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Friday, November 11, 2016


Mario Bava strikes again.

Long before we had the modern "slasher" film, we had this little classic.

Cameron Mitchell stars in this film about a woman who is killed that worked at a fashion house. She in turn kept a diary which seems to have some pretty damning things in it about some of the people she knew and worked with.

So damning in fact, that a masked killer turn up looking for it and he will stop at nothing to get it. Mitchell's character is Max Marian and he runs the fashion house along with Contessa Cristina Como played by lovely Eva Bartok.

The masked killer is extremely brutal and uses everything from his fists to beat the women he thinks have the diary, to spiked gloves and even burning them to make them talk.

The great jazz score goes perfectly with the on screen action and Bava does his usual excellent job directing and bringing out a ton of atmosphere in this, one of the very first Italian giallo films.

The color photography is wonderful and some of the scenes in this film are very brutal for the time it was made. The print from VCI is very, very good and they should be commended for bringing this little gem out to finally be seen.

Highly Recommended for any horror fan.

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