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Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Spanish horror film starring Paul Naschy as an evil Egyptian ruler returned from the dead.

Naschy is Amenhoptep, an evil despot who rules under torture and death. He is soon overthrown and buried alive as a mummy. His mind is still active and will remain so.

Flash forward 3000 years and his tomb has been uncovered by a Prof. Nathan Stern (Jack Taylor) and is soon to be put on display for the world to see.

A stranger named Assad Bey arrives back in London when the mummy arrives and while passing himself off as a writer he is actually bringing Amenhotep back to life via blood sacrifices of virgins.

I like this film a lot and it does have it's moments. There are scenes where the mummy crushes a man's head and later smashes several faces to pulp.

Naschy does a very good job as the Mummy and it's always a pleasure to see Helga Line in ANYTHING. Here she plays the role of Bey's helper Zanufer, and yes she is hotter than hell.

This also seems to be a Naschy title that is always overlooked by most, but holds up very well today and is just as entertaining as anything else the man ever made.

If you want a good time for 90 minutes, check this one out.

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