and tons of bonus material make this a slapstick lovers dream. Watch this and have a good laugh.

48. She Wolf Of London (Universal) This show ran for 1 year and all 20 episodes are included here. When I reviewed this a few days ago I mentioned that the writers didn;t exactly know what to do with the show, but I like it and it is a rare and welcome addition to my DVD library.

47. Flesh & The Spur/Yellowneck (Alpha) A great western double feature!! John Agar and the sexy Marla English star in the first film which came out from American International Pictures in 1956. the second feature is an obscure film about 5 confederate soldiers trying to make it through the Everglades as the try to escape to Cuba. Glad to see Flesh finally get a DVD release.

46. Battle Girl: Living Dead In Tokyo Bay (Synapse) This is a great movie about a young woman who must fight zombies after a meteor crashes in Tokyo Bay and turns most of the inhabitants into flesh eating monsters. Wrestler Cutie Suzuki stars. Lots of fun.

45. Not Of This Earth (Shout Factory) Remake of the classic Roger Corman film about an alien who comes to earth to get a fresh supply of blood. Traci Lords stars as the nurse who takes care of the alien played by Arthur Roberts. Purists hate it, but I found it a lot of fun.

44. Dark And Stormy Night (Shout Factory) Larry Blamire directed this excellent take off on 30;s haunted house films. Blamire knows the genre well and hits the nail on the head. Highly recommended.

43. Gamera Vs. Guiron/Gamera Vs. Jiger (Shout Factory) This company turned out more DVD's on the list than anyone this year, and here is a classic example why. This is an excellent double feature that actually presents the Gamera films as they were meant to be wide screen and in beautiful color as well as their original Japanese presentations. This disc is a MUST for monster movie fans.

42. Icons Of Suspense: Hammer Films (Sony) This set brought us 6 very hard to see films from Hammer Studios, and those only familiar with their Gothic horror will want to check these out and see another side of a top quality film studio. The six films are Stop Me Before I Kill/Cash On Demand/The Snorkel/ Maniac/Never Take Candy From A Stranger/These Are the Damned. One of the best!!

41. Death Sport/Battle Truck (Shout Factory) Another great Roger Corman double bill. Death Sport stars David Carradine and Claudia Jennings as two people trying to escape a tyrannical city. In Battle Truck a group of survivors fight for life in a world turned into a wasteland from wars. Much like Mad Max. Great stuff and highly entertaining.

Next Week......the countdown continues.


It's that time again, to put up my list of the 50 best DVD releases of the year. 2010 has been a very good year for releases in the genres this blog caters to. I can't say 2010 has been a good year for much else but the releases have been excellent.
First I have several that didn't make the 50, but deserve Honorable mention anyhow.
1. A Perfect Getaway (Universal) Two couples on a vacation find terror and murder in this underrated entry starring the always lovely Mila Jovovich. This film actually built on suspense and acting rather than mind rotting CGI effects.
2. Lights Out Vols. 7 and 8 (Alpha) Between the two discs we get 8 more rare episodes of the classic horror TV show which ran from 1949 thru 1951. It is always a good thing to see more of this show.
3. Matinee (Universal) John Goodman plays Lawrence Woolsey, a filmmaker patterned after William Castle, who is opening a new horror movie called "Mant" in a small Florida town during the Cuban Missile Crises. Directed by Joe Dante, this film has such a special feel to it, and it really reminds me of my childhood as well. Recommended!!
4. Suburbia (Shout Factory) Very bizarre film about a group of runaway kids living in a house in a small neighborhood and running into more trouble than they bargained for with the locals who want them out. This is a really classy and disturbing film at the same time.
5. House Of The Wolfman (Taurus) This is an affectionate tribute to the Universal horror films of the 30's and 40's and is well made and in gorgeous black and white. Ron Chaney stars and while I think there could have been more monsters, I was not disappointed at all.
Killer Inside Me (IFC) A very controversial film because today's audience doesn't know what a true film noir is. Too bad this received such a limited release at theaters, but my god, what a DVD release. Casey Affleck plays a psychotic sheriff who has to continue to kill people to hide his other crimes. Jessica Alba is a very sexy prostitute and her fate is very hard to watch. Highly Recommended!!
Ikaria XB-1 (Sinister Cinema) A excellent movie also known as Voyage To The End Of The Universe. Sinister gave us a two disc set which had the US version and the beautiful widescreen print. The plot involves a crew of astronauts searching for life on the planets of Alpha Centauri.
That wraps up my Honorable Mentions for this year.

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Mia Hama who turns 67 today.


This is an excellent documentary on the history of Hammer Films and it's great stars. You have comments and interviews from such people as Christopher lee, Barbara Shelley, Ingrid pitt, Caroline Munro, Veronica Carlson, Jimmy Sangster and many, many more.
Great clips, trailers and an all round presentation make this a must have for Hammer fans.

Friday, November 19, 2010


Remember this coming Sunday I will start listing my 50 favorite DVD releases of the year. I think you might be surprised at some of the titles in this years list.


Dan Haggerty who turned 69, and Ted Turner who turned 72.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


La Femme Nikita herself, Peta Wilson turns 40, Susan Sullivan turns 68, Shari Shattuck turns 50, Ian McCulloch (Zombie) turns 71, Andrea Marcovicci turns 62, and Christy Gamble turns 35.


Jim Wynorski directed this somewhat interesting remake of the original Roger Corman classic. Arthur Roberts plays the alien from Davanna who is seeking human blood to replace the supply on his home planet.
Enter Traci Lords as the nurse who takes care of him and you have an exploitation masterpiece that only has one flaw as far as I can see, and that is too much stock footage from Humanoids From The Deep.
I enjoyed the heck out of this film, but I am sure there are film purists who didn't, but to each his own. Shout Factory must again be thanked for making this available with a beautiful transfer and a great interview with Traci. Recommended!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


On December 28th WWE turns out an excellent 2 disc set of Bobby "The Brain" Heenan. EVERY fan will want this set. More details to follow shortly.


Zoe Bell who turns 32 on Nov. 17th, Daisy Fuentes turns 44, and Gordon Lightfoot turns 72.


This show ran for one season on the Sci-Fi channel and ran for 20 episodes. It is a good show but you can really tell that the writers didn't really know what they wanted to do with everything. Kate Hodge is the star as she is very good as Randi, the woman who is bitten by a werewolf and turns into one during the full moon. Neil Dickson plays Ian Matheson, a man who helps her through her transformations and also to find a cure.
The show switched from London to Los Angeles in the final few episodes and the werewolf went from being scary to typical Hollywood.
Nevertheless, this show is a welcome addition to your DVD TV library. it's a rarity and a good one.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Shout Factory will be releasing more Roger Corman Cult Classics such as Jackson County Jail, Georgia Peaches/Smokey Bites the Dust, Black Oak Conspiracy/Great Texas Dynamite Chase and more. I'll have more details as soon as they are made available.


Celebrating on Nov. 16 are Steve Railsback who turns 65, Clu Gulager who turns 82, beautiful Joanna Pettet who turns 68, Barbara Leigh turns 64.
Also an anniversary of the birthday of one of my favorite actresses of all time who passed away much too young in 1967, Barbara Payton. She would have turned 83 today. Her sis one of the saddest stories ever to come out of the Hollywood meat factory.