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Sunday, August 28, 2011


I really never like to share any of my private goings on with anyone on the web, but some of you have become very good friends and I thought you would want to know.
The past year has been difficult for me what with my divorce and move to Ohio. Sometimes things start to mellow out and then up comes something else.
Over the past few weeks I have been forced to move and now I have been forced to part with some of the things I have worked my ass off for over the years. This particular blog may be down again for a while, but if it goes down I promise to bring it back someday very soon. It has been hard to come to grips with this as I thought it would never happen, and if that sounds silly, wait until it happens to you someday.
To the friends that might have liked some of the memorabilia, I wish I had had time to send you some, or even the money to do so, but things have been incredibly tight money wise and I have been struggling to just hang on.
I will hang on for a while and hope the worst is over...but one never knows.


Shania Twain is 46, Debra LaFave is 31.

Friday, August 26, 2011


Alan Ladd stars in this wonderful and heart warming western about an ex-Confederate soldier whose son hasn't spoken a word since he saw his mother die in a tragic accident. Ladd tries to get money for an operation for the boy and runs into all kinds of trouble doing that.
Olivia de Havilland stars as the woman who takes Ladd and his son and their dog into her home. This is also a touching story about the love between a boy and his dog, one that I can relate too all too easy.
This is a top notch western with a geat cast that also includes John carradine, Cecil Kellaway and Harry Dean Stanton along with Dean Jagger. Recommended!!


Well made early John Wayne film in which he must prove himself innocent of killings that have actually been done by a vicious gang.
The print quality is very good for a film this age, and it sounded like new music was included in certain parts of the movie. Good early oater for fans of western films. It is interesting to note that George "Gabby" Hayes plays the bad guy in this one.


Akiko Wakabayashi is 70.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Dennis Hopper stars as a young man arrested for the murder of a Mexican man in a small western town and both the mexicans and the Americans await the outcome to see what the jury will decide.
This is a pretty decent western with a great cast that includes Dan O' Herlihy, Pat Wayne, Yvonne Craig and Ken Curtis.
Ted Tatzlaff directs well and the story is tight and never boring. If you like westerns, try this and see.


Made for TV film starring William Shatner as a youmg man who moves west with his lovely wife and their two children, only to be killed in a flash flood and have his wife fend for herself. Joanna Pettit is the wife who fights to make her late husbands dream of a ranch come true.
Not too bad for a TV western, and Pettit is gorgeous as usual.


Tom Skerritt is 78, Gene Simmons is 62, and Claudia Schiffer is 40.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Well The Asylum is at it again. They are currently in production on a film entitled 2 Headed Shark Attack which hopes to see the light of day in Jan. 2012.
Chris Ray is directing this gem which stars Brooke Hogan, David Gallegos and Carmen Electra. I am sold on the film already as you know it will be a b movie lovers dream, and I happen to like the cast, as you probably guessed.


Ronee Blakley is 66, and Raven De La Croix is 64.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Todays earthquake is the third I have been through and the strongest I have felt yet. I actually thought I was going to be living a Charleton Heston movie. Wow!!


Interesting look at the evolution of American horror films from the silents up to 2009. I enjoyed most of this, but I am no fan of horror films of the modern age and so that section wasn't too entertaining for me. The interviews with John Carpenter, George Romero and others are very interesting and they do have a lot to say.
The film somtimes gets too political especially when badmouthing great men like Ronald Regan and whining about the 80's, which was a good time in American history. I also found this a little disturbing as the call Regan a madman in so many words and yet they praise serial killers and psychopaths. This is simply how liberals think. They should actually have been talking about Barak Obama and his sick little mind, but oh well.
It is a good  documentary, but as with so many things today they have to get political and spew liberal garbage everywhere.
I will recommend this as a well made film, but I can't rate it higher than a 6 on a scale of 1 to 10.


Shelley Long is 62, Barbara Eden is 77, Vera Miles turns 82, Rick Springfield is 62, and Cathy St. George is 57.

Monday, August 22, 2011


Very interesting documentary about the evolution of the exploitation film from the silent era to the present. Narrated by Robert Forster and with interviews with sych greats as Jack Hill, Herschell Gordon Lewis, Joe Dante and many more, this in depth look at film is highly recommended for anyone seriously interested in this type of entertainment.
This covers everything from "nudie cuties" to gore movies, blaxploitation, biker flicks and beyond. This disc also has over two hours of extreas including trailers, photo galleries, extended interviews, vintage radio spots and much more.
If you want to see a great film abour grindhouse movies, I cannot reccommend this one enough. It even includes the last known interviews with Don Edmonds and Ray Steckler.


Ray Bradbury is 91.

