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Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Possibly the greatest rendition of this film ever made.

Warren Beatty stars as Clyde Barrow and Faye Dunaway is Bonnie Parker.

Director Arthur Penn brings these two very good actors together in a somewhat glamorized account of two of the most famous gangsters in the early 30's.

Bonnie is attracted to Clyde and both go on a cross country crime spree with a friend named CW (Michael J. Pollard). They don't mean to kill anyone and will not steal from poor people, only from banks.

Soon they are joined in their life of crime by Clyde's brother Buck (Gene Hackman) and his wife Blanche (Estelle Parsons) who happens to dislike any of Buck's family and friends.

This is a highly entertaining film and the ultra violent ending stirred up the Hayes Code again and it, along with several other films, led to the silly and still UN-needed movie rating system we have today.

I know this is on DVD, but I caught it a few weeks ago on TCM at a friends house and it captured my attention as it always does.

A great movie that I highly recommend. the rest of the cast includes Denver Pyle, Gene Wilder, Dub Taylor and Evans Evans.

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