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Hayden Panettiere is 22, Patty McCormack is 66, Kenny Rogers is 73, Barbara Ann Moore is 43, Tiffany Bolton is 40, and Eve Torres is 27.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


This is a true one of a kind movie!! A mutant sheep runs loose in a small Nevada town which is run by a very corrupt and devious man played by Stuart Lancaster. The monster is capable of letting off a dangerous yellow gas substance as well and the locals finally round it up after it goes on a small destruction spree.
To say this is bizarre is an understatement.
Lancaster as well as Christopher Brooks, E. Kerrigan Prescott and Karen Ingenthron make up this cast and they all act a little weird, but then again this is a Fred Hobbs movie so that is the norm.
If you get a chance, see this film, you'll never look at cinema the same way again. Look quickly for Erica Gavin as a bar girl. Filmed in the wonderful town of Virginia City, Nevada.


Rossana Podesta is 77.

Friday, August 19, 2011


I was just informed of the death of lovely actress Leslie Brooks who passed away on July 1 at the age of 88. Brooks film career was small but I will never forget her in the film noir classic Blonde Ice in 1948. She retired from acting in 1949 to raise her family.


One of the men who made my childhood fun with terror in living color, Jimmy Sangster has passed away. Sangster was 83 and he had worked almost his entire film career with Hammer Films and wrote such classics as The Mummy, Horror Of Dracula, Curse of Frankenstein and many more.
He also directed a couple of films for Hammer and they were Horror of Frankenstein and Lust For A Vampire.
A true legend and a name I will always associate with my childhood.


Classic 1950's sci-fi film starring Leslie Neilsen as the commander of a space cruiser that is sent to investigate the disappearence of an entire research team, only to find a man named Morbius, played by Walter Pidgeon and his ultra sexy daughter, Altair played by Anne Francis are the only two left alive on the planet along with a robot named Robby.
The special effects are all top notch and hold up very well today as well as the entire movie.
The crew soon finds themselves fighting an unseen force that tears the men apart and destroys their equipment, but never bothers Morbius or his daughter.
The disc I have is actually a 2 disc set to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the film in 2006. It comes with lobby card reproductions of the film as well as a bonus film also starring Robby The Robt entitled Invisible Boy. It also had a small replica of Robby The Robot and thes is an instant classic and one not to be missed by fans of the era. One of the extras in a TCM documentary entitled Watch the Skies! 50's sci-fi films and us in which Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and others tell how these films effected them during their formative years.


I have had a lot of people ask me about wrestling professionally, and El Zappato can safely say that wrestling has changed a lot over the years. When I grab a house mic I know exactly how to make people hate me so badly they want to kill me and will pay money to see me get my ass kicked.
Yes, to those who have asked, this is a now lost art amongst wrestlers. No longer do the younger wrestlers put their emotions into their parts, and they come out dry and mostly boring.
I find todays wrestling to be a PC package that is fed to the brainless masses who don't care what they see and what they hear.
I take my ques from the people thirty plus years ago that knew how to make the business work. Please click the link below and see what happens when a pro wrestling heel such as Ole Anderson KNEW how to work a crowd.
Todays young talent should really do this, but they wont. the only one who is close is CM Punk. Check it out below...


Gerald McRaney is 64, Jill St. John is 71, L.Q. Jones is 84, Diana Muldaur is 73, Debra Paget is 78, and Angus Scrimm is 85.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Uhhhh where to begin. Made by David Hewitt in the late 60's this film is best known for some of the worst effects and dialogue ever put on film.
All of the flubbed lines are left in and the gorilla costume is one that the expression on the face never changes and the eyes never move, and to top it off there is a fight between Gorga and a plastic dinosaur...yes it is plastic and the filmmakers didn't even try and make it look good.
Anthony Eisley, Kent Taylor, Megan Timothy and Scott Brady try like hell to make it all work, but they fail as everything is against them.
I do like this movie however, and it is a laugh riot and yet at the same time I can really relate to filmmakers having little or no money to work with. A huge thanks to Something Weird and Mike Vraney for finally getting this film out to be seen by the masses.
Check out the link below.


I don't care what anyone says, this is one of my favorite films of all time. Yes there are plot holes which are very large, but who cares, this is nothing but fun. In 1965 American films were losing their innocence and this is the last gasp of an innocent age.
Invaders from space land on Earth in Puerto Rico and kidnap women for breeding. They have also shot down a rocket with an android astronaut on board and he becomes a malfunctioning monster who goes on a killing spree until he is found by his creators and somewhat fixed.
In the meantime he is captured by the aliens and actually brings about their destruction while fighting the aliens pet monster named Mull.
Mull is quite an impressive looking monster and scared me when I was a kid watching this thing. James Karen, Marilyn Hanold, Nancy Marshall and Lou Cutell are very good with their parts.
Cool music, lovely women, and a great monster make this a winner all the way.